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If you have been victimized, speak up!


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  1. I wanted to leave a comment about the story on the bull dog calender. I love bulldogs i have to of my own and i also have a 4 yr old son that loves them. my dogs were not raised to fight but to protect us and they have scared i kow at least 5 criminals off of my property. if they had not been there what would have happen to me and my son. My two dogs are the most loyal animals i have ever owned. So please stop showing so much hatred against thier breed. Most idiots believe everything they hear on the media. Kristal Lebo

    • I have a issue with people I can trust. Call me back if you want to know what is wrong with this nation is has some to with the homeless and mental illness and the government. 6149756744

    • Iv got a service pit she’s the sweetest and iv got a 5 pound service yorkie. People back up when the see my pit Diamond but don’t bother when princess is with me. I can say I totally agree princess remember 5 pounds attack’s Diamond 70 pounds when she gets jealous. It’s how there raised there the most loyal sweetest and absolutely are loyal protectors. Diamond and or princess will tear someone up if the sense danger otherwise they are both lap fogs or so they try lol.

  2. Kristal,
    I looked up the story, and it seems Ken Foster agrees with you. I’m a dog lover too. Thanks for writing! Melanie

  3. Melanie,
    This is now the 3rd time I have contacted you about this matter. I am totally deaf and HAVE to use the closed captioning on my TV. Unfortunately, channel 6 closed captioning has been a problem for quite some time now. The words are so garbled the entire context does not make sense. If there are mistakes on the closed captioning you can normally figure out what the captionist is trying to say, but channel 6, is so messed up you can’t make out the words at all. I can’t be the only deaf person in the New Orleans or Northshore area having this same problem. It shouldn’t be my cable companies fault because the other channels aren’t having the same captioning problems. Please, please rectify this problem as soon as possible. I miss my NBC shows!!!
    D. Bartley Weiss

    • Mr. Weiss,
      I am so sorry for your troubles. I forwarded the problem to the proper authorities, but I will check on the progress for a solution. You are right, you must watch your NBC shows! Keep me posted, and Happy Holidays. Melanie

  4. I want to know if there is any help out there! my husband and i have been looking to purchase a house. we finally found one and it was a foreclosed house through hud. we put our bid in in oct. it was accepted and we had a contract with them and that we were suppose to close by dec. 11 well two days before closing we find out that hud never did the lead paint removal that was suppose to be done by them before closing so we had to extend our contract do to there neglect. me and my husband put our 30 day notice in at our house we were renting thing we were going to be closed in dec. big mistake. after phone calls and calls the work is finally done now because of there delay we have to go and get extensions on our intrest rates and some other issues for our loan. now they have all the paper work as of today 1/8/09 and there still saying we cant close untill the 1/23/09 when in the contract it states they only need 10 days to get the paper ready so we can close. i have had to live in a packed up house with 4 children our christmas was the worst. and this house buying process has been the worst. why dont they have to follow the contract when we do??? we were almost homeless because of there neglect to do there job, you would think the way the housing market is today they they would be on the ball to sell houses.

  5. I don’t really know where to turn for help concerning this tragedy. Someone suggested that I contact Melanie Hebert at channel 6 news as an option. I am writing concerning my little cousin Amanda who is a 20 year old single mother of a 6 month old son named Devin who was born 9-11-08. Devin tragically passed away this past Sunday March 15, 2008 from SIDS. Amanda lives paycheck to paycheck and did not have life insurance for Devin. She does not have the funds needed to have a burial for her son. I am unable to help her with the expenses needed at this time as I am in a financial crisis myself. I wanted to see if there was anyway possible to make a public announcement regarding her situation in hopes that we can have anyone who felt it in their heart to donate could do so at the Garden of Memories. I apologize if this is not the kind of thing you handle, I just didn’t know where else to turn. Please advise me if there is another person or agency that handles these types of situations that I could contact. I have never been in this type of situation and I am not sure if such an agency even exists so please excuse my ignorance as I am just desperate and reaching at straws. Thank you for your time, and again any information would be greatly appreciated.


    • I couldn’t agree more. Afew months ago i purchased a car from buy here pay here. My contract states 36 bi-weekly payments of $115 and one final payment. After 60 days i had to pay $664 for tax tag and title which was suppose to be included in my payments. At that time they handed me a printout of my payment history which states i have 39 bi-weekly payments of $145 left to make. I’m confused and don’t know how to address this or who to talk to. Please if anyone can help me

      • I need help with a car problem dealing with Jack Maxton Chevolet. A friend helped me buy a car from the car company mentioned. I got the car 2 years or so ago. The thing is one it is a1997 Cadillac. They had a time working on the car to the degree of keeping the car for 2 months after the purchase of the car. The car company gave me new car warranties on the car and would not honor them after finding out all that was wrong with the car. The car is in there parking lot since June 10th 2013. Is there any help for me. Lots more to this story.

      • Call your state’s Attorney General and tell him exactly what you’re telling us, if they did this to you trust me, you’re not alone and if the Attorney General find this to be true you guys might be able to unite and file a civil suit,ask the General what legal rights do you have; please response once you have had a chance to talk with your Attorney General and he’s talk with you farther about your issue. Good luck. I’m rooting for you! Thanks for the information because I’m without a car and now I know what to look out for. Preditors like the dealership that swindeled you and Cynthia should be exposed and demanded to pay you guys back every penny with interest.


      • i just bought a AZTEC from Micheal car lot in port Huron a week ago they got me approved threw a credit union in flint well first of all they said i have to get a car under hun tho miles then next day tell’s me they have bad new’s for me i have to get one with over hun tho miles on it i had a co-signer he live;s in texas he was here on vaction great credit they said no cause he don’t live in michigan ok then where do i go from here the sales man name is scoot we will find you something for you price range me not thinking they would rip a lady off on social sec 55 well i went back thinking i was going to look at car’s him how do you like AZTEC i ‘m not sure never drove one my sister had one pretty how do you like this one hmm don’t no never drove it yet well it’s the only thing in your price range me well you have 3 lot’s of course they have more car’s under hun tho miles so ok guess i will take it then cause i had no car at all to get to doctors and no one to help me and i thought it come’s with a warrenty so should be ok driving home that day the service engen light came on well i took it to my son to show him i was so happy i did it on my own he tell’s me mom don;t you smell that burning smell i got out and yep i did so i take it back next day they told me it’s from them cleaning under the hood of it me ok then why is the service engen light on soon for he said oh because your not putting the gas cap on right me ok the next day i’m driving on free way work traffic sitting still it dies out won’t start got pushed off side of free way got home they was closed took car back told them the hatch back light keeps coming on it keeps opening on it;s own and every thing else it was doing when turn air on it jerk so hard could not use it turned it back off car still jerking really bad then so i told scoot take this car back i don’t want it i can’t afford to put money in to a car i have not owend a week i will not take this car back first you told me one owner then find out 4 and it was a rent a car all so he said they just got that car in did not get to go over it with a fine tooth comb well a diff car lot went threw paper work for me said they just got this title back in march so more lies told to me then i ask scoot is it true if the trans or engen going i have to pay 50 percent he said yes so as of today july 2nd they still have the car never called to say what was wrong just come get it i said no i told you i’m not taking that car back so my friend from tex called spoke with them he told them this was not how you run a bisness they don;t care i called the main owner yesterday july 1st he yelled at me ahd me in tears telling me i bought that car i have no opion and no rights at all he want’s his other money i’m holding till we can figure out where to go from here he said just keep that renter car till tues maybe i can find you another 5000 dollar car so i have no rights to even pick one out that i’m paying for at a high interest rate 14 percent would not let me even talk just yelling at me the whole time i had him on speeker phone with the guy that was going with me to check that car over they sold me well i hung up i was going back home i live in roseville thats not a short drive for me to keep going back every day anyways my friend told him he just heard the whole confersation and that was wrong on so many levils first take advantage of a lady on a fixed in come 55 and is all this yelling good for his bisness over a 5000 dollar car that is like gold to her you it means nothing you sold a car and that all you care about not a lady that had two spin sur that was sitting on side of free way that could not even walk far to get help thank god a guy and his son pushed her to side of road it could of turned out worse if she was not sitting still the owner Micheal was not trying to let him get a word in either but my friend kept talking anyways so we got there my friend told them pull it in the garage put it on a hoist he looked it over came to me said nope your not getting this piece of crap back cause not one thing you told them was wrong was fixed they sealed up the hatch and said they fixed the oil pan on it well i never new it was leaking so i still have there rent car they said on tues i have to give it back no matter if they find me a diff car that they want me to have cause the owner said he would see if he could find me one well i want to see if the credit union works with other car lot’s that even have 5000 doll cars on it cause they sure don’t so if i want to or not he said i have to keep this car if not and if i don’t give him this 700 doll cause he had to pay for transfer fees title fees he wants this money and he will keep the car and i still have to make the payments and he can resale it omg this has been the worse night mare for me ever and for channel 4 to even let them advertise on there channel is not looking good on them either i’m writhing every one i can about these people i can’t get over this as bad as i need a car i would not just make this up in my head people you new i was desperate for a ride and this is what i get bye time i’m done paying for this car i will be paying way over the blue book price like 7000 so can anyone please tell me what i should do i’m so lost and still can’t get over the main guy yelling at me like that till i was crying could not see to drive hardly at all what a night mare

      • Today is a car sellers paradise, I have been in sales for about 50 years. Never paid more than 5K and owned about 10 used Mercedes. Sold all 10 starting with a PRICE to be negotiated . Esio my friend in Wilmington told the buyer after he bought my 1985 Diesel, bought new by mom, it was the best Benz on the road after helping idiot with sale after holding back till I gave it away. MURPHY FORD CHESTER beat me out of THOUSANDS when I needed a truck for my business. I checked all over for price and as I attempted drive to Asbury NJ. Thats when I learned new term “OUT THE DOOR PRICE” it is all BULLSHIT. A fella told me he purchased his corvette with NUMBER from Large Car lot his sister worked at, he assured me he got the best price,but how can he actually know. UNTIL THEY ARE FORCED TO SHOW THE PRICE we will all be beat to death in the deal. I have been researching this in my free time for a few years and still can’t figure out the price, which they love, unfortunate for them I WILL FIGURE THIS IDIOTIC GAME OUT AND TELL EVERYBODY I MEET. If you go somewhere and there is no REAL PRICE where do you start negotiating???

        Nuff said I am here if you want me, But I can litigate better than most lawyers, only because most lawyers don’t litigate most deals are made at lunch devoid of any litigation FUCK EM ALL EXCEPT FOR SIX…

        If you don’t know the NUMBER !!! Get out of there, never go to lot in NEED at least don’t let em know.

        If anyone has a problem with what I have revealed lets talk about it, if any one with a back bone is tired of “USA THEFT WITHOUT A GUN” also contact me.

      • I got problem after the doctor draining me lymph my hand is not working well,so what can I do

  7. Please help, we have a girlscout leader who has stolen over 10 k from her troop here in East Orlando. The council seems more concerned about a neagtive story coming out in girlscouts and they see, to be trying to squash the issue, meanwhile 18 2nd grader girls from Arbor Ridge, Riverdale,Lawton Chiles and UnionPark elemnatary school cant go to Wet n Wild, Build a bear, Young Chef Acadamy as promised because this woman lied to and betrayed them!!! We (the parents)want her to face up to her actions, pay back the girls, and be banned from dealing with scouts or other children to prevent further heartbreak and dissapointment.

  8. I sent in my story on Tues. Sept. 8,2009, concerning the the New Orleans East Neighborhood swamp in my backyard. Someone e- mailed me back asking for numbers to contact me. I would really appreciate any help being offered to get this problem taken care of. Since my e- mail was written, I saw some men in a boat tying rope with balls attached from each side of this bayou to keep it from coming near there property. So now it barely moves now, it’s stuck near all of the other people’s property. I have pictures of this as well, eve

  9. am a single mother of one baby boy six months old,with a low income job that i cannot meet my expenses. i used my savings and loan money to invest in a property i.e shangilia baba na mama housing project in nairobi siokamau which has turned out to be a fraud orgarnisation. i dont know what to do since our government is ignorant about this matter. please help

    • Christine,will you let me know who you dealt with at Shangilia baba na mama?I also bought some plots there and recently got title for it.Maybe the person you sent is the fraud?Let me know


  11. x-mas eve we bought our children visa girt cards and when we went to us the card it was expired. today is the 28th and they still have not got our present to them they have been very loving and understanding and we are getting such a run around we were very short on money and told them we would have to have a small x-mas and they did not even get that please help us to confront visa and let the other people that got these cards can be helped too. thank-you a sad mother who could not give her kids a nice day due to a gift card

  12. I need some assistance. We bought a car from Field Motor Cars in Lake City Florida. We bought a 2004 Nissan Altima that passed thier 151 point inspection, on Monday January 10,2010 We took the car on a trip that Friday January 15,2010 and it broke down just south of Macon, Ga. The transmission went out a 3200 dollar repair. We called Feild Motors where we bought the car and they refused to help us. They will not cover the vehicle which is just four days old off their lot. We had to rent a rental car to finish our trip and to get back home and leave the Nissan with a mechanic that was recommended by Field Motor Cars to be repaired. This mechanic is four hundred miles from our home in Ocala Florida. Field Motor Cars said they will not help us it is our vehicle now. It does not seem right that they can sell a car and leave us in this spot. Any help would be appreciated! Field Motors was supposed to be a high end dealership with values they have really left us high and dry.

  13. It was a Nissan Maxima, forgive my error.

  14. my daughter goes to seminole high school. on nov.2009 she was body slammed by the asst. pricipal after a fight which caused her to seek medical attention. i went to the school to speak to the pricipal & the asst. there was no concern about my child. the pricipal stated that he didn’t see why i was there and didn’t want to here what the witnesses have to say. i went to the schoolboard and spoke with mr. griffin who’s over high schools in our county. once i told him everything c.p.s. was called. now we have another situation and in need of help. please let us know if you can help. i want my child to be safe.

  15. Hi, My name is Florence Figueroa , September of 2008 , I invested a large amount of monies with a local group out of Orlando call Live Free Investment for project in Puerto Rico with the Legend Golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez. It was a six months investment for hotel caled the Leegado of Chi Chi Rodriguez. Its been over 18 months and have not recieved my monies or interest due to me. I have done all i know to do and to no avail . How could peole get away with tis. I knowthey have taken monies against this project from many people and have used their religious affliations in doing so. Please help.

    • This lady is full of crap and has scammed me and 2 of my friends out of over $400,000. She is covering by writing in this blog. I would love for someone to investigate her and her church that her husband pastors. She offered for us to get involved in the “Puarto Rico thing” and we were not interested. She scammed us out of this money by telling us these were short term 1-2 month long loans then she would keep offering us more loans as she would pay us interest on the outstanding ones. It was just a Ponzi scheme and to prove that she would never even tell us who the contact was once the money stopped coming in. I still have bad checks for $1800 a pop that I have kept plus all the contracts. Someone needs to go after her and ruin her credibility. If anyone else has been scammed by her plz contact me.

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  18. i bought a sears garge door and opener. the door has been a problem since installe . i have called and called to get sears to address this problem and have gotten one lie after another wont return my calls wont show up on days they say they will come to check it out i need help as i am in wheel chair and cant go myself to get this problem fixed

    . my laundry isn in the garage . please help me.
    mary tanner386-740-7772

  19. I worked for a company called Bayside Coooling on 760 north drive in Melbourne for the past two months. They had an ad on craigslist saying they needed telemarketers/appointment setters and were hiring immidiately. My boyfriend and I got the job the first week of November and started working every day 9-5. We were supposed to be paid on the fifth and twentieth of each month. Our first paycheck was only half of what it was supposed to be and we were told we would get the money we were owed on the next check. The next paycheck was again half of what it should have been, and again the same story. When it was time for our third check we were told they accidently mailed them to our house and to wait patiently and keep working till they came.. the next two weeks we kept working while we had no money for food or bills and were running low on gas. Our checks were supposed to be 500 each so my boyfriend figured he would put his car on loan at a pawn shop and we would have gas to get to work and grocery money till we got our checks. Another week passed and still no check. Thirteen other employees were also going through the same situation as us. We told the boss that we had used all our money we had saved and didn’t have gas to get to work the next day and we needed our checks so we could get there and she fired every single one of us that didn’t receive a check. The company owes my boyfriend and I over $1600 and now we have no income to get his car out of loan on january 6th when the cash is due. There is about twenty other people that are owed about 500 each and none have received a check. Every time we call to ask about our checks we get cursed out and given a bogus

    email to send our complaints to. On top of all this the company is a scam. They call people out of the phone book claiming to be their air conditioning company and say its time for their preventitive maintenance and tune up and if theyset an appointment, they charge the people up to four thousand dollars on their debit and credit cards. I promise I’ve seen the invoices with my own eyes. The companyis a scam and needs to be shut down asap. They owe so many employees money and countless dollars to customers. I’m surprised they haven’t been shut down yet. Please if there’s anything you can do to help myself or any of the other employees raise some hell it would mean the world to all of us. We’ve worked for free and been screwed over so badly.. I don’t know what else to do..

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  21. This past May 2012, Ipurchased a vehicle: 2007 Chevy Impala LTZ from a Phoenix Arizona company called Drivetime in Kissimee Florida off of 192. When I signed my contract for the automobile establishing my payments it was stated that I was eligible for their promotion wherein if I make my first payment on time, Drivetime would make my second payment for me. Using automated bill pay through my Bank of America account, I paid 3 days ahead and calledDrivetime and told them what I had done. The bank did not release the payment till the actual due day. Two days later Drivetime received their payment. Sidenote: the due date is on a Saturday always which I had explained would be an issue because my bank only does transactions during the business week mon- fri. Drivetime said this would be no problem. I called this past Saturday to make sure they were still making my second payment and they said no because my payment was late. I went to my bank and attained a statement showing when payment was sent and paid and they sttill refused even though the payment was sent on time. They are now saying I can lose my automobile due to refusing to pay. I’m not refusing to pay I’m trying to make sure they live up to their promise. I can’t lose my only transpirtation having finally gotten back to work after being unemployed for 2 1/2 years. Can you please help?

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  70. Hi I m writing to ask for help, I have a lease which doesnt expire till oct , however thrm apts manager kept banging one the door telling me I owed rent from last year july that’ I am about to be evicted noel my family anf I literally range I’m fear only too now bed told I left and owe rent, how if your puxh me out the door why charge me I am disabled, now the person working in capcity of poperty manager, cannot be, Maitanance, property manage, and groonds keeper too , 1 person for 76 apts, where isthe law gov. Such ? Help (407) 284 – 2190

  71. l strongly believe that the zoning rights are being abused by Mark Cechman (tag read employee) at the City of Orlando. I feel this way because things keep changing to harm my budiness while there is no consistency in what Mark is saying and what thd city has in writing. My husband and I met with him at the city because he was denying us power at a location we lease.All in trying to stop my husband and myself from trying to open a mobile kitchen at that particular location even though restaurants are all around me. location. I need to talk withomeone

  72. On March 26 2012 I gave a man name Mike $1600. $850 went towards a motor. $750 for the labor. Til this day my car has not been fixed. On October 15 2012 we had a meeting and I told him I was tired of waiting he keep telling me just about every other week that my car would be ready. Or he found a motor that was good this time. I told him I wanted my money back because he could not get the job done. He say he would give me $900 dollars. I need help what should I do? I feel like he should give me all my money back. Help me please

  73. This year alone I have contacted the Orlando Sentinel six times to not throw their supplements on our property. I am not a subscriber to the regular paper and do not want their advertising, Spanish or other supplements. Since my request the desist on Oct 20, they have continued to deliver 4 other times. This can be a security issue as we travel and the paper sits in our driveway letting people know we aren’t home. They keep telling me they’ll stop. They say they’ll turn the matter over to a district manager. I’ve reported each incident to the BBB. Yet the papers keep coming. Shouldn’t there be an ordinance against a business littering our property against our wishes?

  74. Orange county sheriff keeping evidence, and home delivering it.

  75. Need station to take my story about a animal negliangnce case. Dog we in with a broke leg now,she has Tetneas. Animal hospital needs to be held accountable, for not taking proper care for my dog.

