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  3. Very pertinent and useful information. Really helps clear up many confusing issues. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for the infomation.But its Price Gougeing that I expearence at …. a Large chane store in Laplace…No name here…. but i would like to blast it out and some of the items that was doubled & some times Trippled… And Was Putting out ( Rotten Produce ) ….I will never enter the doors of…W.-D. …. again… as long as i live… and i’m in my Sixties…. Thanks for letting me get it off my chest.


  6. Thanks A Bunch!

  7. test

  8. Melanie- can you please contact me by the e-mail I have provided- it is about a developer who is holding hostage an entire condo in the Warehouse district with the help of a crooked NOPD cop- we need help- the police have been called several times- with no help- our board is afraid of him-please contact me

  9. Hello Melanie —

    I have been a New Orleans resident since mid-August, and received my first parking violation by mail yesterday, October 20, 2008. The ticket is from a parking violation for an unposted “no stopping anytime” zone in the 5000 block of Magazine Street. This is not what concerns me (though as a new driver in this city it is relevant). My concern is that the issue date of the ticket is September 18, 2008; the hearing date would have been October 10, 2008, and my traffic ticket is postmarked October 15, 2008.

    I think the police and the people of New Orleans would agree that a healthy democracy functions when there is a judge to appeal to — in my case, and in one other I have heard about (I don’t know many people here yet — perhaps there are more stories like mine) traffic violations posted by mail don’t give us the opportunity to make such an appeal. I’m happy to give you documentation of my ticket — I paid it online today to prevent the fine from doubling (again) to $100.

    Many thanks,
    Shannon Payne
    tel: 513.967.5755

  10. You may want to list them on your site regarding Contractor Fraud. Consumers can report to them, but what a waste of time!

  11. Dear Melanie,
    Well I’m not sure where to start. I was talking to a friend and she told me to contact the local news stations. Well I’m a 20 yr old new mother of a 3 month old. She was born Aug. 19th, 2008. My fiancé and I have been trying to make it with no help. Well it all started right before my daughter was born. We had no gas in our apartment for almost 3 weeks. When I spoke to my landlord about it, because he was taking care of the gas, he just told me it was a leak and they were working on it. When I went to find out were he said the leak was there was no one working anywhere. I called the gas company (Entergy) and they wouldn’t give me any information on the account. So because of not having any gas, we were unable to bath and weren’t able to cook. Hence we had to go buy fast food and being the kind people we try to be we bought some food for our neighbors who were in the same boat. I was in my last week of pregnancy then, my landlord assured me that the gas would be fixed by the time we came back home with the baby. After spending 3 days in the hospital with the birth of my beautiful little girl the gas was still not on. I was so upset about not being able to give my little girl a bath or being able to fix her good bottles. Or even being able to tend to myself for the things I had to do for just having a baby. Plus still having to buy fast food in order to eat. When the gas finally does get turned back on, three days later we had to evacuate for Gustav. With having to spend most of our money on 3 weeks of fast food, we ended up having to sleeping in a Wal-Mart parking lot because we had no money for a hotel or gas. Finally my father sent us some money so me and his granddaughter could get a hotel room for a few nights. When we are able the come back home we end up having to spend the night and leave again because there was no electricity in the place or anything for that matter. So we left back once again and spent another week in a hotel waiting for the electricity and everything to be turned back on. Costing us another weeks pay. As well as my fiancé missing a week of work because of the birth of our little girl. Then him going back to work for a week or so and having to miss work again, because Gustav came. Putting him out of work almost 2 weeks. Plus all the expenses we ended up having to endure. Which in turn set us back almost 3 weeks, if not more, pay with having to evacuate and all. With that we just didn’t catch up and have yet to, due to all of the unexpected and unnecessary expenses. Two weeks after Gustav came, a friend gave us some numbers to some churches where they were giving people assistance. When I called I received no reply so I decided to just go ahead and go there in person only to be told from each place well ma’am I’m sorry but you will just have to wait tell next week to make an appointment. Calling first thing the day they asked me to and only to be told that I’m going to have to wait for the next month. I once again call not giving up. Finally get an appointment, but it wasn’t going to be for another 3 weeks. Hoping our landlord would give us tell then. We spoke to our landlord and explained to them what was going on and how we were trying but couldn’t quite make it, but also explained that we had an appointment to receive assistance. At this same time I receive a disconnection notice from the electric company not wanting my appliance’s shut off I had to overdraft my account so my daughter wouldn’t go without. When the appointment date for the assistance came, we went to all the appointments and ALL of them told us “We’re sorry but we don’t have the funds to help you.” Trying to pay rent proved to be hard we just tried so hard went without food and everything but we just couldn’t catch up. Finally we were able to pay some money on October 29th only 300 dollars but that’s all we had. A week after that, I spoke to my landlord and he told me to keep current and pay back on what you owe as you can. Then a week later, I went to the leasing agent to give her the 965 dollars and she would not except it because it was not the full amount we owed. Two days later we received an eviction notice that was filed with court to pay $2320 or vacate the premises‘. Which isn’t the correct amount because I paid $300 dollars to them which was taken out of my bank account. So now I am frantic because I’ve tried all my options applying for credit cards, loans everything I could think of only to find myself and my fiancé rejected from them all. So instead of celebrating thanksgiving we bought our baby formula and diapers. Then finally we thought we had a glimpse of hope on Sunday Nov. 30th. When my landlord accepted the 965 dollars. We were so overwhelmed with relief and joy, only for that to be smashed right back in our faces the next day with a knock at our door. The leasing agent came to our door handing our checks back and told us that we had to come up with the half of what we owe plus Decembers rent by the forth or move. If I was capable of paying that money I would have already, the only reason we were able to come up with the 300 dollars was because we sold our car that broke down on us not even a month after Gustav. With all of this I have told you please by the love of god help us out. I am just a desperate mother wanting to make sure my little girl is safe and warm.
    Thank you for your time,
    Jaime Hallada
    If you would could please contact me. My number is 504-377-9242.

