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Contractor Problems
November 27, 2008

I am so angered that good people of New Orleans who have stayed here and tried to rebuild their lives and communities have been taken advantage of following Katrina.  

If you feel you have been victimized by contractor fraud, pick up the phone and take action as soon as you become suspicious.  Take notes during your phone conversations, save all paperwork, follow up with each person you talk to, and let me know if you still have problems. Here are some helpful numbers:

  1. State Attorney General’s office 1-800-351-4889
  2. Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors at 765-2301or email
  3. Local District Attorney’s office (In Orleans Parish call the District Attorney Contractor Fraud Hotline 1-866-513-2820) (Jefferson Parish Economic Crime Line 504-368-1020) (St. Tammany Parish District Attorney 985-809-8383)
  4. Better Business Bureau 504-522-9363

Stretch Your Shopping Budget!
November 25, 2008

Somehow I got permission to go shopping for the WDSU News staff… tough life, I know.  See what we buy for the staff with a $100 budget all while shopping at 6 non-traditional stores. (watch story here)

If you are perhaps a shopping ‘snob,’ opening your mind can definitely stretch your budget for the holidays.

This is a map of the locations where we shopped and more, click markers for more info

There are so many more, feel free to add deals you found.  Bringing more shoppers to these consignment stores in particular could encourage more donors/sellers as well… it’s a win win.

3 days away from Black Friday~


GOING ONCE… GOING TWICE… Do you know what’s being SOLD?
November 13, 2008

Are you getting creative with investing your money or striking bargains in these tough economic times?  You might be surprised by what’s going up on the auction block.   See what kind of deals are out there and what you should know before you bid… (WATCH STORY HERE)

Upcoming Local Auctions:  

November 6, 2008

dsc001111Kristie Runion pays her bills by bartering for old Mardi Gras beads out of her Metairie home.  To see what you can get from Kristie in exchange for your beads, email her at .

Meet some of the people behind these posts by watching our story

An online shopper myself, I don’t even look at a post if it doesn’t have a picture.  If you plan on bartering, remember to be specific in your listings (include pictures, details, value) for best results.  Meet the person with whom you are trading in a public place.  Ask someone to come with you, and bring a cell phone.

Remember your trash is someone else’s treasure! Let us know about your bartering experiences!

Circuit City Stores Closing
November 3, 2008

                      A disappointing loss for electronic junkies, or even just the holiday shopper. Circuit City Stores Inc. has announced 155 of its stores are closing by the end of the year, that’s about 17 % of its workforce and one in five of the company’s stores.   Included on the list of stores to be gone are Kenner, Slidell, Marrero and Airline in Baton Rouge.  The retailer blames consistent declines in the value of its shares over the past year.    A full list of Circuit City stores closing here