  76. I purchased a 4 wheeler for my son for Christmas from walmart for my 3 year old son .I opened it Christmas even to assemble to find out it was used and didn’t even have all of the parts in. the box my three year old cried his self to sleep he said santa claus don’t make mistakes I hoped to return it christmas day but it was closed I called customer service but they were closed

  77. I am in need of resolving 2 unresolved issues. First & foremost my landlord has not repaired unrepaired & reported dispaired items in a condo since my lease renewal June 29 2012. Ive reported to landlord, owner, City Code Violations.City has issued 2 warnings via letter.
    I stopped rent to have unresolved issues resolved. Landlord has filed eviction in retaliation.Home is maintained by me.
    I need this addressed .Im going to court and contest.
    Second issue is, I have worked for Limited. Seasonal & never offered to stay past season.Limitex has given me a letter thanking me & I am rehireable.
    I attempted to go through Acloche, who says I am not rehireable due to co flicti g & untru reasons that Acloche wil not disclose.Yet, I would like to file a discrimination lawsuit for whe I am a white exu atex devreed USA citizen who speaks & writes English, who has an immaculate background, Limitex dismissed .e on goox terms; however, utilzes Acloche to hire.Acloche refuses to hire. Upon my attempts to get back on with Limited, Acloche has me blocked as non rehireable basex on a no show for a assignment I never accepted as I haven’t a y car to dri e to an assignment offerex back in 2012 nor on COTA busline. Therefore, with a Masters degree and educated woman of good morals, I would know better not to accept any assignme t from anyone not within walking distance nor not on a busline.
    Jennifer Wison with Achloche advises me I am rehireable only after I suggested gettibg Chanbel 6 or a discrimination laesuit against both The Limited & Acloche.Corp. Acloche advised me I was rehireable; howrver Acloche @ DC 4 advised me on Dec 13 2012 I am not due to negative documents.
    I am being denied employment based on my race & nationality.I am white and an natural born USA American citizen whereby Wextner & The Limited hires 90 foreignors that the USA government pays The Limited per foreignor to keep employed.My prrformance & attendance while @ The Limited & BBW were not any reason I was dismissed: howrver, per resson is The Season.Howrver, in spite of being dismissrd on good terms & a Than you lettrt, & eas told by Acloche that there are not any positions available, this is false. As current as 12/12 both The Limited & Acloche are indeed hiring a.
    Plrase file a complaont.
    I am ceryain Channel 6 will learn otherwuse to keep what is happening to us Amrrican employees coveted, not offer me any employmentvor other Americans, to keep positions for Somalians, Ethioipians, Asians, Africans, Indians,Pakistanians job offers, so The Limited can continue getti g $$$ per foteign head, thus, disemploying qualified Americans such as myself!
    Please be advisex attendance & performance is a hoax as I know for a fact if attendance & performance are investigated amongst non Americans,
    & language is another barier for this foreignors..the ONLY reason they are maintained @ The Limited thru The Limited and/or Acloche is $$$ for The Limited as well as Acloche is paid to hire no Americans to work!!!

    • Please notify when my complaint is filed.I accidently clicked post before being able to mark off notify me.

      Thank you
      Deborah Allton
      1 1 13

  78. Getting the run around from DR Horton. Signed to build a house back on July 11, 2012. Was told it would be done by Nov. 30. They replaced superintendent and delayed house to Dec 12, then pushed to Dec 15-20. Then pushed to Jan 20 then to Jan 30 and now it had been pushed to Feb 15.
    This wouldnt have been a problem had they told us up front it would be 6 months plus. We could have rented an apt. And moved in to live as normal. As it stands, we have had to move 3 times into furnished vacation homes as we continue to live out of our suitcases and boxes since last May. The rest of our household good are still in PODS so we will make do. However, the disruption in our lives is significant as im in a new job along with my wife and son at a new school. These delays , lies, and broken promises continue to be problem as we must now try to figure out where to live in Feb. And possibly move once again. And this is no guarantee either.
    D Martin

  79. My name is Catherine A. Mckee I am a 29 year old female and I currently suffer from multiple health issues . Just to name a few of the serious health issues I have are stage one cervical cancer an polyacystic ovary syndrome I also have severe endometriosis . I am trying to get MEDICAID not Medicare and I was once getting the insurance in April of 2012 and they took it away I have no in come as I am disabled and fighting for my ssi and have an attorney on that case if you could give me a call I will be happy to fill you in more 407 281 7515 (home) 407 690 9513 ( cell) thank you and I hope to hear from some one soon god bless

  80. Help, I am in California and unable to get to Daytona to help my daughters, ages 19 & 23. They both have unexplainable rashes, tired all the time, muscle aches, they say allergy like symptoms as well. Doctors have treated them both for viruses and sent them home, but I just received pictures from my younger daughter of a large rat in her bedroom and tons of rat feces all over their apartment. The landlord has know about this issue, among others like a collapsing ceiling and plumbing in their bathroom, and kitchen that is backed up and still hasn’t fixed anything. I have called the Daytona Health Department and they always say the same thing, “Oh that is unsafe and he has many hazardous violations, we will have someone get back to you right away.” No one ever calls, even lawyers just want to go after a personal injury claim, after a doctor verifies their illnesses have been caused by rats. We just want their place fixed and the landlord to be held accountable. To answer a question you probably are thinking, they would move if we had the money, I am duty-disabled officer and out here in California at Moore’s Cancer Center. I couldn’t even stay at their place if I could get there to help them right now. We need help to get this landlord to take care of his responsibilities and get my daughters back healthy. I have pictures from them of the rats, their feces and all the other issues. Please call (619) 408-3994

  81. We had direct tv , we have had problems with service, and called on jan 3, 2013, we had just paid our monthly bill on jan 2.2013. We decided to cancell our service after speaking with a supervisor. We were first told we would have a early termination fee. Then supervisor after reviewing our account said she would wave the cancellation fee. So we went ahead and cancelled. I received a conformation from direct tv showing the early cancellation fee was waved and credit to my account plus a credit for just payingy bill. Was told would receive a refund. I also received a statement showing a credit for early cancellation and credit for month . Received on feb. 5th. Then today feb. 9th I received a email from direct tv telling me that I had a past due bill. I called and they told me accounting had added back cancellation fee? I would not have cancelled if there was a fee. Can they change thereof and charge me? Help– seems like fraud

  82. I’m having an issue with Verizon Wireless. I recently purchased a droid HTC DNA at the end of January and found out that Verizon received complaints since December fifth, the DNA has had issues with the SIM card which means you cannot receive calls or make calls. I have tried my best to resolve this issue by going into the store and replacing the my sim card also by speaking to a Verizon customer service representative, who has instructed me that they would send me a used/reconditioned phone. This to me is unacceptable because the phone I purchased was brand new and is not a result of my damage or misuse. It is a result of bad Hardware which they will not take blame or responsibility for and are taking advantage of innocent consumers. Please help put an end to these greedy cooperations. There are many complaints if you are to Google droid DNA problems and click on SIM card failures you can read more from others, one complaintent even got intouch with Fox News about this issue. Thank you for your time
    Brett Parslow
    407 5580840 ( hopefully ill RECIEVE your call )

  83. Pleae help me!!!
    The Florida Department of Revenue in Cocoa, have seized my joint bank account due to Child Support arrearage and for the past week, after providing them all the proper documentation to release the Levy which they agreed to do, they continually lie to everyone here that has the same problem, that Chase Bank has the Confirmation fax to release my current wife’s Social Security Death benefit back
    into our joint bank account.

  84. My neighbor is 79 years old and has been told she won 26 million dollars but only if she keeps giving him money. He has gotten 365 thousand from her so far and is trying to get more. She won’t listen when we tell her it is a scam. Can you help?

  85. My name is Eric jenkins and I have a problem. I have been in court for over 2 years fighting to end my child support payment for my 21 year old son. My divorce papers say at the age of 18 or emancipated. Well he is 21 almost 22 in July. My attorney and I have been in and out of court for over 2 years trying to resolve this issue with the dept of revenue. The dept of revenue apparently is apparently over any court oders that have been made. They don’t want to give this up because its income to them. The law is quite clear. The reason I’m writing is to prevent this situation to happen to any one else. I think the dept of revenue should be investigated. There’s no one watching over them. They do want they want when they want at my expense. We are going back to court on April first this Monday. On all of the court papers it’s clear but they will not let it go. My attorney is very suprised. It’s like they found someone to pay And they do not want to let go. Please help. They need to be investigated. Apparently they are above the law. Thanks

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  87. Hi i am in need of help! My ex- employer is refusing to pay me my last check that i worked for and its been three weeks!!. They let me go for whatever resin, now its has stressed me to the point where its has effected my health and losing my home in a big way… I have two boys and they ate enjoying this, i have contacted the police,fraud department and NO ONE IS HELPING ME! Please help us my # is 614- 622-6054 leah. Thank you



  90. Radioshacksold me a.defect phne didn’t respond after calling csv HmeOFFICEnotified virgin mobile to replace send me a detected refurbished phne 4times..after guaranteed itwould work properly with no im stuck with a use defect refurbished phne still.under someone else contract in the 1st I no this.phne has not been.fixed or answers..along with.a new undefected an.refurbished…what I PAID for..I brought this phne of 20013n it started gven me problems 2mths later after it 90dys..but y was I even sold a retURNED DEFECTED PHNE IN THE FIRST PLACE..FRM RADIOSHACK EMPLOYEE IN THE UNIVERSITY MALL TAMPA FL..SALES PERSON PATRICK EARLY..NEED HELP N ASOLUTION..FED UP AND ANGERYY CUSTOMER..

  91. I live in beechgrove apartment. I have termites in the
    In my house they never came out and anything. My building going to be destroy by them. Please. Contact me 504-570_0768

  92. I recently rented a home and I can not get Duke energy, formally progress energy, to turn on my power. I have money for deposit and passed credit check. The forer power holder had a past due amount that duke energy said had not been settled. I wad told by multiple associates that I needed a notorized copy of the lease so they could put the power in my name. I had to notorize the lease and fax it multiple times. I am 60 years old and disabled. I can not drive. I take care of a 4 year old girl. I NEED power asap. I did everything requested by duke energy and was finally denied power and told the former tenant had to pay off his debt. This is not my debt and I spent a good deal if time and money doing what duke energy requested. I believe this is unfair and a terrible way to treat a veteran.

  93. I’ve been discriminated against my age for enlistment into the USArmy. SFC Donnelly of the St. Augustine recruiting station, intentionally kept me from enlisting…his excuses was, I was denied because of psoriasis on my scalp…i have none, I have a very mild case of psoriasis…and I scored above a 100 on all my line scores of the asvab do why was I truly denied?

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  96. Hello,
    My concern is the Highway Authorities. When you stop and pay your tolls you must stay until that light turns green. If you don’t wait until it turns green (or if the attendant forgets to hit the button) you will get a ticket in the mail. If you don’t have a receipt you have no other choice but to pay the ticket because you have no proof that you stopped and paid the toll. I ended up paying over $500 in fines, plus court fees and license reinstating fees for a $9.00 toll that they said a registered letter was sent to my residence. I never received the letter and when I asked who signed for the letter I received a rude comment “this is your fault because red means stop!” When I tried to explain to the lady that the cashier said the light was broken, she didn’t want to hear about that. This company is ripping consumers off with these camera fines and no one is doing anything about that. They now have this toll by plate. The problem is there is no one to collect any money because it is a toll by plate. That means you go through the toll and they will send you a bill for it in the mail. Here’s the problem. The actual toll is one price (let’s say 1.75) but you must also pay an administration fee of $2 to $3 dollars. Now you are paying anywhere from $3.75 to $4.75 for one toll and you have no other choice but to pay it because if you don’t then your license will be suspended. I have never ran through a toll and it is ridiculous that we are being forced to get an e-pass or pay these astronomical charges. We as consumers are being ripped off by these people. I now get a receipt each and every time I pass through a toll; however, many people do not know to get a receipt and they will be taken advantage of just as I have been in the past. They issue a citation violation for running a toll and never send you a notification. Months go by (to continuously charge fees) then finally they turn it over to the clerk of courts who then suspend your license. It’s not until you are stopped by the police or need your license for something that you realize your license is suspended. At that point you must research why you have these charges only to find out that you are being charged as not paying tolls that you have paid. This is happening to many people, but because many people need their license they just pay what ever is needed to get their license straightened out. This issue must be looked into.

    Thank you kindly

  97. I am renting from a couple that I worked for I’ve been here with my fiancé for three months and have been getting sick. Come to find out there is mold in the a/c , I called my landlord and told her and now she is trying to throw me us out. I pay rent on time every month I don’t know what to do plz help

  98. Columbus City Water contacted me by post on my door saying they needed to to check my inside meter because they have not been able to read outside meter. They came out took apart my inside and outside meters and replaced the guts. 51 days later I received a bill for $1200 for the use of 180 ccf’s of water and sewage. There was a letter telling me if I could not pay the bill by due date of the bill which I did not receive by mail until the following day. I called to complain and explained to them that I have never used that much water. I have used less than 20 ccf’s per 3 month period. I filed a depute letter and after review of my checks and their calculation, I paid for 67 ccf’s for a 10 month period. I received a delinquency letter threatening to shut my water off. I contacted the mayor’s and puco. Puco told me they don’t get involved in with Columbus Utilities and the Mayor’s office just forward the email to the Water company. The water company contacted me to set up a meeting to discuss the issue. It was told to me that only have read the amount of 307 ccf’s in less than the five period that I have owned the property by their representive. I thought there was someone there to hear my side but after it was all said and done. I mentioned I had pictures and the who was the hearer told me to send the pictures to person who was siding for water company. Next I received another bill with penalty, charges for high bill plus current charges for 2 months. I wrote another depute letter to them and the hearer sent a letter back to me telling I would not be charged for the penalties or fees but as for the high bill it will not be reduced per his investigation and if I had any questions to address them to the person who was for the water company and against me. Now I am contacting you to expose the water company for what they are doing to thir consumers of water. My point is have used less than 20 ccfs in a 3 month period for five years. There are 4 3 month period in a year equalling 80 ccfs x 5 years equals 400 ccfs. If they only have a reading of 307 plus I add the 67 ccfs in which I paid for that they didn’t read, and also and add 18 ccfs for the last 3 months since the day they came out and worked on the meter which adds up to 392 ccfs in the five years that I have owned the property. Concerns are consumers are being taken advantaging by the water. All other utilities have one meter and water are making the consumer responsible for reading their own meter which no other utility does. Why have a meter reader for outside meter if you are making consumer accountable to read their meter and penalize them when your outside equipment malfunctions or wires come loose. Other concern, I believe the consumer should have a third party panel who is not employed by the water company. I also believe I should be reimbursed for the check just sent of over $700. If you are interested in preventing other consumers from being taken advantage of by the water company and helping me resolve my issue, then I would to hear from you soon!


    Allen E. Beall

    P.S. – I can provide copies of the documentation that was sent to me from them and my documentation.

  99. I’m a person that is trying to purchase a home the only thing that is stopping me is paying Southern Management Service. Called them on Monday at 5:00 p.m. to have someone to contact me, I called again on Wednesday at 10:30 am and spoke to Juanita gave her permission to speak to Vickie at Shelton Mtg. She text me at work stating they need to speak to me so when I got off of work I called again they stated they would have someone to contact me. Robert Weaver called at 6:24 and the office closed at 6:30 stating what do you want I stated that I wanted to pay my bill so I proceed to verify my account ask him to give me a minute while getting out of my car. He stated are you trying to get someone else on the phone I stated no. Can you make it really fast because I am trying to go home. I asked him if he can fax me a letter stating if I pay them $575.00 will they delete it from all three credit agency he stated no and why are you so hostile. I’m not hostile I just wanted to pay the bill. Mr. Weaver stated you are a liar you are not the account holder and then hung up. I called back again asking to speak to the same person now I am upset because you hung up on me. Why I’m wasting his time I just need the letter fax to me and then I will pay the bill he stated he do not care if I pay the bill. I ask to speak to his boss he does not have a boss over him. He stated that he was ready to go home and hung up again. Called again on Thursday 9/26/2013 at 8:30 once they open never received a call back. I need some help can you help me moved into his house before 10/6/2013.

  100. Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t know afterward its up to other users that
    they will assist, so here it takes place.


    On Oct 16,13 I called this company Eviction Stoppers because I received a 24 hr eviction notice and their website states they can stop this and sheriffs notices. They stated I had to go to a Bank of America and deposit $475 into their account so they can get started immediately and this was a piece of cake they will handle everything.
    They sent me some papers to file for bankruptcy and said I had to go the next morning and file which I did and had to pay the filing charges as well. I was the 1st person in line when the door opened. Then they told me take my reciept to the sheriffs office closest to my residence which would be the 1 on Lk Underhill. When I got there I was told they don’t handle it I gave to go to the sherriff offc inside the courthouse. Eviction stoppers never mentioned that. In the time I was running all over Orlando the sherriff went to my place and changed my locks. When I called back eviction stoppers the same man Joe ( who I later found his real name is Bob) said.. Oh well we tried.. And that was it and hung up on me. In mean time there is another woman involved who drew up my bankruptcy papers weds night. Thurs morning while all this was happening she never returned 1 of my calls or texts. ” Joe ” also lead me to believe she was the lawyer he got to work on my case. I repeatedly tried to reach her with no luck until today. She finally text me back staying she felt terrible hearing all my messages and wants to help me. That this company is being investigated and she has been working with the head of the US trustees in the bankruptcy division in DC turning over files and such. I spoke with the man whose name and number she gave me. So far seems true but I haven’t got to research and make sure he is for real. I was told I can call Orlando bankruptcy court and they can verify who he is. This whole company is a scam I lost my home, things put on the street, animal control called to get my dog and me & my daughter are homeless. I don’t want other families or single moms in desperate need of help to loose their money to them. I hope someone there can help.

  102. I have a big mold problem in my apt. I live I eddystone I told my landlord & code enforcer of my town. That did nothing about it. I’ve been sick from this for 2 mths now. The smell is bad. I’ve been trying to contact one of the news channels to help me out NO LUCK YET.MY NUMBER. 610 803 5268

  103. I have a problem and I can’t seem to get out of it I’m a, mom of five and I’m engaged living in a hotel for months cause I got robbed twice and I was forest out of my home and I tried everything im bout broke living in a hotel no way I can save money for a place and I don’t know what to do hel. Me

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  105. In reference to buy here pay here. A few years back JD buyryder had nearly got me arrested. I bought a truck from them made m think payments for 2 mths. I was waiting for them to transfer my tag. They never did in fact they change the date on mt temp tag telling me th wey can only give me 2 and this would be ok. I got pulled over for an altered tag. The officer let me know that I could be arrested. Thank god I kept a file of everything in the truck. I had to hire an attorney go to court. In the mean time I told them come get the truck. I aldo found not only was the truck never applied for transfer into my name it was in the last owners name. in turn I’m out over $2000 and no one stops these people and I have this on my record!! Thank god the officer was nice she could have tak edn me to jail
    Please stop jd buyryder there thieves!!!!!

  106. Caution!!!! Shell gas station at 455 w oakridge is selling boritos with an expiration date of 4/24/12 yes 2012!! My husband is very sick!! The health dept says as long as they didnt cover or alter the date its ok!! Are you serious!! This is juat a “sell by date” please help stop this

  107. I’m the pto president at ParkVille community school our 80 percent of the students brought there grade up and we would like to show them that people out of the see when you push yourself you will achieve even when you think is impossible the mayor is coming to the school to present the children there awards in the weeks we would like if you guys can come and show Hartford the success of our students.

  108. I tried to call this morning to do a phone interview with DCF, not realizing their number had changed. It sounds like DCF when I first called, then a recording came on saying that I’d been selected to receive a $100 WalMart gift card, and to accept, press 1. I did. It transferred me to a man with heavy foreign accent and dialect in what sounded to be a call center. He already had my phone number, and was wanting me to pay $4.95 to have my gift card shipped to me. I said I’m not giving my credit card number, so he said I can use my debit, and I said no to that as well. He proceeded to get pushier asking me what didn’t I understand.. I’m not losing anything, that I was paying $4.95, but receiving a $100 card with my name on it that I can use anywhere – WalMart, Publix, Target, etc. (Keep in mind, the recording says a Walmart gift card!) Three times I called, every time a different man, same accent and dialect answered. The third man I asked how he has that number, because I was still trying to call DCF.. He said ‘they’ are busy so I got transferred to ‘them’. I asked how do I contact them, I just need to speak to DCF. He then told me he’ll transfer me after we took care of the card. I said no to giving up my information again and he hung up on me. I tried calling and pressing 0 one of the times I called- it just transferred me to those same people, as well. I did call DCF, but I don’t know if the right people will receive the info, so I figured I’d contact the media as well. 1 (866) 874-1380 is the number I called, please look into this and make sure the poor are not getting scammed!! That is no longer even a DCF number!

  109. I purchased new car back in November and still haven’t received my tag notice. I have tried contacting court house but can’t ever get through. Even the mailbox is full. Help

  110. Thank you 🙂

  111. Hello my Name is Christina Stewart and I am in need of some assistance, I got my first apartment about 2 months ago with my best friend/brother and in these two months there has been nothing but problems,the front door was broken (took about 2-3 weeks to fix) the basement pipes exploded leaking poop and toilet water into the laundry room, workers came and got something stuck causing a flood the next night. I called emergency maintenance who just looked at me and said there was nothing he could do and just left, he didn’t even look. The disposal & dishwasher were not working for the longest time and our sinks are still clogging, the back door leaks leaving a puddle of water in the kitchen and the basement window also leaks which will cause a mold issue..which I am allergic to. Apparently when you use the over one of the top burners come on which almost caught something that was sitting on the stove on fire. I have asked them to move me to a 3 bedroom unit, I wasn’t even asking to break my lease but now I want to. I have sent emails I wrote a letter I have gone to the rental office many times and no one ever knows anything about anything I contacted a lawyer who says I have to wait to put my money in escrow for another month…I can’t live here for another month, all of this stress put me in the hospital today I had a major panic attack…I still don’t feel well, I have a 1 year old that is staying with family cause I don’t want him in this terrible place.