  12. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

  13. Melanie, I purchased a Whirlpool washer a couple of years ago and mold started about a month after that. I tried to clean the gasket, wiping it, brushing it, etc. I even had the insight ahead of time to leave the door open, thinking that all the dampness might lead to mold. It just got worse and smelled. I called about Sears but they said I would have to pay $300 to replace the gasket. I cleaned it with bleach and bought the tablets to get rid of the mold. Is there a Whirlpool class action lawsuit in the works?

  14. subject: saving energy. Thanks for helping wake up new orleans to the green concept. Your segment on cfl lamps and kill a watt showed me that people are hungry for ways to cut their electric bill with out spending a small fortune on solar alteratives. Don’t get me wrong, solar is good. Problem is most can’t afford it. Thats where powerwoRxe3 comes in , ecoquest international has stepped up to the green energy plate and served up a whole house energy management system thats UL approved and has a US Dept of Energy certification. This unit saves energy,lowers electric bills, saves electronics and appliances from power surges and cleans up line noise. This system helps cfl lamps burn at max performance, and helps you get max life on the lamps. Clean power makes the whole homes electrical system work better. Being a master class A electrical contractor for 30 years, this product works. Please help me get the word out that a investment of less than $700.00 can return thousands in energy savings, save from replacing electronics to often and lowering electromagnetic fields. Everybody wins, when green house emmisions and landfills get reduced. I can be reached at 504-508-1811. Thanks again for keeping the public informed,Ben.

  15. Melanie, I know this may seem strang my asking, but who does your hair??? I love the cut and especially the color! I hope you don’t mind! Christie Diedrich

  16. Melanie, My name is Aaron Dion of Ocala Fl. I have a real big problem and don’t know how to get it fixed. There is a big flaw with the Florida D.M.V.’s system. Now you need ab birth cert. and a whole lof of stuff to get FL. D/L. That is cool because it keeps someone else from getting a D/L in my name. The problem is that if someone has my D/L number they can register a car in my name. Well thats what happened to me, and the person who stole my D/L number crashed into a mini van causing 13,500$ in damaged, now my D/L is suspended for the damaged I did not do and I can’t get help from anyone. I need your help. please call me 352-348-8122 thanks

  17. Good Morning,

    I have a really big problem. Yesterday afternoon I got on the #7 bus on orange avenue and oakwater circle going towards the bus station. When the bus got to the terminal he pulled the bus over closest to the curb. There was a bus ahead of him w/ hazards on but no one inside and a bus on the side of him but no driver as well. he waited for a few minutes and then called the security. the doors opened up and i assumed it was ok to step off the bus because the front of the bus was closest to the curb. the driver then violently grabbed my left arm and snatched me back and said ” NEXT TIME WHEN I SAY STAY ON THE BUS .. YOU WILL STAY ON THE BUS AND TURN AROUND AND SMILED. I said “YOU DONT GRAB MY ARM LIKE THAT” NOT EVEN MY FATHER TOUCHED ME COMING UP” HE SAID THAT HE JUST DID AND SMILED. I filled out a report at lynx and called OPD. I also requested them to pull the tape in the report that i filled out. I beleive that he is racist. I had a previous injury in 2010. I had got hit by an SUV on my left side. I am now having extreme pain in my upper and lower arm, and left side of my neck. it is now difficult for me to work without being in pain. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