  112. I have a problem with public storage 17-92 sanford . FAlse advertising

  113. Lakeview 4855 south orange blossom trail orlando fl. Bed bugs and management dont want to fix the problem.

  114. I bought a vehicle from a dealership everything was paid, deposit in full plus $400 in taxes up front, & insurance. My temporary tag expired 3/8/14. They said my tag hadn’t come in yet & they would issue me a new temporary tag. Never came. I hounded them for 2 weeks. I found out from the finance company that my tag was on their desk as of 3/18/14 & they said they’d mail it the next day. On 3/22/14 they said they mailed it. It would take a day or 2 they said. Again on 3/26/14 I called & they said th hey mailed it that day. 4/2/14 they again said it would be “mailed” tomorrow. I had already made my first car payment & hadn’t recieved my tag! So I got tired reported it stolen as instructed to do by the dmv & got a new tag/registration/sticker. The dealership is still trying to charge me $275 can they do that?

  115. Long story short, I have a $90,000 (+) fifth wheel camper we bought. Trying to get repairs done that should have been covered either under Manufacture warranty or Extended Warranty though the dealership we bought the unit from. After 7 months, serveral failed attempts to even talk to the service department and owner, I was forced to involve the bank ( that the loan is through) as well as the attorney generals office. Retained a lawyer to send a letter to try to scare them into returning it repaired. The lawyer tells me today that they are holding it because I owe them money for repairs not covered under warranty. First I ever heard of this, especially when they were given written instructions not to repair anything not covered under warranty. However, here is the kicker, if I go get the unit and never show face over there again, they will not put a lean on it I can pick it up with no money owed. The lawyer says there is nothing I can do. I need y’all help.

  116. Dear Sir /Madam
    I had a Direct TV service two years ago before I get the service I ask for any contract with this service representative said no. After year and half latter I cancelled my service with Direct TV they start to haresting me for $ 160.30 early cancelation fee I ask them if you have copy of contract that has my signature please send to me I will look and will pay if that is contract but they send me is pempled they can not provide me sign contract. They gave my account to collection. My account with Direct TV #62805701 I called to Direct TV this morning and I ask and explain what is going on and representative said I did not sign any contract with Direct TV but Direct TV forcing me to pay them $160.30
    I need Help for this kind of problem Please help.
    With out no sign contract how they can ask for money and can say that person has contract. they also want to report to credit bureau.
    I wrote dispute letter to Direct TV and I am sending them but I do not know they will honor it.
    Please I need help if you can. Thank you.

  117. Our family has been held hostage by an out of control Home Maintenance Corporation with a Board of ONE who wants to remain in control into perpetuity. She is a 75 year old paralegal graduate from the University of Munich and former employee of the Law Dept. of New Castle County, DE under the first administration of Tom Gordon. Since 2007 County Councilman George Smiley (D), State Senator David McBride (D), and State Representative Melanie George Smith (D), former County Executive Chris Coons (D), and many, many more elected public servants have been informed or this situation only to respond, “You need to hire an attorney.”

    We receive no financial accountability from this Board of ONE. We don’t know where the money goes because the neighborhood of 23 homes is in deplorable condition and fast becoming a haven for drug dealers. Requests containing our assessment checks that were hand-delivered to the Post Office for the HMCs post office box have gone missing because those checks were never cashed. So we sent our assessments by certified return receipt mail for 5-1/2 years. None of these were retrieved from the PO Box; all were returned to our home. This individual has placed 4 liens on our house, taken us to the Attorney General of the State of Delaware (Beau Biden), and sued us in the Court of Common Pleas on July 24, 2014. Our legal bills are in excess of over $20,000 and we could lose our house because of this rogue power-obsessed individual and the way the laws are written in Delaware. She has been allowed by the DE Recorder of Deeds Office to place liens on 9 out of 23 homes without any proof or the Recorder’s office conducting any due diligence.

    We have heard from other neighbors that she gleefully is awaiting a court judgment so she can sell our home of 23+ years at sheriff’s sale.

    Can you please help us?

  118. I gave our landlord 870.00 to move in this house of July 12th August the 12th I paid 600 also on August 12 I told him that my sewage backup of my tongue and it my living room is flooded also I have to call the city they
    said they’d have a will also have to replace all the pipes from underground and he’s wearing a September rent and he won’t give me none of my money so I can move out I haven’t been able to take a shower in a month or eat or drink any water in this house I need help

  119. I want the world to know about animal cruelty. I had given my dog and my cat to an “animal rescue” a couple months ago. The guy, Christopher Lord, owner, gave us his contact information and address. We continously called him, emailed him, and wrote him on Facebook to see how my animals were doing. And none of which he would respond to. Finally, yesterday on 9/9/2014, we stopped by there to see them. I asked to see my dog and cat and they had said my cat went MIA. They brought my dog out and he was completely all skin and bones. They have 4+ dogs and many cats there. They feed them in one bowl and they pretty much have to fend for themselves. Animal services told me that its allowed to have one bowl out with food and they can fight for the food but if they get seriously injured then they have to tend to their care. I want people to put them on blast. I want fines to be fined, charges to be charged and he animals in better care. Not to mention that one of the dogs attacked the neighbors, no one did anything to them. This can’t go on! Some one needs to help those animals!

  120. I need help single mother being ripped off by car dealership up on payments but won’t tell me the llocation of my car wouldn’t give me an estimate on repair. Wont answer my calls or hangs up on me

  121. my name is Christina Stewart and this is my story. For the last 25 years of my life I have had to fight aginst the woman who brought me into this world. As a child I had to hide my younger siblings from her because she tried to kill us on many occasions. I was about 10 when I had to hide my younger sister and brother in a closet when she came at us with a butcher knife. When she would raise a hand to strike my brother or sister I would get in front of them and take the hit myself. I caught her attempting to drown my little sister on four different occasions. More recently about 3-4 months ago she lied on me to the police and got me put in a psychiatric unit for 11 days I tried to tell the doctors that she lied on me but they called me bi-polar and manic and put me on drugs that made me sick…I told them the drugs made me sick but they told me it was in my head and that the drugs were good for me. After I got out I pulled myself off the medication and went to live with the woman that raised me. I then attempted to give my biological mother another chance because what girl doesn’t want to believe that their mother loves them but again she lied on me to the police and I was put back in the same unit for another 11 days and again I was sick from the medication they tried to put me on. She then got a court ordered protection order against me and got emergency custody of my baby who she threatened to murder and I believe she has molested him because she did it to my brother and my family said the signs of abuse were there when they saw him last. So I had no choice but to get a protection order against her and suggest that she receive mental help.

  122. Need help regarding a landlord putting me out in 14 days after fiance passed away but before he pass away told me thst they were not going to put me out

  123. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d certainly donate to
    this outstanding blog! I guess for now i’ll settle for
    book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account.
    I look forward to fresh updates and will share this site with my Facebook group.
    Talk soon!

  124. I’m having a problem getting channel 6 to come on.

  125. Employer refuses to pay wages to me and others
    She cashed all client checks for herself…leaving me to now get evicted…she is moving to Miami to run same company there… She has five bank acts all with negative balances. I do not have phone..shut off bc she owes me 1600.00 plus help

  126. I have a granddaughter that is almost 8 years old she was leaving with us half of the time for seven years and a half with aunt grandmother great-grandmother until her mother decide to move since that day we don’t know whiere she is my son pay for a lawyer looking for her cheek cool less you on asking for a lot of money she put Alex on the phone and she said grandma Gely I love you I miss you I wish I can go back to my family my son Tell her why are you asking for all this money ?you know Alex was leaving us the whole time we never heard from her again I find out that she married a guy and she has an other kid i’m desperate I don’t know what to do I don’t have the money for lawyers I really want to see my granddaughter again her mom’s mom she won’t tell me where they are she just been told me that if he’s okay😔

  127. I was told from my grandma to drive the car and so i took the car and backed it up by my shed and the lawn mower was in the way so i mooved it so i can back in and i get fused at because i moved the lawn mower out the way so i can get in my shed and so they said i did not do what they said and i said i did i used the car like i was told and they said i did not what did i do wrong i need a answer please im confused.

  128. Donnell Godfrey was recently convicted. But he is innocent. The state attorney Jim Altman knowingly introduced fraudulent cell phone records into the courtroom and judge Kest allowed it to happen. Judge Kest also had an open case with the victims father in civil court how ironic right. Also Judge Kest was the presiding judge over the Bessman Okafor and Nolan Bernard trial sounds like he could have formulated some bias against anyone accused in this case. Look into the phone records that they claim are calls between. Emmaneul Wallace and Donnell Godfrey they dont add up!!! How’s that possible but Justin Fleck is a professional, sounds like hw is a professional LIAR, qho helps put innocebt people behind bars.!!!

  129. Member service company.starting taking money out of my account without my permission I never told them to take money from my account I ask them for my money they talk to me disrespectful lay I ask to talk to manager and superviser they did nothing but gave methe run around .I did not tell them to take that money out my account for 5 or 6 months they took hundred of dollar and I am ask the problem solver to help me get my money can reach me at 313 463 9489 anytime

  130. hi i have a problem,am 19yrz old joining college in feb.i have spend 2yrs at home but have tried hard to look for money for my education but the problem i have now is my mum gave birth 2days later and we failed to pay the hospital bills,the only option i have now is to give my schoolfees to the doctors and i forget about now confused or i give away the money and forget about school or i go to school and l leave mum find the way to solv her problems.

  131. My daughter, granddaughter, and a family friend and her 3 children had a tire blow out on interstate I 75 late last night around 1:30 am leaving from visiting family in Tallahassee Florida. Mind you I live in Maryland, my daughter and her friend reside in Sanford Florida. They called me while on the roadside trying to get help because they had no spare tire. I in turn call around trying to find a tow man for them. I call Danny B’s Towing in Tallahassee Florida and spoke with a young lady name Lisa who was of great help and had much concern of these two females broke down with young children on the interstate headed south to Sanford. Ms. Lisa the dispatcher told me to have them call *FEB for the Florida Highway patrol. They did and was told that they couldn’t help them. What in the world are tax payers monies going towards when the police cannot be of assistance. So all night they were sitting on the roadside in a dangerous non lit area with track and trailers running to and from until . 4:30 am when Ms. Lisa from Danny B’s Towing finally found a reasonable tow man to come out and help them. I am appalled and if *FEB was no longer in effect why don’t the tow companies know about this. Ms. Lisa was shocked to hear about this. Secondly, if my family had of been killed by a sleepy truck driver or something then who would have been held responsible especially when they reached out to the police and got no help. I am very upset and I am not stopping here I will take this incident as far as it needs to go until it’s been dealt with in an appropriate manner. Thanks for listening and I hope to get some feedback, 443 837 4240.

  132. My daughter, granddaughter, and a family friend and her 3 children had a tire blow out on interstate I 75 late last night around 1:30 am leaving from visiting family in Tallahassee Florida. Mind you I live in Maryland, my daughter and her friend reside in Sanford Florida. They called me while on the roadside trying to get help because they had no spare tire. I in turn call around trying to find a tow man for them. I call Danny B’s Towing in Tallahassee Florida and spoke with a young lady name Lisa who was of great help and had much concern of these two females broke down with young children on the interstate headed south to Sanford. Ms. Lisa the dispatcher told me to have them call *FHP for the Florida Highway patrol. They did and was told that they couldn’t help them. What in the world are tax payers monies going towards when the police cannot be of assistance. So all night they were sitting on the roadside in a dangerous non lit area with track and trailers running to and from until . 4:30 am when Ms. Lisa from Danny B’s Towing finally found a reasonable tow man to come out and help them. I am appalled and if *FEB was no longer in effect why don’t the tow companies know about this. Ms. Lisa was shocked to hear about this. Secondly, if my family had of been killed by a sleepy truck driver or something then who would have been held responsible especially when they reached out to the police and got no help. I am very upset and I am not stopping here I will take this incident as far as it needs to go until it’s been dealt with in an appropriate manner. Thanks for listening and I hope to get some feedback, 443 837 4240.

  133. My daughter, granddaughter, and a family friend and her 3 children had a tire blow out on interstate I 75 late last night around 1:30 am leaving from visiting family in Tallahassee Florida. Mind you I live in Maryland, my daughter and her friend reside in Sanford Florida. They called me while on the roadside trying to get help because they had no spare tire. I in turn call around trying to find a tow man for them. I call Danny B’s Towing in Tallahassee Florida and spoke with a young lady name Lisa who was of great help and had much concern of these two females broke down with young children on the interstate headed south to Sanford. Ms. Lisa the dispatcher told me to have them call *FHP for the Florida Highway patrol. They did and was told that they couldn’t help them. What in the world are tax payers monies going towards when the police cannot be of assistance. So all night they were sitting on the roadside in a dangerous non lit area with track and trailers running to and from until . 4:30 am when Ms. Lisa from Danny B’s Towing finally found a reasonable tow man to come out and help them. I am appalled and if *FHP was no longer in effect why don’t the tow companies know about this. Ms. Lisa was shocked to hear about this. Secondly, if my family had of been killed by a sleepy truck driver or something then who would have been held responsible especially when they reached out to the police and got no help. I am very upset and I am not stopping here I will take this incident as far as it needs to go until it’s been dealt with in an appropriate manner. Thanks for listening and I hope to get some feedback, 443 837 4240.

  134. we rent an apartment in Cromwell my husband and I and the pipes burst in our bedroom and I rug is soaking wet and there is no heat it is actually 37 degrees in our apartment I have a picture of the thermometer something needs to be done about this we have contacted our landlord several times and have gotten no reply we are freezing in here

  135. I was working for magical hands cleaning and parting service.I work 38 hrs. And they won’t pay me.I don’t know what to do.I need help please call me 386-748-1063. My name is Juan I have TeX that prof I work and have over 4 witnes

  136. My daughter was rap at school an the other children that are involved in it will not open up to the police some kids Parents don’t want them to talk about to anyone.

  137. Filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy mainly to discharge all unsecured debts. I had to list all debts but wanted to keep both my house and car. But after attorney and I did the math we discovered that I couldn’t afford both, therefore, I chose to keep my house. Being sympathetic, my attorney suggested that if I could have someone resume payments, then I would be able to keep my car. My mom signed that affidavit. This way would show that would be able to afford my house. In order to keep my house, a reaffirmation was supposed to have been filed. Unfortunately, it was not. Now, my house is in foreclosure with a Sheriff Sales date of 6 25 2015. I asked my attorney to send a reaffirmation to the mortgage company, yet he sends a letter by fax given them permission to talk to me. My attorney never admit the error of failing to file the reaffirmation but suggested filing a Chapter 13/20 costing $3,000. That was not the answer to my question of why the reaffirmation was not filed. I wrote to the founder and him about a resolution without or less cost to me to rectify the situation, or I would file a grievance with the bar association. I received a call the founder two days later. He badgered me on the phone and wouldn’t listen. At that point, I had to hang up on him. That was not the response or the result I had hoped.

  138. Hello problem solvers me and my family are having a big problem with a landlord. The house is in foreclosure and we are on a fixed income SSI and the property goes for sale next month July 9th. We now have been served a 24 hour to leave the property after even getting a lawyer saying we were in the clear of being kicked out because he filled a eviction. I have no money no shelter gave a lawyer 400$ to start my case on the first and my mother n law is disabled in a wheelchair. The house needs some major repair the landlord never did so either way we would have to leave the property because it’s goes on the auction sell on the 9 th of next month. We needed to try and save money to move due to being on a set income plus only getting income once a month. We don’t know what to do because we have to be out at 1:00 in the afternoon today. We are stressed we have no help. The lawyer don’t seem to be doing anything and we were told this would not happen. Plus my mother n law has a disabled trust and he has been a big problem for years. My mother n law Shirley Wilkinson keeps calling him everyday to tell him out situation to send her some of her own money and ignores Her calls. He has invested most of not all of her money which the trust was for her special needs and this is a severe crisis. Please help us. We are a family that’s going to be on the streets at 1 in the afternoon that’s was told that could not happen with a trustee that’s not even giving funds to my mother n law so she isn’t homeless. Thank you so much for your time. We greatly appreciate it. McDonald Lubin

  139. yes I don’t know what to do we seen CPS workers my stepson my stepson and my stepdaughter was both hit by the step father and touched in the middle by the stepfather we talk to CPS and the end of this thing and we got a document from the counselor that they talk to and my step son has ADHD and he is very scared of to talk to anybody they’ve been having nightmares and they are scared to go back on Sunday we have legal document saying that they were what happened when I talk to a counselor but they don’t want to talk to a CPS because they never seen the person before I don’t know what to do is there any answer that you can give me thank you and have a great day

  140. My mom and I are in a bind she is a breast cancer survivor we moved in with a friend that just evicted her boyfriend after we got all our stuff moved in after a week and a half she is now evicting us to and moved her ex back in we have nowhere to go I work through a temp service that is not reliable my moms health is steadily declineing and to top it off the lady that is evicting us shut the gas off to the stove took all the nobs off it and is now saying the ignitor is broke took all the dishes out of the kitchen and is now unplugging the fridge and put a lock on the garage door where all our stuff is and won’t let us in to get a few things out so we can cook and eat on most of my moms medical paper work is out there and she is not able to get it because she won’t open it until we have a truck to get it all out we have nowhere to got its going to take a couple months or longer to save for a place which is going to be hard when we are sick from lack of food we need help my mom only gets $730 a month for ssi please help us

  141. I have some nabors that has been throwing broken glass, nails and big rocks also a crowbar at my horses and this has been going on since 2011 and I have had the cops over so many times and they ant doing nothing I also had my mail box stolen that they had their friend do and the cops still didn’t do anything but gave me another case number right know I have any where between 13 to 18 case numbers. Then one day I was getting ready for work and my nabor pulled his truck right by my house and started towering his motor while his wife put some scratches and dents on my truck and then when I called the cops on that all they did was ask me if I saw them do that nether words they didn’t do any thing about that. I also went to press charges on Terry Miller Garza for pointtibg a pell it gun at me after I saw her shutting at my horses and when she was pointing it at me she just started pulling the trigger non stop but nothing would come out and they just asked me if she hit me with any but since she didn’t they didn’t do anything again, then the last time I had the cops come over Srg. Laymon came by and he had the nerve to ask me if I was seeing a doctor like if I was crazy and then he turned around and told me that my property was old and every thing was coming out of the ground and if that was so then how come I never had to pick up all that stuff when we took over the property and that was in 2004,then Srg. Laymon told me to get cameras and I got two but what good dose that do because they have cameras also but they have them faceting my house and just as I leave they throw stuff again I finally had Sargent Layman over and would you like to hear his commit was my property was to old and every thing is coming out of the ground I need a way to send pictures of every thing

  142. I have a nabor that line’s to throw rocks broken glass and nails at my horses I had the cops over so many times and they ant doing anything even when they put dents in my truck and they also. Had my mail box stollen and all I ever got was case numbers and that was all even when I saw Terry Miller Garza shooting a pillit gun at then. Sargent Layman told me to get cameras and I did but it doesn’t work very much because they have their xamiras faceting my house and they can see when I put them up and they also watch when I leave the last time I called the cops Sargent Layman came over and he told me that my property was old and every thing was coming out of the ground if I could get a way to send you pictures of every thing I well so you could put it on air for every one can see just what kind of people they are may be it would stop

  143. My niece and her husband (in their late 20’s have been given notice where they currently reside and are in frantic mode to find another home…the problem: they have a 7 year old eviction on their cred. reports…they also have 3, small dogs (well-behaved) and their maximum monthly payment cannot exceed $1400.00?…I would love to give them some information regarding how to go about finding a home…my thoughts are trying to find private parties who have housing to rent or lease available, willing to give a nice young couple a shot…they both lost their jobs at the same time and it really hurt them financially…any savvy thoughts that one of you might have for this situation would really be appreciated…a very concerned auntie…

  144. I am a disable veteran has been put out my mother house after 15 years of paying property taxes by my brother on a improper deeds that he sign and witness at the some time and stole all of my furniture and we went before a dishonest judge Mitchell Vitt Baker their is a living will in the safe with adoptions papers that my brother stole and I have been paying taxes on the house the address of the house is 816 South Wilson Ave. Cocoa Fl. 32922. had me evicted out my mother house her name is Mrs. Lauresa Bethel Jordan. And their is no rental agreement or lease I want the people to know that there’s is some crooked judge are friends with dishonest lawyer and I want my mother house back and my brother name Vincent L. Jordan has claimed the house is damaged by he is rented it to a new tenants who has have Cocoa police calls new tenant wasn’t in the house a month I need help from channel 9 news problem solver as soon as possible

  145. Purchased a car from AutoMax in Melbourne, Fl took the car home. It started over heating. Took it back to the AutoMax. After 24hrs transmission broke down, it’s not drivable now. They refused to exchange the car out for a different car. It’s sitting in the AutoMax parking lot. I’m requesting your help. i can also be reached at 4072839034

  146. I went to this place called Autofashion I took my car there for them to tent my windows on my brand new 2015 Fiat 500l and not process the melted my back window causing damage they refuse to pay for my window or any damages done to my car please help me please call me 321-594-1129 these people are not trying to pay for the damage done to my car please help me

  147. Hi problem solvers I need help i went to this place called Autofashion in Kissimmee on Michigan Avenue I took my brand new car 2015 Fiat 500l to get my windows tinted and they damaged my window in the back they refuse to pay for the damages please help me

  148. They can rent with option to buy through land contract. Contact a real estate company.

  149. Hi I Heather I live in moon glowing apartment at 731_Apt B having issues with my front door and heat tank lived her one month told the apartment manager about will not answer my calls or fix my broken front door the mantnce guy knows about it he tells us to go tell apartment manager he is no help

  150. Landlord retaliatory eviction in long beach make matters worse, they locked us out and locked our 2 vats and turtle in. They said they would take full responsibility for animals and did not. Feces EVERYWHERE.LIES AND DECIET, WE COULD NOT RETRIEVE OUR PROPERTY.CITY LONG BEACH OFFICIALS CLAIMED Y HEY WERE GOING TO STOP EVICTION AND DID NOT. BREACH FAILED WARRANT DUE TO UNINHABITABILITY. 14 CODE VIOLATIONS..THEY OWN 5 PROPERTIES IN LONG BEACH. HELP Help PLEASE

  151. My boyfriend and I flew on Frontier Airlines with our Chihuahua at the end of June. The flight left Denver and had two stops 1 in Austin Texas and one in Atlanta before arriving in Washington DC. When arriving in Austin an announcement came on the plane If you were to exit the plane make sure you have your boarding pass and your ID but leave everything else on the plane. We left all of our belongings including our wallets credit cards and cash in our carry on bag and just took our IDs boarding pass and the dog so that we could take him to the bathroom. Before exiting the airport we asked airport security if we could reboard the plane with our boarding passes he took a look at them and said yes we could. He also showed us where the pet relief area was so we took our dog out and came back inside to find out we were not permitted to reboard the plane. We didn’t have the correct boarding pass and Frontier Airlines main office was closed For 4 hours. We had to go to frontiers baggage claim and ask someone to grab our checked bag as well as our carry on because we had no way of getting back on the plane. The frontier representative went to get our bags and failed to do so and never return to let us know if they had gotten them. So all of our personal belongings ended up flying to Dulles Airport without us. I tried explaining to Frontier Airlines as well as Austin Airport that my medicine for my diabetes was on that plane and our credit cards so we had absolutely nothing nowhere to go nowhere to stay no way to purchase a second flight. Frontier Airlines also will not refund us nor would they get us another flight. On top of that we just recently got charged from Frontier Airlines on our credit cards for minimal purchases but they were purchases that we did not make. Since our credit cards were left on the plane that leads me to believe anyone could have had access to them. Frontier Airlines has not refunded us for the flight nor have they refunded us for the fraudulent charges.

  152. I will try to make this as belf as possible, during the latter part of the year 2014 My car slide and hit the wall that divides the high-ways, before this accident my Mother had past, My Mother gave me some money to keep for her, with this money and help from many of my family & relatives, i was aided and supported with getting my 2003 Kia, Sorrento SUV repaired. The owner of the Shop, Discount Collision Center Inc. gave me an estimate, These were Dealer estimate for new parts for my SUV, We came up with a price and I put a down payment, leaving the of My SUV at a lttle over $1,500, but when I got my SUV back I notice a number of things wrong with my SUV, Here’s the problems, the parts that were brought were from a junk yard, making the prices for my SUV very cheaper then Dealer prices very cheaper, I was told that I would have only new parts only were to be brought and place on my SUV, not only that my car was NOT put together professionaly, pices hanging off, along with parts falling off ect…, lastly when I go get my car the price that me and the owner agreed to was totally different then what was agreed to. One of his assistend came up with about a thousand and some over then what the owner and I agree, I gave a deposit, this made my bill with a little over $1,500, because I had put money down, during this time from January thu May problems accucred with some of the owner family membes and himselve, this what I was told when asked why is it that may car is taking so long to fix, also I did not see the owner again face to face until sometimes in May. I was told to get off his property, so I left, I’m on disability, I have a fix income and a caring family, I was really hurt with this issuse< losing My Mother Money and talked to like I was sub-human!

    Sincerly, Michael ThompsonEL
    23802 Frisbee apt 2
    Detroit, Michigan
    (313) 766-5540

    Thank you for your time and ear to hear!!!!!!!

  153. I was at a Nursing Home in Warren Michigan, it used to be called Bortz, they changed the name to The Villa Of City Center, I was hired there in Wed. August 5th went over the Nursing home they do drug screen and physical on Friday the 7th went Monday the 10th for Orientation, started at 7:45 a.m they pulled me out if orientation to tell me I was tested positive for drug in my urine I explained to them that by my Doctor, I have a prescription for norco that intake daily for my knee I showed them the prescription that the doctor has perscribed this, and they will not let me start a new job they are discriminating someone who cares about a job I am a Certified Nurse Assistant, I care about the residents I take care of and this would of bern a good opertunitie for me, better pay that I was getting else where and close to home, I am not a drug addict, I take a perscribed drug by my doctor fo my knee as I have bad knees and i just had my right knee done, I am so upset about this I think something needs to be done this is not fair to discriminate people who have to take narcitic for pain that is perscribed by there doctor. Hope you can help I do not want this to happen to others that care about there jobs in a nursing home.

  154. I work for drive away a company that don’t take taxes out our checks and work you 12hours a day 7days a week don’t pay over time . the van we in have bed bugs and if you tell them your getting ate up by them you will know longer have a job they leave people at speed way won’t take them back to they car put you off of the van . don’t give us our breaks we had a flat today on the van and they took our breaks from us I really feel like they not suppose to do that can you please call me or email me back please

  155. I just moved in to my house on 8/06/2015. I went down to my city’s water dept to have service turned on. They told me that they could not turn my water on because the pior Tennant’s had a very high balance. But I explained to them I am a new renter and don’t even know the tenants. I also told them I have breast cancer and I need waterbird to the side effects of my medications. So they asked that the landlord call which he did. They also requested a eviction notice of the piror tenants which the landlord did. I have been down there five times last week. I don’t have a car I have been buying water to do my daily activities. Bathe ect.. I can’t even lift the bottles.Please can someone help me I have gone a whole week with no water. I feel they should waive the deposit fee for my inconvinced.
    Thank you
    Cynthia Ramirez
    Here is the name if the water CO. Rialto Utility 909 820-2546

  156. 2693126601

    • I feel that Consumers Energy is over charging me my bill got paid off last year then. I get a new bill stating I still owes 2000$ now they say I owe over $6700. I’m disabled and can’t not work. They are ripping so many people off some people are dying from some of the things. That Consumers Energy has done. I feel that I am a victim of careless works in there company can anyone help me please. I have no help with this situation and I need help ASAP

  157. I am a widow and a disabled female. I have lived in a two bedroom duplex since April of 2012. I have never had any issues until spring of this year. After all the rain in late Febuary early March I noticed areas in my home where the carpet continually stayed wet, and the home smelled musty. I reported this to the landlord. The next week a worker came out, was on the roof and around the unit. He reported to me that he didn’t see any roof leaks, but while in the attic he did see some pipes that could have leaked and he sealed those. Through March and April I continued to report the wet carpet to the landlord each rain along with the continued smell. By the beginning of June my calls were answered by angry insults from my landlord, I told her the carpet and wet areas were molding, she answered with clear water doesn’t mold. As the mold progressed I ended up with bronchitis and breathing treatments along with my pets. I paid for a private commercial testing by a certified state mold inspector. I sent the results by certified mail to the home owner and landlord. I have called the health department, legal aide, disability aide out of Norman, no one is sure how to help me to get my landlord on track to get this situation taken care of. Now they are threatening to evict me instead of clean up the problem which is now in my furniture, pictures, everything. Please help me! Thank you! Sandra Vaughn

  158. I am VERY VERY VERY UPSET with what happened to my friends, I and 30+ other girls at the one direction concert this past Saturday night at Ford Field and I want justice for it! For this tour, I paid 3,000$+ for specific seats that were Scetion C, third row, and the first 3 seats on the catwalk in Detroit. On the day of the concert they switched the seats around because someone of “higher credits” wanted my exact isle seats even though they had already been sold to me. The promoters of the tour then switched the original seating arrangement so these people could sit In my spot without having my exact seat numbers. This seat change then screwed up the entire front part of the section and 30+ girls seats just because that one person thought they were more important than everyone else and disregarded any thought of how it would affect the people around them. The promoters then tried to use the excuse that “seats were subject to change to the order that people bought them”. We then found out the people who took our seats bought their tickets very close to the concert date opposed to I, who bought them the day they went on sale a year prior. Every section on that side of the stadium was set up the exact same way, with the same rows and seat numbers except for my section. The thing that boggled my mind about it is that they had full knowledge of this change the morning of the concert and said nothing about it. They purposely ripped us off and won’t give us our money back even though they made us sit in the crappy seats that were way less than what we paid for. Ford Field wasn’t responsible for this mistake, when we talked to them they said they do whatever the promoters of the tour ask them to do. The promoters makes the seating chart, change it and make all the adjustments to the seating chart. All of the Ford field staff including the security guards in the section, officials and head of the department were involved in this hectic scenario and everyone one of them agreed with me completely that the seats were screwed up and not in the right spots. None of them even understood the seating arrangement because it truly made no sense what so ever. It was supposed to be that seat 1 was the furthest from the cat walk and seat 19 was the closest to the catwalk and they instead started the rows with a random number instead of starting at 1 so those people that wanted my seats could sit by the catwalk where I was supposed to sit. It screwed up all the seats throughout the entire section so people who paid thousands of dollars like I did, had to sit in crappy seats while the mess up put people who paid hundreds of dollars less, closer to the catwalk .They truly ruined what was supposed to be the best night of my live and they can never fully repay us for taking that experience away. They have had many calls about it and Ford Field says they completely understand but there is nothing they can do about it, it’s the promoters fault and the promoters don’t care about their buyers. The promoters were the ones who messed up the seats and ripped many people off. They knew the seats were messed up before the show, and even though knowing it was wrong, they continued to disregard other people’s seats being changed. To rephrase they meant to do that because some one who had “high credits” or “connections” wanted their seats in the isle so they disregards ed everyone else and moved them there. The promoters aren’t trustworthy and are an awful corporation who doesn’t care about their customers, only money. This was probably One Directions last tour and they ruined my night completely. So thank you for making what was supposed to be the best night of my life, a living hell. I hope you feel good for screwing it up and not even trying to make things right.
    Very displeased, awful experience, awful people. Don’t trust the promoter, I REPEAT DO NOT TRUST THE PROMOTER THEY DONT CARE ABOUT GIVING YOU A GOOD EXPERIENCE OR WHAT YOU PAID FOR, ONLY MONEY.

    I really truly hope you can help me with this problem, because it is something that I’m deeply passionate about and I won’t stop until I get justice for my self and others, whether you want to help me get it or not.
    -Hannah Scheinfeld

    Contact info
    Twitter& Instagram: @heyitshxnnah

    Please get back to me whenever you can, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this and acknowledge my situation.

    -Hannah Scheinfeld (16) Grosse Ile, MI

  159. My mother and i went to a place called “Joes way pizza!” its right down town Otsego next to Hardings. There address is “110 south Farmer st. Otsego, Michigan 49078 and there phone number is 269-692-2500. My mom and i orded pizza, my mother took a big bit on her pizza just to spit it out cuz something was in to when zhe spit it out we founf a cockroach in her pizza, so we went back to the pizza and asked fore a refund and he refused i think everyone deserves to know what your really eating when u order pizza from Joes way pizza! Thank you for your tine

    Thanks again
    Jennifer Sonnerville

  160. I am being bulled because I am a by sexual crossdersing man I have a bad hart some people are making false roomers about me because of the way i derss i dont do drugs or give kids drugs i dont drink or do i have sex with youun men these are my grand kids or adopted son or grandsons friends i do not deseve thi s so i wish to start s a anti bullying program if you cant say something nice dont say nothing at all

  161. Abuse of adult in a no licensed home getting to take care of people that need help but they not getting it.No food in the home no one there with them they all alone can someone please help me anyone

  162. I was told by the unemployment office i comitted fraud and did not get the chance to prove i didnt and ended up taking my federal tax return of 9k can you help me

  163. I’m contacting this station because I’m very concerned with the image that appear on the kids meals cups at Burger King restaurants in Orlando Florida, It shows a straw (stripper pole) with a women sliding down it. That is very inappropriate for kids and would like them removed

  164. I have a problem with bank of America I have a late payment on my bill and I was not late on my payment with them I ask for them two take it off and they said that they will not when I paid it on time .

  165. I live in apartment located in Pacoma California In July my apartment pipes burst the manager came out assisted rather he had workers to come out to fix the pipe applying them coming out they broke my furniture and start up my tables when I brought this to her attention she stated to me you didn’t pay us for moving your furniture I just looked at her in reply this is your apartment supposed to sleep why should I pay you for something that was destroyed here that wasn’t my fault themes of stolen my kitchen tables destroyed she came in my house with hatred not I have to try to hustle to get furniture and my table repaired my carpet by one of her paintings through my carpet on top of a hole that was in the middle of my floor I’m asking for support and trying to find out where can I go how can I go or who can I talk to Apartments even this message I’m living in the very discrimination area also racism towards the manager here was here the next day they turned it over to someone else and they are just as bad as she was looking for answers support. MarCia

  166. Hello my name is robin I live in battlecreek michigan and I am currantly waiting on my disability decision and I have been trying to get help findinga home and schooltuition money itss only 166.00 dollars I cant work and I have 2 kids no job my boyfriend cant work please help us. Thanku

  167. I have a disease that prevents me from working we live with friends we have no beds we sleep on the floor with blankets please help us .

  168. I live near 3 Family of Bad Nabors there tarrebul they don’t care for other Nabors. I wish they all leave from our comity ;-(((((. They don’t take care of there Dogs they leave them out days & nights. At lease I love my Pup Becouse she’s in doors by me. Any way these 3 Family’s of Nabors 2 in back of me 1Faimly on the right of me. Has a Dog crying all the time they never come out or walk him. I hate my Nabors that I can’t stand them. The Atthordes don’t do any thing about them. I have had it with them what ales I’m going too do. I might as well call the Police on them.

  169. Any one who has troble with there Nabors like I do they makeing me very suck they even yell at there Pets. The 3 Family’s are Hispanics 3 Diffrent House 2 in back of me 1 on the right of me. I never see them out in back of there Homes at all there not very nice or careing as I am too them. Any one who loves God please go too

  170. Why does train come through downtown Kalamazoo, at 5pm? It stops, at the height of rush hour, blocking Michigan Avenue and Kalamazoo Avenue, respectfully. Also multiple other intersections. In my opinion it not only causes havoc on traffic, its enormous safety issue. Please solve the citywide problem. Thank you.

  171. Comerica 15261 gratiot ave Det Mi 48205 Neightborhood Michican Regent is the address of the bank I went in to cash my check the bank opened a little earily so I could cashed my pay check and they opened and the woman how worked at the desk and I brought a cameramen in with me I recorded the paper work and I had a copy I had them do on bill line paying that I know you pay for they was to send my paperwork at the end of the month and they didn’t they said 7to 10 day and I could take money out and I went to warren off 9 mile and van dkye and 10 and handed my I’d to the banker and he said there was no money or a acct in the bank go to where a put it in the banker I called hung up and I called and called this money is all I have and it’ my pay check so I went down to my building to get a mother check and they said try the bank first and I went four times and called the bank about 50 times and went down there and they said they paid my bills no they didn’t and I called they hung up he said I payed your girls bills I said what girls I don’t owe anything other that what I put on the bills on line I order a car not payed for bought a house had to frozen it after I look at the amount on the screen which was million dollars and I don’t owe so I went down to to the bank and they said we paid kid rocks girls bills I froze it and I had a mother check to the girl I hired and didn’t telling he could take anything else that what we recorded and I lost it in the bank and filmed from there cameras and got them to I tried telling them I need that money they said come back in a day or two because of the next check I had a mother check so I didn’t panic I moved out of my apt I gave them two weeks and could not change it I was home less and I thought my daughter went on her honeymoon they were going to be gone and they would not know and I had a mother check coming and how can you and put a check in with it be frozen but he thought he would help and instead coming to Jenny’s condo the I was going to pay for for a gift I didn’t pay for her wedding and her party and her baby she had less than a year and my son got out of 15 teens years lock up can’t give him help and that I got no paperwork that you get every month could not give him a out party or Christmas and any other holiday and no bills my daughters moved out her condo and I didn’t have no home waiting on them I payed for 200 rides and they said at the lawyers 22 Ted I pick you up missed all of them no court date and no rides from the bank I need help I can’t take much no more I got out the hospital she put me in saying I was caring strange who would not act strange. If you were home less three times and I had to pick a house that had a mold house and it was bad you had nobody cleaner and they didn’t care my room was 38deegs and I moved to my house to live I pay rent and gas lights and food and rent in her house and they gave me none money I need. Help and I don’t care about the carmras men I just need help and I hoping you can help 586-944-3151 Mary Phillips and 800-522-2265 there central and eastern 800-925-2160 and those are offices you might help a report they won’t help me

  172. Bought a used car Oct 7, 2015. A week after I got the car, the cam shaft sensor started acting up. Got a print out of codes from Advanced Auto Parts of what was wrong with motor. Told owner of car lot on Nov 3 what was wrong, he said my timing belt needed to be changed along with the cam shaft sensor. He said that he could get the the parts I needed cheaper than I could from auto store & would only charge me $100 for labor, and $80 for parts. I dropped my car off with Bill Nov 5th. Was told they’d have my car back to me in a couple of days, maybe Mon @ the latest. Sunday afternoon comes, was told I wasn’t getting it till Mon. Monday afternoon comes, and I call Bill to ask about my car. He tells me that during the timing belt job, my fuel pump reservoir was broken. And that the only salvage yard with my part was in Joplin and had to be mailed.. so Wednesday comes.. and @ 4 I call Bill again to inquire about my car. Was told he was just getting ready to call me, my car was done. So i start up my car, immediately I noticed it was idioling rough, and there was this squeaky whistling kinda noise. I sat there letting car run for 3 min, thinking maybe it was the belt & that it needed to just get broken in. After 4 min I call the car lot office & ask for Bill. He was busy. Told his wife who answered the phone bout the rough idiol & noise and asked that when Bill was done could she tell him to come out to my car. Bout 3 minutes later the car washer guy walks up to my car & says Bills wife told him to come out to me. I told him the concerns I had. He asks me to pop the hood & starts looking around & checking fluids. Says my power steering fluid was low. I tell him that low fluid or not, power steering isn’t gonna make that noise while my car sits in park & idioling. He puts fluid in anyways. Then the noise starts to get quiter & then stops. So i get in my car to leave, and as soon as I drive onto the road the noise was back. Now the noise only happens (mostly) when I push on the accelerator. I go to my mechanic the next day and tell him what was going on & what’s been done to car so far. He walks up to my car & immediately points out that my front end was out of alignment, listens to my motor, tells me it’s the turbo making that noise but he couldn’t say 100% that’s what it was without a diagnostic test. So i agreed to pay the $100 test fee & he plugs into my computer. Gives me a findings report that stated as follows 1) “timing is not correct, vehicle engine is out of timing” 2) crank sensor intermittent failure” 3) turbo is not working & making squeaking noises” 4) vehicle odometer is not the same as the PCM 5) wheel alignment is out 4 degrees or more” I had to wait & go back to my mechanic today (Nov 13th) to have him put my car in the air & give it a through inspection and he came to me with yet another list of things wrong with the car, along with missing clips, etc that Bill’s “mechanic” had forgotten to put back on my car. On Vinnys final report it says “the cost of repairs on this vehicle out way the cost of vehicles total we suggest not to repair but replace” I talked to Bill on the phone & started telling him my mechanics finding & diagnostic report. Bill says I can drop the car back off & he’d have his mechanics work on it & it take a week maybe 2 to fix it. Well, his mechanic has already messed up what he was “fixing” not to mention breaking other things & forgetting clips , etc as well. I asked if his mechanic was certified, Bill said “yes” then I asked how could a certified mechanic not know my timing was off (and my mechanic says the whole timing set needs to be redone with compents) much less how can he not hear the noise and forget clips & etc. He says mechanic must’ve been in a hurry. So i go on about other issues & Bill tells me to bring car down to him so he can drive it & see what’s wrong. He drives it. Says there’s nothing wrong with the turbo, and that it’s the timing belt making the noise cause it’s new & tight, that they tend to squeal till they get broke in. (But the car only makes the noise when the accelerator is pushed) Bill did admit the idol was off, but said the timing just needed to be set. And that my car wasn’t out of alignment, it was just a low tire. I told him I can’t afford someone else’s headache, could I give the car back & get a different one & continue my payments. He refused. He said my mechanic was “full of shit” and that he “was just trying to get money out of me, that they’re famous for saying things are wrong with the car that aren’t just to make money” I pulled out my test results & written findings for my car, said crooked mechanic or not, (then held up diagnostic test results) said “he can’t falsify a diagnostic test” Bill refused to look at it & kept insisting there was nothing wrong with the car.
    I am a single mother raising 2 kids. I’m unemployed and recieve SSI. It was my backpay that allowed for me to even put a down payment on this car. I haven’t bought em myself tennis shoes in 6 yrs cause I can barely get by as it is. I have to go to the local bread pantry several days a month just to get some food for us to get by @ my house. I am in no way , shape or form rich or made out of money..
    I understand when buying a used car you’re taking a risk of things being wrong. And I didn’t expect Bill to pay for all my repairs. But the supposed repairs his “mechanic” did that have to be redone, along with NOW the turbo not working & the front end alignment that it needs I do think & strongly feel Bill is responsible for. Bill himself told me he had “2 guys drive my car and it was gettin it” so 1 of those 2 guys, or SOMEONE Bills’ associated with drove my car, & broke the turbo while “gettin it” a lil too much. And as far as the alignment’s concerned, after his mechanic was done with the timing belt he should’ve done an adjustment since he took my wheel off to drop the motor just to get to the belt area..
    I have several health issues I tend to 2 or more times a month @ TMC W, as well as my kids have their own issues I address weekly/monthly also. And to top all that off, I’m my aunts care giver. I do everything from cleaning her place, doing all her shopping, picking up her meds, to taking her to her Dr appointments monthly as well. I NEED A CAR. PLEASE HELP ME!! I don’t know how long I can drive my car with all the mechanical issues it has especially the issues with the motor itself. My time is running out! I don’t know if there’s anything you guys could do, or know of anyone or agencies or organizations that could help a disabled single mother struggling just to barely get by

  173. I was trying to buy a airlines ticket to bring my daughter home for the holidays but when my information was put in it was denied but three different places took my money no airline ticket american airlines two payments of $71.10 travel resavation four pauments of$19.00 Travelocity took one payment of $19.00 I’m out $200.00 never got a ticket as a matter of fact transaction never was complete need help please.