  18. Hello Ms. Hebert,

    My name is Marlon D Hilmon, and I am having a major issue with a moving company. The name of the moving company is called Moving From and relocation AKA Trans United incorporated based out of Hollywood, FL and Hallandale, FL. Here is the situation. I was a resident of St. Petersburg, FL and my company relocated our department from St. Petersburg, FL to Denver, CO. We had to make a decision whether to relocate to Denver, or find another job once the department fully closes in Florida. Well I decided to go with the company to Denver. I decided to move to Denver, and I had to be there April 7th which is the day that my new apartment would be available. My start date to be in Denver to work was April 10th. I haven’t dealt with a lot of moving companies so I spoke with a rep at this company. I lived in a two bedroom apartment. I let them know what household items I had over the phone, and they quoted me the low price of $1,327.00 (the Bait). I said that I had 10 boxes, but I had more like 40 medium and small boxes. The movers came to the house, and let me know that it was going to be more because I had more boxes. I said quote me a complete price before you load anything. The mover told me $2,700. I agreed to the price becuse it was still cheaper then the other quotes i received. I made the mistake because i did not get it in writing, but I thought the mover was a man of his word. I let them load the stuff. Once they were done loading the stuff, the price went from $2,700 to $4,710 (the Switch) which I thought was ridiculous for a two bedroom apartment with 40 boxes; one dining room set with five chairs; one queen bed; a 40″ flat panel television with a stand;a baby bedroom set with a crib, dresser, and changing table; and a living room set. I went on ahead and agreed on the price because I had to be in Denver by April 7th, and they picked up the furniture on April 1st. I checked with the company to make sure that was the total price for the move. So instead of putting down 10%, i went on ahead and paid the total contract off so I would not owe anything. Well I have been in Denver since April 7th, and I am still sitting and sleeping on the floor and it is April 17th. Now the company is holding my furniture hostage because I refuse to pay another $500.00 because I live on the second floor, and they never said anything about charging for stairs. It is only one flight of stairs not ten or anything like that. I have paid what this company said was the total for the entire move, and it is uncomfortable sitting on this floor. I tried to contact the police about this matter, but they say it is a civil matter so there is nothing they can do. This company has already robbed me with the $4,710 price, but apparently that is not enough for them. They have my stuff and I am not sure what to do at this point. I desprately need the media’s help to get my furniture from these people, and to expose the shady business practices they operate by. I also need the furinture so my wife; 17 month old daughter; and newborn son can have a place to to sit and sleep. My contact number is 727-225-9028 (cell). Please Help Me!!!!!

    • Update: The company worked out the price from $500.00 to $200.00 so I finally have my furniture. I still want to complain about this company because of the bait and switch they pulled on the move day. Their business practices are unfair and they should still be put on notice.

  19. I watched your. news every morning all I’ve heared unemployment fraud even at night . have u done anything
    else or is that the only one
    you’ve had ?

  20. Hi Melanie,
    I was told I should try contacting you about a problem my family is experiencing with a rental property manager. 2 years ago my wife and I decided to move our family to the Clermont area and we signed a lease for a rental property managed by Florida Realty Investments without having read any reviews about them which as it turns out would have kept us from have nag to deal with 2 years of delayed repairs and poor communication on their part. Now we are at the end of our lease and they are tacking on charges for a problem that 4 different vendors which they sent to investigate a problem with the septic system said was caused by a pre-existing problem. I was expecting to get a full refund of my security deposit and last months rent, but they have been very dishonest and I am expecting the worst, although when I hand them the keys at the end of this month they will be getting it back in much better conditions than the day they handed me the keys 2 years ago. I can’t be the only having the issue with this company because the reviews say otherwise. And I’m sure they are not the only property manager making false claims and adding false charges to keep money from families who cannot afford the loss. What are our options and what can we do to help protect other unsuspecting families from falling into the same trap? Help!

  21. This is a compliant about rental property that I live in. I live at 3920 Chamberlayne Ave Apt 30 I have been trying to get the management of the Flats apartment complex to fix the stove in my apartment for over a year. I have been eating out for the whole time . It seems that they want rent but don’t want to fix the problems that the tenants have. Sometimes there is no heat in my apartment at night. It’s a disgrace that these people can get away with such inhumane acts. If this was a pet being treated like this they would be in court. I would like to be paid back the money that I have spent last year , they refused to fix my stove. This need to be investigated because it may well be a fire waiting to happen in this apartment. I have given them all kind of time to fix the issue. Never the less if the rent is late they make sure that I pay the late fee. HELP

  22. Please respond have a need of your help to get Home Depot to finish the work started on my house and garage. Did not clean up their mess did not complete the job. I’ve called several times and keep getting the run around at last contact, they sent someone to take pictures then called and said they couldn’t complete the job unless we put in new siding. Please send reply to Thanks Ronnie R. Robinson

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