  174. I am in a williamson county courthouse been here since 9am only people besides one other group of colored people….this judge has taken several recesses and takes At least thirty five to forty five moments to complete on case then goes recess again…..I want to no from them why……to me all the taxpayers moneys is being wasted by court systems instead of the criminals…..if they can make that much money off people continuing court cases and charging two hundred dollars still everytime why dont they feed them better…..just sayin …….

  175. on google + app i have posted in a community and have got +23 on thart post. my question is still i have not get any notification of money that i will get at +1 on post.

  176. on google + app i have posted in a community and have got +23 on tha t post. Now my question is still i have not get any notification of money that i will get at +1 on post.

  177. first off i would like to start my story f my life and what the larmier county sheriff and court have done to me . to start off i know i have done some bad thing in my life and i have been to pirson 5 times but know am older at 53 i know if i do wrong i pay of it but when the corths do wrong thay make me pay again and this is my story that cost me 3and half years of my life in pirsno for no reason know its a cover up in 1992 i had 2case ran concert with eacher if i tock the guility to one thay would drop the other and with no lawer that i had money for and a courth apointed publicdefender i tock the dill of 4years in state pirson do off i went after severing 3 and a half years the day came

  178. Look i need the news to call me or my daughter. Like right now is concerning her life her kids and her husband jer life been threatened almost kidnapped had a gun to her face been shot at and today he has told people up stairs from her if she dont call him today he promises he is filollowing threw what he said that he going to lkill kids and all even her father inlaw. This man is very dangeruiis. Please listen.she filed charges wanted attempted murder for shooting right at them many times even at kids they locled him up gave him bond and he said tonight he finishung what he set out to do if she dont contact him now … Oh my gosh will someone listen and help please. My daughters number is 6146637579. Mine is 6148495503 plessee god someone help her please. Does somwone have to die first please i beg i beg someone hear my cries please

  179. I’m having problems with colony American homes my father is on hospices dying i been living at 5427 Hyde park ave.for 2 1/2 years i decided that I want to move because i dont agree with the terms of the new lease that they offered me another year to renew.however i don’t owe any monies to nobody they went far as calling Duke Energy pretending their me and closed out my account leaving me with worrying how my father is going breath without the electric being cut off by these people perpetrated my today they sent someone from colony American homes to remove my belongings from their premises without warning for me and my father to have time to be placed my father is confined to a hospital bed we are being put on to the streets after i paid them 1,337.00 dollars October 3rd please I’m bagging for someone to help me and my father solve this problem with these coldhearted people at colony American homes kicking a dying man into the streets my contact information is (407)367-8061 the address for the colony American homes 155 cranes Roost BLVD. Suite 2080 Altamonte springs,Florida.32701 phone number 321)710-9050 or 321)710-9084 someone please answer back immediately thank you Karen Nelson.

  180. Hi my name is Jessica, I have a big problem I paid 2000 dollars for a dance hall for my daughter quinceanera in Camden NJ for July 16 2016 .The hall name is Trinity Live now the owner lost her owner ship of the hall and won’t Reimburse my money …I need help on getting my money back.Im not the only one she won’t Reimburse our money to.

  181. I hired Frank Gay to remodeled my bathroom, and my living room floor. They started at 11/17/15 came back on 11/18/15 to tear up my bathroom Mr. David Becker ask my wife for a check to buy material to come back on 11/18/15 they took my check and never came back leaving half my bathroom in my bedroom and they never came back. I got upset at the fact that I spend thanks giving with half my bathroom in my bed room which is were today. I ask them to return my check so that I can hire someone to put my bathroom stuff back. Please help

  182. I tried to call the number., 3 times. I have a problem, wanted to leave message could’nt. guess first I need to get through. my situation has been proven with a judgement on the person that conned me. He lied from the get. I proved it, filed a court case.

  183. I hired Frank Gay plumbing to renovate my bathroom,and my livingroom flooring. They came to my house ripped my bathroom, ask me for a check to buy material took my check, I have not heard from them since. That was on 11/16/15 half my bathroom is still in my bedroom.

  184. Hi, I’m not sure if you can help in any way but I’m being billed a cancellation fee for an agreement that was broken but not only by me but DirecTV as well. When ordering this service, I was given a price which I agreed on so I switch from Cox to DirecTV. I only paid that amount once and after that the price went up. My husband called several times to get this fix but they never fixed it. I made payments and never given the credit that they told my husband either.
    I didn’t pay Novembers payment and it got cx. so my husband called them again and said we needed to talk to Century Link. But it isn’t Century Link but instead DirecTV. Now I’m getting a cancellation fee of $380.00. I didn’t break any agreement I made. I agreed, on a recorded line to pay $90 a month for TV and phone service together and that was never done. I’m so upset with DirecTV for not being truthful.

  185. I live in apartments in grand blanc and have mold around the windows and management has done nothing to fix the problem but tell me new windows are coming in for two months and still nothing yet. They offered to put us in new building but have to pay 100 or more dollars in rent that we are already tight on. They have yet to even clean up the problem we have to and the mold keeps coming back no matter what we do. They won’t even give us one month rent free to find another place move out for the inconvenience of having to move. I don’t know what to do management gives me the run around and corporate office says we have to document everything which we have and showed them and yet nothing gets done but just talk to brush it over another week or so till I complain again then give me another story why it’s not getting done now. Also have heard other people complaining about windows getting sick drafts are bad and mold and nothing getting done also.

    • Also to mention I have kids and they have been sick for months and my wife has bad asthma and already have been in the hospital once from this and no one is getting better after being on med for about few months now.

  186. Iam having trouble with getting help with my apartment I have cracksall over my apartment. And the floor is falling there is cracks on the outside too this has been going on sents September the fifth the heat not working right I. Have asked to be moving to another apartment they said no I don’t want to use my name afraid of being thrown out

  187. Can you help me?
    St. Genevieve Church purchased a residentual lot from HUD ( a non profit )
    Wants to change the lot to comerical and make a profit on it and put a cell tower.
    Do they have any law on a HUD property?
    To stop this from happering?
    Marion Stauter
    Thank you

  188. I wanted to leave a comment about my story, i loaded money on two reusable PAYPAL cards and made a paypal account, i didnt use my cards immediately after, so i was locked out my card, i have the account information, pin code, i still have the cards and all the information you need for the accounti purchased the cards on October 22, 2015 after 4pm, thecweeks we have trying to use them. It would say error 203, not sure what that mean. but they still wont release the funds to me without a recipe, and i dont have access to it anymore. I called to speak to the manager they continuously tell me, they are not there. I called paypal costumers service, pretty much said the money can’t be received without the receipt. pretty much the money is GONE. PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME. $400 is alot of money to lose.

  189. I Have a problem I’m a 51 year old male and I rented a studio and I didn’t realize there was no bathroom no water no refrigerator no stove Others faulty wiring a caught on fire I told the landlord they didn’t do anything about it I moved out gave him a three week notice and they refused to refund my security deposit These people have verbally abused me and I have a mental illness I’m on disabilityThe night before I gave them notice and found another place they told me I was skating on thin ice because I helped a friend look at a house

  190. Hi I’m writing to let home buyers to be aware of Denver home remodeled Gordon Blaikie of QP3 investments, whom knowingly hired me an unlicensed electrician to wire up a home. With the agreement he would have his friend a master electrician oversee my work, which the master electrician never did show face on the property. After wiring this home in Denver and recicieving a check for partial payment for work completed. A week later the check was stopped with out notice. Many attempts to recover payment and eventually leading to putting a lein on the home. The home was knowingly sold with a lien on it. And not making the home buyers aware of the lein. Beware Denver of this as you buy a home do your research.

  191. We need help with a furniture store that sent us furniture not made the same way as the set we ordered on their floor. We paid $1400 for furniture that is crap. We have called and not getting any satisfaction .

  192. Hello I’m Terrance Holmes I live in Orlando me in my family rent a room from a man for 560.00,we only stayed two days cause the house is dirty have mildew in places, he comes in your room in start lieing saying we doing this in that in that so we move out in he agree to pay us our money in now he doesn’t want to pay, we hear that the house is foreclosure in he rent room to people..we ask for a rental agreement he didn’t want to do it i see way now he don’t need it he did this to four people already.he’s name is John Sandy he’s address Lyme Bay Coronation Court Orlando FL 32839, So how can he do this to people..

  193. Its been about eight months now or even longer I’ve been dealing with rent A Center in Port Orange Florida about a part for my dryer they will not reimburse me nor will they order the part I spoke with the store manager the district manager numerous times they went as far as even paying off my account which was only $36 left so now I can not even get a full refund I need your help in solving this problem they are ripping me off big time please help

  194. Some one name mr david moyes said in email that there is to trunks of money that have my name.and earlier in the week i got another email saying that a woman and her husband were leaving me this money .but i didn’t believe it. And i want you to help me see if it is reall or a someone try to scam me

  195. We went to court already and have to move out. I want to know how to report the landlord. From the time I moved in there was no heater and no smoke detectors and no air conditioner and by law where we live you have to have these things so what do I do

  196. I am trying to find how I can get my pension from Health – Tex. I had kept paper work I received years ago, now when I contacted them they no longer are handling it. Now I am at a wall and can’t find anywhere to turn. Who can I contact to find out what to do. Carol Carpenter

  197. I signed up with Direct TV for $58.95 a month and what was supposed to be ATT Internet for $14.95 a month with free Genie recievers. I am disabled my combined bill I was told would be right around $81 a month. With free installation. Much lower that the price increase that Bright house had projected to me of $150. So I left Brighthouse. On July 7, 2015 I had both services active. The guy hooked up the Satellite then on the 7th ATT came out for the internet, he brought in equipment and said I also had a phone with that bundle. When I tried to refuse the phone I was told I would have to pay $200 for installation. Since then I’ve had nothing but trouble. I have never had service for the quoted prices. Every month when I get my bill I am calling them. My Internet is supposed to be 12 megabits it’s highest it’s reached is 7 up and 0.95 dn it’s been as low as 4 up and 0.67 The price once again is over $145. I am tired of fighting with them. Stress is terrible for my MS. I have been reminded I signed a contract and I have to pay to get out of it early. They have not abided by it, I have had substandard internet, the prices aren’t what they promised. I finally got rid of phone service only if I upgraded my Internet to the next one up which was $19.95 a month and now this month they claim I have maximum Internet and is trying to charge me $52. I just hung up with them and told them to take their equipment out of my home, I was contacting you, I can’t afford a attorney to pay for their services. Oh and another thing they’ll call your house, ad a service tell whoever answers the phone and if you don’t call them and cut it off by the trial period or notice it on your bill your screwed. I have my favorites thing set up so I don’t even go to other channels. I spotted it on my bill or I wouldn’t even know about it. I get charged for sport taxes o don’t even watch sport channels. Please help me see who else has my problem.

  198. Hello I live in petersburbug in the way but hill area and I was wondering whybtge city hasn’t touch or street Sherwood Road . Now its not in a bad area actually a really nice area not even one time did they come I wanted to go to work yesterday and nothing. ….a friend of mine lives not to far away and informed me that the city had done his road more than one time…..myself and everyone on my road have been stuck…..even some trucks have come through but as the snow melts and refreezes its just not safe.

  199. My soon has been enduring verbal and emotional abuse from his 5th grade teacher at Reedy Creek Elementary School in Kissimmee. I have a 16 min conversation recorded including hostile remarks towards my son and threats of reprimanding him of the fifth grade. My son had always been an A-B student. He is now a D-F student this whole year even though he brings home mostly A and B graded papers.
    The recording also has the teacher repeatedly saying “your son is only trying to drive me crazy, your son is only trying to make me angry and mess with my head.”… The last 2 previous years, both . of his teachers suggested my son might have ADHD and need medicine where has this teacher thinks my son is trying to play psychological games with her head and therefore is deliberately failing him.
    PLEASE PLEASE HELP US… I know this might sound crazy but if you hear the audio recording you will be just as shocked as I.
    The vice principal refused to listen to the tape, she also refused to acknowledge any thing I was trying to tell her even when my son stated how she abuses him verbally and how she compares him to her own son in front of the classroom and tells the whole class “he reminds me of my son who I can’t stand and I’m not going to let him aggrivat me”
    Even with that emotional abuse they refuse to move my son from her classroom to a teacher who does not have a personal ill feelings.

  200. I honestly feel like I was discriminated against because of the color of my skin. I was arrested for a show cause or failure to appear. In which I Had no knowledge of the court date. Chesterfield used excessive force in which damage my hands. Shoulders n contusion to my head. The sad part about it is I’m a college student whose suppose to be preparing for graduation but instead I rather stay at home because of pain headaches and stress about finding the income to go to the doctor to get my injuries evaluated and fixed.

  201. PLEASE HELP! I am in a very bad situation. I am a solar installer, been working for a company for over a year now. We were called into a meeting yesterday assuming it was for pay checks &w-2.
    Instead they closed the doors and payed out NOTHING!! Four weeks of pay me n my family won’t get. My wife is an amazing person and sacrifice a lot for our children. This is so hard for me because iv always worked.

  202. I believe there’s a lawyer in Daytona taking advantage of small businesses in the deland. please help us

  203. I have lived at the same address 2 bdm. in Tulsa for almost 10 yrs.I have received a water bill for $230.00. compared to $120.00.I think someone should step in to investigate.I know a gentleman who owns a Volkswagen repair shop down the street, just him,no employees,small shop he has a sink and toilet, paying $100.00 a month,I know everything is higher than it used to be,but the man that ran the water board meetings got $ from residents here for the sewer and ran off with the $ about 10 years ago,I feel that we are getting scammed for his mistake.I don’t know who else to turn to.I’m positive you can get plenty of people to agree that live near me.Any help would be well appreciated. Thank you

  204. hi my name is monika maysand me and my family live in Palmdale Californiaand me and my kids is being a victim of DCFS I’m Palmdale Californiainand we are being discriminated because in 2014 my daughter was being bullied by one of her classmates at school the little girl used to be her friend and then she started believing her then on May 7th the little girl tries to fight my daughter and my daughter had a fight with the little girl then the little girl foster parents Will’s friends are one of the social workers at the Palmdale office DCFS they lied and fabricated paperwork to get my kids removed out of my care at this time only have 4 kidsand at this time they all have went in custody of DCFS they have me do my classes for 5 months and they said that I will get my kids back at this time I was 5 months pregnant when they remove my other kids out of my chair I finished all the classes they had asked me to do and got my certificate and I was doing visits with my other kids I gave birth to a baby girl and two weeks after I gave birth to her they wanted to take her out of my chair also I asked my earlier that was removing her and I’ll return in all the kids they explain to me if your kids like I removed from you and placed in foster care they have to take the other baby also no matter if I did finish my classes the social workers supervisors stated to me if I stop calling downtown making complaints against the office I could get my kids back I’ll stay that I could make a complaint because you keep lying on paperwork to keep my kids and y’all care then I’ll talk to the director of the Palmdale office and she has stated to me don’t you feel you learned your lesson just because I cussed out the investigating social worker for lying since my kids then they carry the social worker had lied to court and tell them that I have no one or no where to stay and I stay in the same house every move my kids from they also statedhey this keep making false allegations everytime I go back to court to court I been almost two years since my kids been removed out of my chair and I comply completely and what this office ask me to do for me and my kids is not to be treated fairly we are a victim of this office and since they been gone my two daughters have been molested in a foster home they was living in Pomona I have the paperwork that the police have send me the poem on the police department stating the things that happened to my two daughters in the foster home my son and my daughter have been abused neglected and a whole different foster home they have every last one of my kids split up I don’t visit each other or talk to each other at all incest my kids got molested and abused in a foster home they have the two little kids on medication and they also bent and crazy hospitals everytime we go to court magia sad when they going home then I had a new baby last year on the 4th of July remind you I’ll comply with everything this office ask me to do but now they want to take my infant baby also I’m not on drugs I work I have my house I’m just being victimized and this is terminated when a little boy was asking for help and you have the school call / 100 and to help him neighbors and security guard no one did not hear his cry when it was just too late me and my kids is crying out for help because I know I’m not the only victim I’ll here is suffering by this office I have all my proof and paperwork what I’m telling you is true please can somebody hear me and my kids cry before it’s too late they been through enough already if you like you could come out to my home and see that my kids have everything and and then more they need I have my doctor papers since my kids came in this world stating nothing was never wrong with my babies today. And a half of DCFS the social worker name is curl LaBrie Jennifer Armstrong Jacqueline Lewis Kimberly Malone LaShae Baker Philip browning this is all the social workers and supervisors of this office if you like you can contact me at 322-3456 9601 or 323 694-8195 my home address is 38116 Claremont Avenue in Palmdale California zipcode is 93552 I have nothing to hide at all please help me before and one of my kids end up by Gabriel Fernandez I’m starting to feel like it’s the color of her skin because we are African American something for social worker would say it be racist are you can reach me at my mom address also her address is 44514 15th Street East off of Avenue J and Lancaster California zip code is 93535 and my mother’s name is Andrea Myers

  205. Oaktree village apartments has bad management mr. Lancaster
    Very old apartments that need repairs, neighbors had bed bugs, the water smells like sewer water and the apartment manage runs the water every afternoon after 5pm. I dont believe these apartments are up to code 100 percent. Mr lancaster has known sexual preds, drug sales also oaktree village workers buying weed from sales. Oaktree village campground can come in throughout any time day or night when office closed thats an safety issue any kind of persons can come in after hours and set up and pay later. Workers mow but dont weed eat around the doors or trim.owner of oaktree village mr lancaster use his money to wrongfully evict you soon as a problem arise with your apartment.WE been having problems with sex offenders there and neighbors have said that wink is a sexual offender himself, if information is true we have many kids that lives in the apartments and so does mr lancaster. Help the people here. Water tests needed cause very strong sewer smell every afternoon, also apartments not allowed to have direct dish but campside can why

  206. I need help asap my name is akeetha gleaton im renting a house in gastonia that is just nasty please help

  207. I have a brother name Jerome Austin that lives in Binghamton NY. He continues to make threads towards me and my family and everytime I contact the the birmingham police department about what my brother is doing they never get involve; they are saying that I will have to contact the police department in Binghamton NY and they will have to do a police report out on him, but when I did contact the Binghamton NY police department they told me that I have to contact the police department in birmingham. All I’m getting is a headache from this back and forth information and no help from no police officer. My brother Jerome Austin is a very dangerous man, he likes to manipulate women so he can get them in the bed so he can rape them.

  208. My name is martina parkinson i would like to report that inmates in Fairfield Co are being held at a condemned building or should be they call it the anexx building it was an old prison and the inmates are in the basement of this this building rats,mice,one toilet for more than 12men no heat the men are cutting holes in their socks to out on their arms 3-5 inches of mold .The men being held most are misdemeanor,traffic violations not that that should matter.My husband is being held here and has not even been to court what happened to innocent until prooven or found guilty please look into this I do not wish to have my name metioned for I wouldnt wantto make things worse for him or other inmates.Thank You sincerlyMP

  209. I signed a 5 days contract that is helpful to me.I would like to cancel it now.

  210. I am the victim of tax fraud through 1800taxexpert. I filed my taxes January 22, 2016 via phone with this company. A man named Sonny answered and reassured me that this business has been #1 the last 6 years and they’re IRS approved. I continued to ask questions, as I’ve never heard of doing taxes over the phone, about how they get paid and what’s the charges to file, etc. He proceeded to tell me that fileing is free and they get paid through a third party through the IRS. I believed him as he patiently waited for me to look their business information up on the IRS website, which was in fact on top. I completed all of my tax documents via e-file and electronic signatures. After I sent my proofs (w-2, photo id) about 30 minutes later I received an email that the IRS has received my e-file. Sonny stated to me that I’d have my refund February 3, 2016. During this time, I checked my refund through the IRS website to see where my progress was. February 3 comes and I found out the IRS was having system malfunctions and progression times on refuns would be delayed, which is understanding. So I patiently waited until the website was up and running and I finally had a direct deposit date… It was February 10, 2016. I was excited. February 10 comes and I have no refund, there was immediately red flags in my mind. I found out the man named Sonny is really a man named Justin midolo, they deposited my refund into an unknown account without my knowledge or consent, and the only way they will release me my refund is if I allow them to take 1200 dollars out of it. I don’t know who else to turn to, this is illegal and should not be allowed. I feel like I’m being black mailed. I’m fighting this because I’m a single mother of 3 children and live in poverty and that’s my hard earned money, it just isn’t right. I have contacted the better business bureau and they too are going to investigate my claim. Please help me, thank you for your time.

  211. Good Afternoon!!!I have a black mold problem at 1310 Pallister Apt 910.Detroit Michigan 48202.I had told my landlord about I was sick from the current situation.She had said I had to pay for the damage that was done in the bathroom. Black mold is in both of the bedrooms.And I have pictures of it all.Thank You!!!

  212. Can the city legally shut off water of single mother in brevard county?

  213. I have a problem i live in Detroit and there has been sewage in my basement for about a month i called the city of Detroit water and sewage Department and just last week they send someone out and all week they have been giving me the run around telling me that they have to come back in the morning and they show up at 545 6 o,clocks then they run out of sun light and i told them that we found the main drains when they send someone out to find them and mark it so I showed them where they were and they i live in Detroit same house for over 50 years and there are two lines and we were not hook up to the new sewer line that is was the old one and this is something that they have not been taking care of and let it go and know there trying to cover their ass and in the meantime they still haven’t fix it my mom is dieing of cancer stage 4 she has cancer all though out her body and her immune system is weak please help us get this problem resolve

  214. I am a Victim of fraud and identity theft I have called our local police in Brevard County and I can’t get no one to listen I know who did it and where they did it.The guy that did it is a person that is a scammer Please help

  215. I have a big problem, the two neighbors next door are following me ,scratching my car. I have called the police and the boyfriend told him that I want you I am 58 years old the boyfriend is 30 years old or older younger. Her name is Karen and she’s following me to my college and her friends car they have a scanner that picks up my signal on my cable I have to turn off my box my cable then keep those pennies at my patio door.. if I want to have a life I have to cater to her this all happened and I told her boyfriend trying to be a good person and my job was hiring he can get a job she scratched my car I told my company that my car would be available to take some of the stuff from my company as far as transport me in my car. now they’re threatening me the police was called they said it was a problem between me and them and he came and told the police that I wanted him and the police wrote it up as a fight between two women for one man I’m married I don’t know what to do is threatening everyday I can’t get nobody to listen to me does this person have done this before many of time to the people that surround us in the condominium or they’re afraid to go to court with me. they say that she’s been causing trouble around here for years her dad moved out and gave her apartment now everyday I’m getting threatened and nobody wants to say nothing. my job they want him around at once in filling out an application because they had to protect their people from her scratching requires if somebody makes him mad you come home and tell her so he lost a job because they don’t want to come on the property at all. Karen does everything mean anything she can get money and I’m not paying her any money to stay away from me policeman wrote it up wrong so it looks like I wanted him and not right I told him I saw her with my own eyes,looking at her out my pee hole in my door . karen is doing everything she could to me and I have no help. I call the police I go downtown no way you wrote it up I can’t get any help I think the police were wrong this officer he giggling about things laughed about them didn’t think nothing of it ask him if I hurt myself this time. I need your help to get her to leave me alone you single women in Columbus Ohio self working and take care of my so I’m going to college. I shouldn’t have to pay her because they spend all their money for me to have peace and quiet. They have a scanner in the house that’s can everybody cable, this scammed can pick up voice. anything you think you can pick it up there’s no privacy. these people are stealing my whole life I can’t even talk to my house I need help this is how people die by people from like that when the police don’t believe. I had to put a system in my house because I heard them saying that there was going to rob my house. I don’t know who to turn to but I do need help isn’t going to far.and please just laugh

  216. My son is 31. When we moved here it was just following the depression 2. He had difficulty finding work. Being loving parents we didn’t kick him out of our home because he had no job. As the years came and went, his health which started with severe asthma kept having little glitches, nothing to worry about so we thought. December 24th 2014 was the first time he had a problem that prompted an ER visit. He was pumped full of anti histamines, and told to see a neurologist. No neurologist would see him since he had no insurance due to no job. We his parents are elderly and can’t afford the added expense of his health care insurance on top of ours. We are still pulling out of the depression 2 fiasco.We live paycheck to paycheck. His medical condition cleared up. But during the summer some of it occurred again. It too cleared up. Then November 1st it started to decline again. I watched helplessly as he went from being a seemingly normal health person to one who needed a walker to take a few painful steps. His right eye remained normal while his left eye had a life of it’s own and looked at his nose. I in desperation tried to find anyone who would care for him. We were directed to True Health. As bad as his symptoms were, they just said they would refer him to neurologist and come back in a month. Well I needed to get a copy of his birth certificate, and when the month was up, we still didn’t have it. It was also at that point we finally received the referral. As it turned out that neurologist would not see him without insurance. I tried to get another referral but to no avail. His health kept declining. He wouldn’t eat or drink for fear of falling just going to the bathroom. On Jan. 16th he fell for the last time at home, and there was no way we his both handicapped parents could get him up off the floor. Two young men I know did come over and helped get him in my car. I drove straight to the ER. Bless the lady dr. that put two and two together. He was admitted and in two days we had the diagnosis. It was a severe acute attack of MS (multiple sclerosis) Florida Hospital was a god send. They went beyond just treating him to getting him into an inpatient rehab. They even helped to walk me through the process of applying for Florida medicaid. That is when the next nightmare began. Anyone who is overwhelmed by the illness let alone the future of it, has to deal with medicaid I feel sorry for. Our very first notice from this agency was on Feb. 1st. That is when they printed the letter, and it was mailed on Feb. 2nd. we received it the after noon of Feb. 3rd. I didn’t check the mail until the next morning on my way to the hospital. We were supposed to make a phone call to the interviewer for medicaid between 9 am and 11 am before the 5th of Feb. My son made one attempt on the 4th, and on the 5th he again tried, but had therapy. so I during the next 2 hours sat next to him, but kept calling and leaving messages to the interviewer. We were panicked that we had missed that slim window for the interview. Then on Monday the 8th of Feb. I again made two calls while sitting next to my son (I would have immediately handed him the phone if someone had answered) Which I did again on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Thursday. By Friday I was a bit angry since the voice mail kept saying they would call us back in two business days. I was exhausted on Friday afternoon and was laying down when the call finally came in. The woman yelled at my son, claiming I had maxed out her voice mail with all my calls, and that any call that came in with my voice would automatically be ignored. That she had tried many many times to phone my son, (there were no calls logged into the cell phone he uses from her) That she could deny his claim. After she vented at my son, she went ahead with her interview. Feb. 15th was a holiday. The paperwork that we had to submit waited until the 16th the next day. I was going to have it faxed. Well according to their website they have community partners that will fax it for you if you have no fax machine.
    Which in Altamonte Springs is the local city offices. I went over there and well they had never heard of such a thing, but the lady went ahead and faxed it for me. Only the number used that was on the forms, did not answer and the fax did not go through. I tried the next day after getting two more numbers. The first new number was nothing but a bunch of telephone adds for life alert, and dish tv. In fact I was sent to the dish tv salesperson before I could get past all the adds. It wasn’t the fax number that the help line from Florida DCF gave me. I called again and was given a new number. When I tried it, I got the high pitched whine of a fax machine. I drove to the city offices, and this time a nice man was there who after his shock of being told they were community partners, did try to make the fax call. After three attempts while I talked to him, he told me to go home and he would keep trying. He gave me his card so I could call and see if it had gone through. By late afternoon it was the same as the day before. No answering of the fax number. So I drove to the post office and sent it next day air, certified so i would know that they got it. The next day I got confirmation from the PO when i checked on line that yes DCF had gotten the paperwork. That was Feb. 18th. We then sat back and waited. Each day we checked to see the status of his medicaid application. Being disabled is one of the criteria for an adult to get medicaid. Which all the Dr.’s who had been treating him will and did attest to. Today the status changed from pending to denied. Why? According to the website, he had not applied for renewal. ?????? renewal? His first and only application was done by the hospital people helping us and that was on the 21st of Jan. 2016. Yet the website again stated my son had applied on March of 2014. At no time did he ever apply. We have no clue as to how some application with the correct information was made in March of 2014, but it was not done by any of us. I had checked to see what his eligibility would be mid Nov. When i was told how much True Health would charge us, ($275) but the first visit would be less while we waited for our paperwork like his birth certificate from California. NOW we are faced with the old problem of a neurologist. With MS he needs to be under the care and constant checks by a neurologist not to mention medications that dr would prescribe. My son’s health is on a raged slim line. At this minute he is improving, but wheelchair bound. Some snafu at DCF has put his health and future at risk big time. As the mother I’m pleading with you for help getting this fiasco resolved. There was no problem with medicare and SSI, but medicaid in Florida is a cruel joke on the people who are in desperate need of aid.

  217. Hello my name is Naaunta I’m am being discriminated against by my landlord we move in one month ago my kids was playing with the white kids across the street from us an my landlord seen it an said my kids can not play with them an I disagreed an she gave me a 2 week notice to move out an I have a 7 month lease ever since then she been giving me notice after notice even after the landlord got our rent she still sending us notice I have 5 children an can’t just move out after I spend a deposit an rent here it’s not right an I need help please I can’t afford a lawyer an she is always doing illegal evictions according to the neighbors please call me 813 7246000 I want to let the world know bout this landlord who is harassing me thank you

  218. I’m dealing with a situation where my dad is a disabled vet. We are in a situation where we there is a chance of us losing our home. For several years Tahoe watering company has been working on our street. I spoke with a plumber to fix a situation on our house he explained to us that our pipes need to be redone in our home. There is water damage throughout our home. And the plumber sent damage control to our home. They told us that we had water throughout our walls and there is a flood under our house do to backup. And mold was forming in our walls. They explained that we need to repipe out home walls needed to be replaced and cabinets as well. Toho watering company told me that they wouldn’t pay for damages because a plumber came out before they did. Damage control informed us that we needed there services to dry up the walls. They proceeded to put machinery in our home which I counted around 15. They have on there paper work that there was about 30 machines in our home. With my dad being disabled it was very hard for us to move around the home. My dad and myself have injured ourselves due to equipment in my home and then ripping out out baseboards n leaving nails all through out the house still in the wall. And proceeded to leave the bags of baseboards with the nails still hanging out. This has caused a big stir in our home because now damage control pit a mechanical lean on our home from non payment 13000. When the damage control tech told us it was going to be anywhere from 4000 to 6000 dollars. I believe we were victimized and hope you are able to help us.

  219. I am looking for assistance on being victimized by the city of kissimmee water company Tahoe and damage control out of Oviedo florida. I need answers someone please help me

  220. My dirt road I and other people live on is so muddy it is like clay you get very well stuck in it like I did so if someone needs a emergency vechile to come in I am afairditwill get please help.

  221. I quit my job without a 2 weekend because of unfair working conditions . now they are refusing to pay me for the work ive done …i need your help exposing these ppl so no one has to go through what ive been through and plus i need my money for my hard work..this is a trucking company based in london On but they have a terminal in brownstown Mi…plus theres times when they ask drivers to drive illegal offering them extra pay…
    Unsafe equitment not up to dot regulations ect
    Drivers driving out of hrs ect….i was employed there about 2 months couldnt take it no more so i quit , actually i quit twice . the owner asked to me just come back and help out for one day and attend a drivers meeting because changes were going to be made ….didnt happen ,mater of fact things got worse. I just want whars owed to me. I need your help thanks

    • Call the dept of labor. I had the same problem with a temp agency. They owe you for your hours worked…

  222. Hi I sincerely need help… With a complexed issue or issues if you will. For ten years now we have been in our home. A home constructed with a lot of issues that we could not get help with because we did not have the bank flow of cash that it would have required to take this monster to justice.
    The next part of the issue is our privacy and view is being taken away by new construction we will now be forced to look at the back of someone’s home for the remainder of our day.

    My story is too complexed to fill you in via text but I would love to share it with you one on one if you have the time…to listen…you would be amazed at the back handed dealings going on around here… 

  223. My daughter paid her rent with a cashiers check dated 2/29 and dropped it off on Feb 29th.Her landlord stated it took until March2nd to process it and it was applied to her March rent and now they are saying her February rent is stilll due..what is the answer to my question? Does it apply to February or March rent?

  224. V DOT and Chesterfield County keep passing this problem of standing in ditch in front of my house for over 3 years now! Having snakes and mosquito problems, drain pipe under street too high up to drain off ditch, they won’t fix problem@ need help..please..804 8046778985. 2429 Brookforrest Rd. Midlothian. VA 23112. Katie and Alex Gettings

  225. I purchased a car about 1 month ago in Kansas after a week of having it I took it to the shop to get it looked at I end up needing inner and outer tie rodsrods plus more. I took it to the place I purchased it from and they said they would fix it for half price. They came and got it and after 9 days of calling them to see if they fixed it they told me they never knew it was suppose to be fixed and they never ordered the parts!! They kept giving me the run around until my warranty was up and still hasn’t fixed it!! This place is so unprofessional and I need help I feel they have gotten over on me! And I still haven’t gotten my title yet! Please help!

  226. I have a friend by the name of Kathy she is dying of pancreatic cancer she just got out of the hospital she has a bag on her side draining poison from her body they shut the water off she needs her water on to wash your hands because of the deadly disease in her body please please can you help us the Man In Charge will not answer his phone his name is Lou he is in Florida please contact us she needs help she is dying thank you and God bless

  227. I recently signed a lease in a beautiful community in Orlando (the reserves at alafaya. I have a special needs baby that had not been home yet. I walked through apartment with representative. Expressed carpet needed to be cleaned. It was not. I walked apartment in another occasion & apartment was not. There was pet hair everywhere. I move in on a Sunday late evening. Laid my mattresses on the carpet that was supposed to be cleaned. The next 3 days I’m getting bit. They claim it was cleaned but it was not. They replaced carpet. I’m dissatisfied by how misled I was. I went to dr & was prescribed antibiotics & other media due to infection. I do not want the mattresses nor the sofa. I asked for them to replace it. They refused. I have video of fleas, my dr report, & pics of my bites. Pls help. They shouldn’t get away with this.

  228. We are trying to get help on a car that was bought for a thousand dollars and with in ten days it needs head gaskets and the man wouldn’t reason with us

  229. Please help me .I was marry to my 2 husband that allways told for hus adults. Well when u was marry , I would ask question with the Neighbor.and they would tell me. Abiut my x husband and his family .hus son and daughter have record of stealing and .Im happy im. No longer marry to him .well my Adult home u s louusiana and my first humber never. Was in any type of trouble noway and my kids and I have no trouble with no law my first die and my adult”s was never living with me and my X because they where in college .I have problem with kor g er in dearborn acusing me and my son of stealing .because. Of X husband family. My name is steal under his address. A b d treat my son abd i like criminals will walk behind us and there is always someone announcing something over the PA that we’re in the store they follow. Us. In Store.and when we checking out they stopped the cashier and they take the managers take control of a cashier department when we’re in there I’m so tired of it can you please help me and my son we never stole anything and we move her. After Katrina and Rita storm we moved here and it’s so hard for us to be living like that could you please help me thank youafter my mother died I’m broke 27 Bones from the knee down and it’s hard for me to walk please help me solve this thank you Ms Diverna Stephenson

  230. We’re talking a long time ago I work for Budweiser they pay Chinese overtime Salary for 45 hours anything over that what is Chinese overtime Work for all these other companies as a manager same thing they did not pay me overtime my whole entire life

  231. Since March 31st we have had a mouse problem. The apartment complex that we currently live in Bridge Stone Apartments Hilliard, Ohio .They are own by Champion Property Management. Mice are continually showing up on a daily basis. We do own a cat which is very good at keeping us aware that she’s on the job, would really like to hear back from you. Thank you for your time. Elaine and Jonathan.

  232. The number above
    1-800-416-NEWS (6397)
    Cannot be completed as dialed

  233. To whom it my concern my name is Cheniece Mason And disable and have been working with the path program with all that they ask me to do and it seems that they help the men that are in the same issue that they I have from the what I heard there was millions that was donatioed to the homeless and the women are not being housed not just me but for all women out hear in aouroa That are homeless the address is 5144 Elmira street and I’m in the wheelchair and the building is not wheelchair accessible. Thank you and have a bless day

  234. M&W came to my job many times trying to get me to let them repair my bumper they even got my attention by telling me I would have to even pay a deductible. After agreeing with them to make the repair I was in a car accident and I called them to tow my car they told me they would fix the repairs from the accident deductible free. They had my car for 3 full months and returned my car to me with none of my sensors working my tire at a 45 degree angle my paint job was hideous , my battery leaking acid everywhere and when it rains all the water gets inside my trunk I took my car back to the shop pointing out the issues they kept my car for 2 more weeks and only thing that had changed after them having my car 2 whole weeks longer was that I now had reflectors nothing else had been fixed . I Contacted channel 9 news about this problem months ago I recieved a copy of a letter that had been sent to the shop from channel 9 news. I went back to the shop making this now a 3rd time to show them the rain in my trunck and and what them not repairing my axle now was doing to my tires I’ve been through 3 new sets of tires in 3 months . I was told by the guy working there that they had not only new management but also new mechanic and that they would fix these problems I left my car there with him the same day expecting new outcome he told me in a week all the damages would be fixed I called the following week and no one would even awnser my phone calls I finally caught a ride to the shop only to find out this 3rd time that nothing had changed the had only buffed my car none of the huge problems like the fact that it’s raining inside my truck or the fact that what they was paid to repair on my axle that they didn’t is now ruining my tires nothing was fixed . Out comes to lady that was in charge of the repair work before they lied there was no new management it was the same unprofessional under qualified people from before AND THEY LITERALLY ARGUED WITH ME ABOUT CONTACTING CHANNEL 9 NEWS AND TOLD ME THERE WAS NOTHING MORE THEY WERE GOING TO DO FOR ME BECAUSE I CONTACTED YOU AND THEN TOLD ME THEY CHANGED THERE MIND THEY NOW WANT ME TO PAY THEM THAT DEDUCTIBLE . I couldn’t believe what they were saying please they cannot get away with this. They were warned and they still decided not to fix the damages

  235. My name is Cathy I have lupus I have a 13 year old daughter and a10 year old son I needed a car to get my children to school I found a car I’ve gave the owner 770 dollars I owe the 230 now they don’t want the rest of the money nor do they want to give the car I have even told them if they want they can keep some of the money they said no I can’t work been homeless for a few years now fight social security I can’t be just giving money away this was for my children help don’t no what to do

  236. Just wanted to check with you guys to see if you’ve had any complaints in regards to the cable company Centry link we have had them for the past four years. More than six months ago we cancel cable (so we thought) and requested Internet only. they have continue to charge us for cable each month, and each month we have contacted them numerous times but nothing has changed. They also told us each time they were taking care of it making the changes. they told us we had over $700 in credit on our account last week, but they want us for to pay the bill that they continue to charge us for. We have spoken to many customer service reps and the escalatation reps, they all just seem to tell you what you want to hear so you’ll get off the phone . you have any suggestions? We are just fed up with the runaround. We are located in Ocala Florida

  237. I can not get through to you guys to report JD Byrider on 2886 s. Hamilton. I need your guys help badly.

  238. My elderly father is in Grant hospital and some one came into his when he was out getting a heart ultrasound and someone took $200 out of his wallet. We called security and they said they would look at security tapes we haven’t heard anything yet

  239. Have a problem

  240. I was victim.i was defrauded into buying a car.once the car was off the lot the issue started and i cant get no help.only had da car a month and the transmission is going on exchange no money back just that its my issue.none of the issue were pointed out to me,i had buy battery $200 i had to buy a starter for a $100, n now the transmission which cost $2000 to so hurt and angry.need help please its only been about 45 days

  241. Hi my name is Estella and i am a Orlandor resident for over twenty years. Past three years I’ve had a private owener at a apartment complex.when i first moved in February 2013 as a roomate with a friend he left orlando and move to Coco Beach.I basically took over the unit and had yet to meet the lanlord.After almost a year the landlord return back to Orlando from military duty.I then began paying rent directly to him on a verbal lease.there were repairs desperatly needed in the unit that my landlord was aware of and promise to fix.After three years he has neglected his responsibilities as a landlord to make any repairs. I continued to pay my rent to him when ever he decides to come over.No set day or time of any months did he make arrangements for basically he would come anytime to ask for rent.Now for the past seven months i havent hear or seen him after repeatedly trying to contact him to continue to pay rent and ask when are repairs getting done,Of course to no avail nothing has happen.Three days ago he call me and said that i was getting evicted! I ask him why is this and he responded saying he has not heard from me ,I said sir i have been calling and texting asking other tenants and owners his where abouts. After three or four months without a response i gave up! So now what am i suppose to do ?

  242. I need to discuss the matters of my mother’s case (Joe Ann Murthil) with Mark Morad. He stole $56,000,000. The Government got mad because she couldn’t assist them, and locked her up for nothing. Please get with me so I could give you the inside story about what’s going.. Thanks.

    I really need to talk to someone fast.

  243. I live at a motel called Jayma Ambe formally known as Palace Motel. The owners here are dirty and some pass code inspection. We are a bunch of familys that are forced to live in motels do to income restrictions. But that doesn’t mean we need to be treated like trash. The owners have people like me living in rooms with mold behind wallpaper all over room. Had to deal with a broken toliet for 4 months. The doors can easily be broke in with a card. The property is trashed. Allot of us owe money cause we use our rent money to fix the problem in our room. The owners are rude people. They rent rooms not only with mold but some with no ac or window broke or door broke. They work there works like dogs but only pay them for two hours. Please help us we may be low income people but we don’t deserve this.

  244. Hi! Its a long shot but really dont know what else to do. I have my paychecks deposited onto a walmart money card (green dot bank). My paycheck is there, but my card is being declined. I am unable to get MY money. I have gone to walmart where they were unable to do anything. There is no one available in customer service. They don’t answer the phone so you cant talk to anybody. I literally have no way of or finding out how to get my money. And im not the only one. If you look at green dot complaints its happening to people every where. Something is going on, and we are getting no help or explanation. Can you help?

  245. Land Lord and property management throw all tenants out into the streets with out help and refuses to help any one tenant building caught fire then it was red tagged is it legal to throw every one to the street with out helpping

  246. Please call my daughter @ 1616 425 1707
    Her cae worker is trying to get her for
    froud he doesn’t this with every case he gets. The s.s services won’t do anything about it !!

    Cheryl knoll

  247. Denied coverage with ambetter insurance since January, paid premium for jan and February of 407.76 but after 6 months still no refund!

  248. The state of Michigan going after me for a kid who is not mine I was in the army when my ex wife cheated on me with someone else who is the dad of this kid but I have to pay for the kid it’s not right

  249. Yes I have a problem the last 2 yrs the air conditioning in Amber Glen apt has not been working when I called the manager and was tellingl him about the situation he gone tell me well she’s late on her rent when I told him that was not true he said I’ll start the eviction process and then he hung up on me my daughter lives there 9801 e 60 the #6.

  250. Good morning I don’t know if my son’s been victimized or not but he has a lot of medical problems and we need to find doctors to figure out what’s wrong with him the doctors we have now are shooting in the dark due to no one will take his insurance that he has right at the moment we’re looking for a neurologist a pain management and another one I can’t remember right at the moment but no one will take his United Healthcare insurance the boys 27 years old he has 3 kids he can’t work no one will hire him he has seizures and can’t remember day to day. they says he has MS another says Lyme disease and another one says pots syndrome we’ve had the nurses called all over to try and find someone to take his insurance they are unable we call Medicaid or United Healthcare same thing here’s the number call them they don’t take the insurance I mean the boys when he could work he was a very healthy hard worker I mean he would never let you down guy sits on the couch and watches TV very depressed he’s not going to give up on life because he has a beautiful daughter to take care of but I need some help I need somebody to find him doctors because obviously Obamacare isn’t worth a crap

  251. I would like you guys to investigate a number which is 202-643-4835 they called me and said the government has granted me $7,000 but I had to go to Walgreens or CVS and get some kind of a prepaid card put $200 on it and they would release the money on the card as soon as I get the card and my $200 will still remain on the card also my name is a lease love my cell phone number is 616-375-9370 thank you

  252. I got a problem with direct tv my 2 tv s get no reception there repair guy they send out was unable to fix it they told me I need to cut some tree limbs off they’re the ones who put the dish under the tree I can’t cancel the fee is too high help

  253. I have a problem there is a person that wants to charge me $500 and this is not the landlord this is the next door neighbor. and she wants me to turn the cable runs over for people that’s in the building can hook up to my cable when I said no all my problems start.scratch my car up Chase me around the city her and her friends her brother everything and want to make sure comes to my job .things out standings ,can’t go to the house to get my clothes or get my belongings out of the house because they said they going to get me .they chased me on 270 doing 80 miles an hour. Today they chased me and started to stop put on a brakes on I-70 and Springfield as I was coming back to Columbus they look for my car so I can punch it and kick it. Now they’re trying to sue me because they’re making decision on me getting a protection order and then trying to sue me February 9th 2017 .they got a prostitute okay her phone number it’s really weird because when you look up it comes out to be a prostitution 713 area code.I have called the police over 30 times and I get no response they can’t do this and I can’t do that they can’t do nothing I can’t keep doing going through this and not want to hurt them or me I need help and I’m getting nothing I don’t have money to get a private investigator I can’t even move out of the house and break my lease because my cousin I’ve been a condominium.landlord is supposed to go to the complete committee he won’t do that at all now I’m stuck paying 4 months rent and I haven’t been there because they chased me they want to push me they want to bring people at my job they want to bring you over at the store but right in front of my job all of them or throw down here to Williams Road and Alum Creek I have done everything I can now this whole okay so that she’s here to get her her daughters baby cuz she’s in jail and that’s why she’s the one that’s telling them where I am who I am I’m out who I am where I’m going and everything else her car lights and played at Alabama on it that’s a lie she’s not they rented that I don’t know who else to turn to I need somebody to call back or I need somebody to sit outside and watch these people where I get me a truck and move out they won’t let me I don’t know what to do I was sleeping at the pilot and they came to the pilot after we went to court on the 22nd 2 months ago and harass me there I was sleeping in it and that came and hit it and delete it and scratch it and print it and I was sleeping in the truck my pickup truck I don’t know what else to do they keep recruiting their nieces and nephews and everything else and it’s only me can you help me will you help me I just want to be able to move out and not have them follow me their father used to work for Honda he retired he went to Youngstown. Ohio with his new wife and left her apartment knowing that how she is I need help I don’t know what’s going to happen if I don’t get help I’m going to I’m going to crack up and I never had a jail cell in front of me or anything else and I will die trying to make me do go to jail if somebody put things in their face when they come out and and and and ask them why they’re doing this and why is that your ass and maybe they will stop and maybe the police will believe me it’s one against 20 can you help me would you please call me back

  254. We got airline tickets last year to go to a non- profits meeting we had to cancel because our daughter had to go in the hospital, we call 3 or 4 days be fore the flying that gave us a 400$ credit and we had to use it before August 13 of this yr, no problem this years meet came back around o we called to use our credit and they informed us there’s a 400 rebooking fee, so we lost all of our money in fees. How is this right, we knew we were loosing 75:00 in a fee but now it all of it, we out a 5013c and don’t have a lot of money to loose, Love in the name of Christ. Or love Inc and my name is Todd EBLIN executive director

  255. Would just like to no if u buy a car from a lot and get credit approved have not had the car 2 weeks drove it 3 or 4 days every thing started going wrong with and u all ready took car back 2nd day of owning it and the main owner tells u you have no rights or opions u have to take the car or we keep it and u still pay your payments on social sec and lied from the start saying one person owned it then find out 4 did and then it was a rent a car to they have had my car for over a week now and anything they did to it had nothing to do with why they have it in first place please help me

  256. My wife and I was pay rent to raintree motel and apartments amount $750 a month we was living there with a termite infestation the owner lives on property in same building we was there from April 3rd toJune 14th our landlord was told many times to get rid of the termites and all he did is give us a problem told us to turn our lights out and we told for one last time then he told us we had to leave after we paid our rent on the 4th of June what can we do because my wife and I are know homeless because of this landlord not taking care of his rental property he said we complain to much about the termites and said we had to leave we have pictures and videos of what we had to live with for over 90 days please help us

  257. To whom it my concern : im a single parent working TWO Minum wage job im struggle try to make ends meet, i take money out of my little saving at my job, to purchase a car of my dreams, to find out there a clinch in it something wrong …i no asis warranty; but u have 30days …which i adress it to the car company they keep saying the go to handle it make appointment they get me in…done that!!! They keep making excusses..i dont have that kinda of money to throw away r get it fix right now….so can u plssss help me lot company is auto inc car lot..on 72nd troost.. My number 816-437-1760 Bettie jones..

  258. Hello my name is melissa villa i had a problem back in late december of 2015 my heater wouldn’t work i called my landlord she send her ac rerepair man check problem he was very rude the first time he came out didnt say a word left a few minutes later didnt ask if my heater was working called my landlord again my heater still isn’t working he came out again 2 weeks later i believe. Im single mother on disabilty also on program section 8 i been on it going almost 3 yrs the ac repair claimed due clogged filter which i use 3 month filter i usually change the filter 2 in half months my filter was a wasnt clogged it was tad bit dusty not fully needed to be changed 2 times ac repair man came out he fixed the problem the second time she also claims i never used a filter another false claim and claims someone in my home flattend the coil indoor coil area which false 6 months later certified later saying i owe her $355.56 ten day violation lease i try explain to her it wasnt true honest christian women i am have no reason to lie at fear which i dont know anything about Arizona tentant rights out fear okay this landlord is wrong i try talk to other landlord she called asked her lawyer she read my lease and 2 invoices she wants me to pay ten days are up i said okay fear thst she wouldnt violate me anymore she didnt time or the day tell her that was false information like i was saying i texted okay i know your your wrong she went off on me claimed doing this for 20 yrs didnt argue about it try explain it wasnt true she went off on me i didnt know what to do ten are up my lease is up in end of july i gave 30 day notice i felt violated i feel wrong i caved in okay scaretic il pay you i been going reading over my lease and invoice i relly need some legal advice which i cant afford i strongly feel she taking advantage if me i gave 30 day notice in june my lease ends july i apologize im repeated my self 7 months later i get certified letter i oew her that 2 times her ac repair man working for her she says 20 yrs also i try go to ivy properties looked it up on the internet never found last week wanted face to face she didnt time or day to tell right fully wrong it end up being someone else’s home thats another false info on the web a neighbor were she claims on the web there located there came up to me told me it was private residents nobody by the name Carolina lived or worked i know now days llc work from home i even left letter mail along with my part rent i wouldnt be late big mistake on my part because the letter and my part rent was sent back quicly that person was very upset wrote please stop putting this mail tou wrong person im know very confused do i have any rights state arizona fight this i have gut feeling she going to keep my deposit claiming false information i cant afford a lawyer of course what can i do or what should i do i told fine il pay i know this false information i feel its not right im honest person part my diabliry anxiety repeated my word over can u help me please melissa villa

  259. Hello my name is melissa villa i had a problem back in late december of 2015 my heater wouldn’t work i called my landlord she send her ac rerepair man check problem he was very rude the first time he came out didnt say a word left a few minutes later didnt ask if my heater was working called my landlord again my heater still isn’t working he came out again 2 weeks later i believe. Im single mother on disabilty also on program section 8 i been on it going almost 3 yrs the ac repair claimed due clogged filter which i use 3 month filter i usually change the filter 2 in half months my filter was a wasnt clogged it was tad bit dusty not fully needed to be changed 2 times ac repair man came out he fixed the problem the second time she also claims i never used a im honest person no reason to lie another false claim and claims someone in my home flattend the coil indoor coil area which false 6 months later certified later saying i owe her $355.56 ten day violation lease i try explain to her it wasnt true im a honest christian women i am have no reason to lie at fear which i dont know anything about Arizona tentant rights out fear okay this landlord is wrong i try talk to her over phone. Another lanlord i seek advice from said she called asked her lawyer she read my lease and 2 invoices it wasnt valid.Landlord wants me to pay ten days are up i said okay out of fear that she wouldnt violate me anymore she didnt give me the time or the day tell her that was false information like i was saying i texted okay il pay just dont have the money. I know your wrong she went off on me claimed doing this for 20 yrs didnt argue about it try explain it wasnt true she went off on me i didnt know what to do ten are up my lease is up in end of july i gave 30 day notice in june part section 8 program rule felt violated i feel wrong i caved in okay scaretic il pay you i been going reading over my lease and invoice i relly need some legal advice which i cant afford i strongly feel she taking advantage of me i gave 30 day notice in june my lease ends july i apologize im repeated my self 7 months later i get certified letter i owe her that 2 times her ac repair man working for her she says doing this 20 yrs also i try go to ivy properties looked it up on the internet never found her there last week i wanted to talk face to face she didnt time or day to tell right fully wrong it end up being someone else’s home thats another false info on the web a neighbor were she claims on the web there located there came up to me told me it was private residents nobody by the name Carolina lived or worked there i know now days llc work from home i even left letter mail along with my part rent i wouldnt be late big mistake on my part because the letter and my part rent was sent back quicly that person was very upset wrote please stop putting this mail wrong person im know very confused do i have any rights state arizona fight this i have gut feeling she going to keep my deposit claiming false information i cant afford a lawyer of course what can i do or what should i do i told fine il pay i know this false information i feel its not right im honest person part my diabliry anxiety repeated my word over can u help me please melissa villa

  260. Business refuses to allow woman in wheelchair to purchase anything. Ask that she stay outside
    Becky roedel 6143156147

  261. Hello, Problem Solvers.

    Amazon is responsible for the removal of $1500.00 of property from my residence. This was due to their package pickup service. Without asking, UPS took boxes that weren’t intended for Amazon.

    Amazon contracts with UPS to pickup packages from Amazon customers. These packages contain merchandise that is being returned to Amazon. One option offered by Amazon involves UPS attaching the UPS return label to the boxes instead of the customer having to print out and attach the shipping labels themself. UPS comes to the residence directly. This service requires the customer to be home so that the correct boxes can be handed to the UPS agent for collection. Again, UPS is working as the agent of Amazon and Amazon is ultimately responsible for the actions of its hired agents.

    We were home at the time, and were available to explain everything to the UPS agent if they had knocked and asked (as required by Amazon’s instructions) They didn’t contact us. Without asking, they took two boxes that were outside for a scheduled USPS pickup. These packages were headed to another vendor (not Amazon). They already had USPS return labels attached. The contents are worth approximately $1500.00. UPS put new labels on them and shipped them to Amazon’s collection center.

    The merchandise that was essentially stolen on behalf of Amazon was paid for with a check card. So, it is real money that is missing (versus simply existing on a credit card statement). I need the merchandise back so that it can be returned to the correct merchant and I can get my refund.

    Amazon states that it could take weeks. I don’t have weeks. Ultimately, Amazon is responsible for all this trouble. I have no guarantee that the merchandise they illegally removed will be returned in whole or even in part. One of the boxes, worth approximately $1100.00, contains many small items. They have given me no guaranty that they will return all of it, as both the boxes have been opened and looked through.

    I did file a police report. They said that if an individual had done this, it would be Felony Grand Theft. However, when companies do things like this, it is only a civil matter. It would be my responsibility to pay an attorney to pursue legal action. They have already taken so much money from me. It shouldn’t be my responsibility to pay for persecution.

    I don’t know what to do. Any leverage you can provide would be great. I have seen that in the past, Amazon has provided gift cards to cover losses. That would be fine if it were a much smaller amount. However, they are responsible for the actions of their agents. I need the merchandise back exactly as they received it, immediately, or the funds to cover my losses.

  262. I bought a car in april of this year. My dealer went out of business. The dmv made me pay for anothertemp tag and still havent given me my regular one. Its been expired for 2 weeks. I jave 3 children and a husband that needs to go to work. All they tell me when i call is that they’ll get back to me and they never do.

  263. Yes i have a problem buying a car its broke down not a month and the owner of car lot called me a bitch said i have no rights no opions at all im on ssd he took advantage of me so now the car im taking it to credit union that they got me threw leavinv it with them yes of course it will give me bad credit but why pay on something that brecks down on me 2 3 4 days in roll and they wont fix it told me i have to pay so yes now i wont go to car lot scared of the guy now im getting a lawyer soon as i get back from taxes buying my car there thanks for your time kathy Armstrong 586 5883623

  264. I need help please me and my family we are geting sick and in aparment that has mold i have paper of hospitals and the land know about on top of that the roof cave in in the hole aparment and all my stuff get wet and the landlord it was funny to her when i ask her who was paying for my stuff ahe said lady please u bout your stuff please she degred me and my kids we being every sick in this aparment no body is helping me with this land lord this is going on like one mouth in a half and on section8my work noise was going on the landlord sent here email the landlord sent me all the email that she sent my work i leave messages to my work allmost every day i been to section noting she has even call me so know the landlord ivited me by court i need help this lady get to be stop she going to move a other family in here and this is inffed by mold please contact me pl 942_237_7368 ec my writing i dont wrtie that well

  265. 4076251980

  266. I purchased a couple of Tents for My Business at Petersburg Trading, located outskirts in Petersburg Va.but has a Dinwiddie Address. I purchased one in July of last month, and used only once, and it broke easily, after Someone help Me put up, I called Them about the matter, and was told I could get My money back, Then I purchased the same Tent again, on 8/5/16,because I liked the tent and that maybe it was something We did wrong, in putting it up, and the tent broke again easily.Then I realized and Others that it was made of poor construction and hardware. Please I hope You all can help Me with this matter, I need My tent for My Business. It’s been So hot, and it was a help the first time I used it. I have never been so upset. I’ve dealt with Businesses, and if You not please with an item, it’s no problem with a refund. I’ve lost close to 100.00 for two Tents, and don’t know what to do before next Saturday, before I work again. I cannot afford another one. This Business is being very unprofessional and rude to Me. I’ve return an item a week, before I purchased a tent and They refunded Me, I’m thinking if I hadn’t called Them about the broken tent, and just taken it to the register, I wouldn’t gotten a refund. The number to that Business is 804-861-3500.please contact Me soon as possible. My contact number 804-481-5965cell.Thanks

  267. Hello
    I have an unusual situation! I live at 22006 N Chrysler Dr Apt4. Hazel Park MI now the building has no name it’s an old converted office building
    DTE has accused me of fraudulent electricity usage! I have pics of the only entrance to our meters. My power has been disconnected by DTE since Feb 2016 but not! I let DTE know my electricity has been on and off since then. When my neighbor next door moved out the next day her power shut off as did mine again when the new neighbor moved in my power came back on. This was approximately 3 weeks with no power in late July until last week. I asked the owner Ron Watcke to contact DTE he refused. Now DTE claim they sent investigators out last week but they could not get in! Really?! (so how would I be able to get to the meters!) Also the owner is basically harassing me to move including trumped up back rent from over a year totalling 1600.00! Now my power is on but the insulin I had in the refrigerator for 3 months worth is unusable! Still waiting on DTE who are very aware the power is on but cut off!

  268. 6144609151

  269. My name is Wanda Stewart I’m having a problem the apartment complex behind me they have a big tree behind the garage and a tree roots have destroyed my payment so I have been trying to contact the owner and the management keeps giving me the run-around about she is out of town on vacation the head the maintenance man to come out and take pictures but no response sense trying to say that pear tree did not do that please help me get this metal song I have a husband HAVE the early stages of dementia and he life to go outside into the gloss and I am a free that he made trip on the payment but is coming and Lue

  270. I have a problem with a for neighbor that has six dogs 3 cats outside the house which she just got three little kittens and the smell is very very bad is so bad that you cannot stand it it’s things like somebody died there’s supposed to be a mother living there which there’s no mother living there because this is a senior citizen home which the daughter supposed to be taking care of her but , which she says her mother’s in New York so we don’t know about that. I let the manager know about it and she got to go through corporate managers I don’t know if they working on it or what I have called the health department I have called Animal Control and they haven’t been out here yet. When my husband work around the property he has to use a mask over his face when he washes the car he has to use a mask over his face he has throwing up 3 times when he was washing his car he threw up cause he couldn’t take the smell is very bad. The police was out here and she did not let them go inside the house which the floors were broken she lives actually in the garage she takes a bath and does everything in the garage she hasn’t brought it up so nobody can see house .she said that uses the cow manure soil but that’s a whole lie I’ve been living here for a whole year and it’s worse the smell is worse. Everybody in the block is scared of her because she has threatened people to not say stuff. Outside of the house she has a whole lot of plans covering up it’s just a cover-up she has a sign that she’s selling the house which she don’t let nobody go in the house to check out the house and she doesn’t let nobody stand in front of the house she walks away from the house so they won’t smell it. Can somebody help us as soon as possible please..THANK YOU !!!

  271. I have been a vist of buying a truck F150 xlt truck ! Brand new an they have 6 years old all cracked up tires ! The truck not even close to what they let me borrow ! It was a 2016 Eco boost electric seats ! An brand new tires ! I don’t know what to do ! I went to the dealer ship told them an they said that’s my truck so I’m stuck an said you picked out the rims ! I said but not 6 year old tires ! I hate this truck am stuck with paying 46,000 an also there’s lot more to this story they put wrong vin numbers on my paper work wrong dates were I took posstion an even told me to get a hotel an my truck would be ready an they would take care an have my truck ready early ! Not until 5:00 on Aug 2 2016 started in July 23 rd ! I just wanted a truck that could last for the rest of my life an I wouldn’t have to worry about breakdowns are tires ! I also caught a panic attack an had to be put in the Hosptial for a sezier when I got back Aug 12 th ! This was at Eddys ford of Augusta ! Brett is the manager that had talked me very rude an told me to pick up my truck in the back of the building ! An I was leaving for South Dakota Aug 3 rd an returned early because I was so scared because of the tires ! How can they get away with this ? Please help me ! I have no one ! An they discrimated agasit a women screamed in my face ! An all I wanted was a nice truck I could live with ! They did offer another one was going to give me 30,000 for this one I have an I pay 8,000 more for another one ! Jon was my sale mans !

  272. Hello. I don’t know who else to talk to about this. I have owned this property in Port St. John since ’01 and I have power lines running above the chain-link fence in my back yard. The actual power lines are at normal height, but the lower lines, are hanging too low. The lowest is hanging at 4 1/2 feet. About a foot above my fence. I have called FPL but they say the lower lines belong to Brighthouse and AT&T. I have called Brighthouse, AT&T, Code enforcement, and any other numbers I got from calling those places. Some have had people come look at the problem, but everyone says its not their responabity, but they’ll contact the right person, but I’ve never heard anything. The last time I looked into this was about a year ago. I would like to put up a 6 ft privacy fence, but the cables are in the way! Please help!! I’m about ready to “accidentally” cut the lines with a chain saw while trimming trees. Anything you could do would be great. Thank you, Scott Duerling

  273. I have been scammed by a gentleman who was claiming he was a lawyer. Hey took 2500 dollars paid in personal check form and now I need help because he is refusing to repay the money

  274. Please help me! I have 2 companies covering my home security. Montietraics and ADT both companies are going to charge me close to $1,000. To cancel. I do not need two companies. I am a seniorcitsin with a fix income of $980. a month and cannot afford it. If you could help my I will be very grateful.

  275. 6147416200
    Landlord. Issue roofers came out on Monday. August 20 to do repairs which made the ceiling. In bedroom. Collapse. Called landlord. Call code enforcement. Issue has not been resolved. Installation. Falling from ceiling. Which also has mold. On it i have asthma and copd which the molds trigger breathing. Issues

  276. I’m in a night mere now a big RAT woke me up when he jump on the dresser of my bed room .. I hollow he jump off and ran and I ran to… I was lock in my bed room and the front door all I could do is call my God to protect me so I could go back and get the key to get out of the house.. I free myself and ran to the neighbor next door.. I’m 72 years old and I have cracks in the wall /a incompeleted elevation I need help please … Contact e-mail griffithgillsj@

  277. Hi my name is Nicole McCoy and I have an issue with my daughter’s school she goes to Columbus Collegiate Academy on Dana Avenue Columbus Ohio they currently do not have AC units in the classrooms some of the classrooms do have AC units but my daughter’s classroom does not they are not giving out bottles of water or popsicles to help the children in case of heat stroke and exhaustion anything my daughter does have asthma I’m wondering if it is possible that we know if the child is required to be in class with the heat and they’re only be in one fan and that classroom or is it Paris choice that the child stays home until after the heat wave please contact me and let me know 614-378-9571 again my name is Nicole

  278. Hello I work for this contractor and he steal has not pay me yet, I call him on plant ocacions but he only says tomorrow or next day and never call back . I need your help Melanie . Pls my name is John and contractor name is David freeman

  279. 2486672829 My name is: Andre STEPHENS my problem is that i use a power chair because i can not TiTAN Drive chair keep braking down on me.this is my 2nd power wheelchair the first one broke down 1 hour after i had the middle of 8mile rd.and i had to call on the problem solvers and a new power wheelchair was delivered to me. Two weeks later they had to put 2 new motors on a new the day on the 7th of this month my car broke down in Walmart parking lot in Livonia Michigan Walmart told me what a problem that they wouldn’t let no one come out and help me when I was going there to spend my money at the store also orbit Medical is where the chair was purchased through Meridian Insurance Company told me there was nothing they could do orbit would not send anyone out to fix my power wheelchair orassist me and is 95 degrees weather I have had a heart attack or stroke and I’m paralyzed and cannot walk I had to pay someone over $100 out of my pocket to assist me now I’m still stuck with all the chair to get around in orbit has been messing over me from everythingthat has to do with my power wheelchair can someone help me get my wheelchair repair will have them to bring a brand new one now that’s different from the one that they keep giving me which is a straight-up lemon. sincerely ANDRE STEPHENS, ps someone can contact me @ 1-248-667-2829. My cellphone.

  280. Im still stuck with this car i still make payments on it all my lights keep going out they never did honor the warrent they said its ran out now i have all most been killied in it two times cause it just stops running i need to no a number for a lawyer that handles this stuff the owner told me i have no rights no opion and im a bitch cause i tild him 2 days after i had the car i did not want it back so they kept it worked on every thing but what i told them gave me it back when i had a week left warrent im on ssd i cant afford to keep putting money in cars i only had this one end of june

  281. We have over 10 wires and a part of a poll down in the back of our apartment building that have been there since the last storm I’m afraid that children will get hurt because this is a school route not to mention we cannot park in the back of our apartment building and no one seems to care that all these wires are down on the ground if anyone could help us we live at 16 139 champagne in Allen Park Michigan please respond as soon as possible

  282. Retaliation in the workplace and discrimination at o.u. the university is currently under federal investigation for discrimination but they are good at sweeping their foul play under the rug. The npd turned a blind eye to the hazing. Oupd did the same when I reported the harassment and threats. The EEOC federal investigator who did my intake back in June, alma mater is of the university oklahoma. over half of the the attorneys on the Oklahoma employment lawyers association dot org website graduated from o.u. as well. i need to share my story. The
    Last time I was at the eeoc (9/15/16) the other federal investigator said my only chance I have is “spooking” them into mediation by going public with channel 4 news. “Oklahoma is the reddest state. You can’t stop them from being racist. ” So he know how they operate but all he was willing to do was issue a right to sue letter. What good is that if most of these lawyers won’t go up against the school who gave them their education? My civil rights has evaporated. I’m basically being told to get over it. I wouldn’t stand a chance in court knowing Oklahoma is “the reddest state”. Please help. This all started because a bus driver was complaining his sandwich not being delivered saying: “excuse my french but this whiteboy gon get nigger on em”… out of nowhere. I reported him (protected activity) and it’s been downhill from there. Now I’m out of a job for filing grievances. Thought I was doing the right thing .

  283. My husband committed suicide on 9/14/1, my family was evicted and torn apart that same day. The house was my parents who passed away, They bought it in 1972.. My husband had also lost his ex to suicide. He has two boys who I raised after their mother passed. So together we have 5 children and now 6 grandchildren.We all lived this home as a very happy family until that day!! My husband did not tell any if us about the mortgage problems which I could have solved by retiring and getting SS. But I was very ill and dealing with knee surgery. He had been on disability since 2004 and they stopped paying because they said they overpaid him. I have found so many mistakes in their system since then. He also was hurt on his job and had to have surgery in Jan 2015 which ked to major depression. I was also dealing with depression but he had always taken care of everything so we all dint know we would have no place to live in a few months. I spoke to the real estate agent and she said he had told her not to mention anything to ms e because I was sick and he was afraid it would kill me loosing this home. Well it practically has killed me, I am so misplaced and lost and I feel like since Bank of America was using my income as repayment then they should have contacted me. I need an attorney!! The people who bought my home flipped it and it’s going on the market this month. My family is devastated!! I have written to them, but no response. I want our home and family back together, this was my childrens and grandchildren’s heritage!!! I also wrote to Ellen three times, also had a Plumfund and a Gofundme, but nobody really helped. I want to sue Bank of America for his death, and wrongful eviction!!

  284. My name is Peggy Vigil got tickets for the Whispers concert at the Adam’s county Fairground on Aug 20th their were other bands but whispers did not show we left the concert the next day I tried to get a refund the tickets were purchased from kings soopers they told me I had to call ticket west so I called ticket west talked to a Dustin he said they were going to investigate and get back with me within 24 hours. No one contacted me so I called ticket west again then the told me that they haven’t got any information that I had to go back to kings soopers do I went back talk to a Breanna she called ticket west and was on the phone for about 30 mins with them then the hung up on her we keep getting the run around can u help

  285. Hi first of all your number 18004166397 does not work. Second I have a problem but how can u help? I Anna was notified on the 17th by PCH that I had won ten thousand dollars on the 18th they informed me I was the wrong winner I’m very upset. I asked to speak to corprid that was a NO but they would give me 50,000 tokens I’ve been playing PCH sweepstakes for four and a half years everyday never missed a day so yes I thought I really won the money. I told them I’m waiting for a call or CONDENSATION other than tokens. In my email they lied they said I was the only one that happened to when I spoke with the manager there were a few others one person has an attorney I was told. PCH has to correct this they are not like that they can’t be. Again Anna . my email is thank u for reading this and people should know.

  286. Two days ago I came across a website for shihtzu for sale so I contacted them by email and let them know I was interested in one of them so we went through the corresponding and finally got a price for it. They said it would cost me $450 including shipping from Houston, Tx to here or $480 to my home so I gave them my info. I paid the $480 via money gram. A few hours later I received an email from USA worldwide pet delivery services stating that the puppy had passed their vet medical inspection and was said to be in good health and that they needed confirmation of my information. So I confirmed the shipping information. About an hour later I received another email from USA Worldwide that the crate they were given was insufficient and would put the puppy at risk and therefore needed an air conditioned crate to transport the puppy and needed $660 money gram sent in order to transport the puppy. I then called the owner and told him that I wanted a refund of the $480 and he said that the money was non refundable. That the money is for shipping the puppy. There is nothing in the email or on their website that says that the money is no refundable. I also went on the Internet and looked up what kind of crate was airline approved. There’s nothing that says it has to be an electronic crate so I sent another email to the owner and asked him to consider using pet air carrier LLC. I haven’t heard from him/her yet. I either want my money back or the puppy shipped to me or something done about it.

  287. Johns eastern claim adjusters should be investigated for the incompetent thieves they are. They are hired by the county and are supposed to work for the taxpayer. My experience with them after -over a year ,four Adjusters, including a supervisor- 6 months of them sending correspondents to the wrong address, and I can’t get in writing who my adjuster is now or any response on the phone after weeks of phone calls. These people should be in jail.

  288. I Tacora move this apartment for 1400 dollars three weeks ago i have water running all on floor i want my money back my son has all on his bed maintenance guy today bout it he said have paid.

  289. I had a IOD at work now after 2weeks at home as docter ordered after knie operation my boss suddenly is very rude with me..yesterday 1 st back at work I had a appointment at docter so I arrange with floor manager and work tookgave me lift to docter…soon after boss phoned me and is very rude….why I ask I have to arrange with floor manager and I did so what’s the problem?during my sickleave at home boss didn’t waant to pay the 75%as the law stated…and I ask a friend to call him and say what the law states… yesterday when I clock out the boss has filled on my clock card I didn’t work yesrterday….why why why….my knie is very sore and I struggle to walk…also work didn’t complete the IOD form for compansation commissioner…

  290. I went to a car dealer to bits cheap car cause I am doable I needed a car to get to doctors I had 1500 dollors that’s it then the guy asked me if I had more I said no I just barely make my rent an electric I have a set income he tells memories problem he sells me a car for 5000 Dollor sent paper work to credit acceptance I don’t have no credit at all its bad he let’s me take the car out if the lot with out insurance car payment is 185.00a month I have no money got into a car accident then they came an repo the car then they will sell it in a auction got a letter they sold it for 300dollor where these wasn’t badly damaged I Wat my money back pluses what I spent on it

  291. I am the same person about my car it was a 2006hunda accord hybrid it costed almost 6,000i had to go to the swapmeet to sell things to make the car payments I made about 5payment of 185.00 I had to buy 3tires was really bad cost me about 300then the only gave me only one key I told home has to be two my son said mom how can the sell you a car where you have not one penny to pay for this car you are disable plus they let you take the car out of the lot with out insurance I can’t beloved that they need to give all my moneyvback so I can get a car help me please I am Torry depress thank you barbarameyerf the car dealer is auto cox dealer ship in 297wilikina drive wahiawa Hawaii96786 the guys name is John Penny my address is 298 willilkina drive wahiawa hi 96786*

  292. Yes I do I am getting text tell me I won a lot of money but I have to send them a fee to get it can you help me out my email is thank you

  293. I applied for FEMA at +1-800-621-3362 I called the number and got a response letting me know they would send me an application by mail. I have received free phone calls from Puerto Rico phone number 1 878 644-9543 the gentleman’s name was Sergio Molina. He is called me up until 9:30 at night.Mr Molina wants to come and do an inspection of my damages. I feel very skeptical about calling Puerto Rico for a matter that is in Ormond Beach Florida? You may call me at 508 415 3836. Thank you so much

  294. Hi this is Jason Glickman I am back on March 31st 2016 I had a missed call the optical migraine and very rare barely tapped a car and I just had a little baby scratch and the highway patrol was mad at me because she slammed on her brakes and I asked her why and she was Mexican he was Mexican and he asked me to follow him to a designated area and he wanted to do a DUI test on me and the history of DUI plus I’m disabled I have a lot of problems and then another Highway Patrol pulled up he was Mexican as well and I get the breathalyzer I blew .0 twice he asked me for a year and I thought he wanted me to do it in broad daylight 12 o’clock in the afternoon on 66th Street and 54th Avenue St Pete so I refused it and I don’t stuff the laws on DUI because I’ve been driving 38 years I’m turning 53 years old never had a DUI and I don’t drink so they lied on the report saying the other Highway Patrol drove my car there was a lot of discrepancies I had to plead to a DUI which I didn’t have because it is to police officer’s word against mine so I didn’t know what to do I had a public defender when I get my license back in about five and a half months I’m pretty upset the way they handle that I breathe they were prejudiced. I’m also Jewish my Jewish name is konzeltic. And I don’t know anyone here I’m not from st. Pete I have no way to get to my Dr and in a grocery store I don’t know what I’m going to do

  295. I’ve been paying $780 a month in child support for the past 7 years since my divorce. I filed for support modification/reduction in mid September. No reduction yet but now suddenly my son has been added to my medical insurance for an additional $180 deduction from my paycheck every month. I couldn’t pay my bills before the additional insurance deduction could barely afford to eat! Borrow money to get by! The state doesn’t care! No one cares. I’m told I have take her to court! How am I supposed to afford a lawyer??? I can’t even afford to eat!
    My ex claims no income. She is paid “under the table” and makes more money than I do, lives very comfortably and takes vacations often. She took my son to live out of state hundreds of miles away. How is this fair? How can the state allow a mother to “live” off child support and claim no income! Women can have fathers pursued for little to no cost to enforce or request to increase child support…it’s a fairly quick, simple and painless process the state does the work for them (for free!)..but fathers have to fork out more $$$ to lawyers to fight in court to get it reduced (and expose fraud)…is that how it supposed to work? Why can’t recipients of support who are illegally collecting too much support be pursued and investigated by the state as quickly, and easily as those who are sought out for not paying or not paying enough! It’s a double standard and it’s shameful!! I’ve never pursued legal action before because I can’t afford a lawyer! Is this really my only option??? I’m at my wits end. Can you help me? No one else is listening.

  296. I need help getting my fur babies back. My truck broke down and to go get help I had to leave them in truck when got back to get them my truck and dogs were gone. The shelter refuses to let me see them I’ve never been away from them since they were born on September 26,
    2015. I need my babies. I’m new here and have no family a bhai d no clue what I need to do

  297. I brought my truck to mossy of picayune for a recall and they messed up my truck and I have been dealing with General Motors and mossy for two weeks and got played. The funny part is General Motors will give me 3000 dollars for a new truck but won’t fix my truck which cost 3000 dollars. I have never heard of such a thing.they are just trying to sell me a truck because the really messed up my truck bad.they want to give me an olc which is the 3000 all I want is for them to fix my truck. General Motors told me they would buy my truck out as a buy out but when I got to the dealership they would not do it they are trying to buy my truck for 20,000 thousand dollars but I owe 38,000 thousand this is sad can you please help me out I would like to have a news team with me when I pick up my truck on Monday. Thanks

  298. I will like to investigate if and mortgage company can input a insurance company that is charging 48 $48,000 when the original insurance premium was $2500 our year I called my mortgage company and they told me that they can import any amount that the piece that there is no limit my mortgage is 169,000 can you please contact me at 909-734-3345

  299. Hi my name is Darren Harmon and I need help I need help with my mom she has mold in their house and I have to move her out I bought a home from the Expo a manufactured home and : one acre of land in Stockbridge Michigan that’s in Ingham County I have purchased a home paid off I purchase the land paid off I run short of money to have my Foundation put down and the setting of the house I need someone to help me finish this project because my mom 75 years old and she has mold in her existing home I need to bring her out of this home and put her and my retarded handicap brother into the new home finish. Soon our existing home will be under foreclosure and we will be in the street my mom is six months behind in her mortgage and can’t afford to stay here please help us anyway you could we will be appreciated thank you my phone number is 586 868 3495 thank you

  300. My granddaughter Raveuna Blair, has been getting bullied for some years at her school my daughter and I have went to the school talk to the principal and the board and its still going on. The teachers and principal are not doing anything about it

  301. I lived in a trailer park in Ocala Florida now the owners of the park agreed to buy my trailer and I’m as we removed all agreed to pay this amount soon as we’re out on them I like everytime I talk to him I keep getting excuses me and my wife for disabled seniors and I didn’t need to know if you could help me solve this problem

  302. I live in the mayo meadow neighborhood grandma and grandpa bought this house in 1958 it use to be quiet and calm even when i was growing up but lately crime is on the rise there are constantly cars being broke into Sunday at 8:30 my neighbor beside me and across from me had their cars broke into, packages are being stolen and today just up the street a house was broke into, front door kicked in. Our little community is tired of this happening and most of us are even afraid of leaving the house! For fear our houses are next It is getting out of hand and SOMETHING HAS GOT TO BE DONE!

  303. Good morning, in July I purchased a Samsung active 7, less than 2 months it fell off my kitchen island on to a cardboard box of seltzer water and bounced 7 inches to the kitchen floor and cracked the screen. I did contact my carrier and I had a warranty coverage that replaced the phone for a cost, I did pay that AT&T and got a replacement phone under a purchased Warranty program. However due to the cost of the phone and the advertisement that the regular Samsung 7 is good for up to a five foot drop without damage, and I had the semi-military grade Active, I wanted to have the screen replaced by Samsung or I should say repaired. Since September 19th I have called Samsung no less than 5 times and had to explain the whole situation over and over again with no solution. When I contacted them on the 19th they gave me a shipping number and a shipping label to send it back for repair. They said they called me and left a message that there was a charge for the repair, I never received it! They sent it back to me without any contact, not fixed or repaired. I contacted them again, they sent me another ticket to send it back to them insisting that someone would call me to 1 to 2 days after my phone call and give me an estimate. No phone call, I waited, and I sent it in anyway over a week later. This time I sent it, it was last week, and today I received an email stating they sent it back to me un-repaired statung abuse. This is the second time they said it’s out of warranty due to damage or abuse, it was not abused!. My problem is I spent $800 on a samsung active, which is supposed to semi military grade and it broke in less than two months! I have numerous times asked Samsung for help both on the phone and via email as welll. They told me when i get the delivery to then call again to create another ticket with Customer relations since my initial phone call was before a memo sent 9/30/16 to the samsung staff that any damage to phone is out of warranty. Is someone able to help me, please please please! When you spend $800 on a phone that is supposed to be shock resistant and then you get the more durable semi military grade one and it cracked the first time it falls, that’s not right! Please contact me for assistance! I don’t understand how they could make a product and not stand behind it. My name is Marilyn Walker my cell phone is 815-325-1563 and my home is 352-242-2699. Thank you in advance for your help!!!!

  304. Net spend has close my account saying I coast to must trouble they own me about 670. But now everytime I call that hang up then come to fine out the back that they out of is from the Philippines what am I to do. Please try to help me
    Ťhank you
    Sonja Jones
    618 409 8565

  305. My son needs ur help he is going to be doing life for something he didn’t do and the judge is throwing everything out that could help him please help me

  306. I have a complaint about the dirt and harmful dust coming from the columbus castings plant please have someone check into the mess that is coming from the parsons Ave old factory. It looked like a cole mine exploded today and smelled worse. Thank you if u can help .

  307. There is a limo service called Luxury limo they are stealing peoples money and are not providing service you pay for your limo and expect to have your service on your given day and they dont show up at all mor do they answer the phone the company is in Southfield, Michigan on Telegraph south of 10 mile rd

  308. Hey I have been dealing with sun trust for 5 days now trying to get my money back .They sent my money to frontier but I enter verizon now nobody has received the money all they keep saying when I call is it being investigate 281$ at Christmas hurts

  309. I have girlfriend that lives in ponchtula. After the rains that flooded ponchtula her trailer was soaked with water with created mold all through the trailer. Fema came out and told her that the trailer isn’t liveable. They told her to find a contractor to give and estimate to see how much it will take to fix the problem. Each time she got an estimate an submitted it they told her if she can get a contractor to do it for 18000 they would see to get it fixed. She went through at least 4 contractors and got the bid. Each time they turned her down. They told her to keep appealing. She and her family who lives there is getting sick because of the mold. She has a grandson who lives there been in the hospital at least three times because of respiratory infections. Fema is not even trying to find a place from them to get out. This is a problem that been going on for awhile what a person suppose to do. She still paying on it and it’s not even liveable. Just want answers why.

  310. As a parent and a grabdmother of 8 i let my oldest daughter. And her boyfriend rent. My house they used my name for gas electr water bill. I helped her get a van house got damaged.they keeping my grandkids from me they didnt pay me the rent money for six months im missibg alot of ny stuff i work so hard i cant get my water on because they used my name i need my water back on they need to pay me what they owe me she wont face me cause of her boyfriend

  311. Need help got a car key from lock Smith and it cost $340 for the key the don’t work to my car I have been calling them for 2 weeks straight and nobody never came out the technician that supposedly came out to my house to fix my key never came and told them that he came he called me three times the first time I didn’t answer second time I did he hung up on me third time he called me I told him I didn’t answer the first time because I was on the phone with somebody dealing with something very important then he tells me to f*** off I asked them today to send somebody else out to fix my key to my car or I need a refund and they said they wasn’t sending nobody else out and I was not getting a refund I want them to be exposed and I want my money back or my teeth fixed

  312. I need help I am going be evicted I have 6 kids and I am disabled my hot water don’t work I live on one check I have called and went to churches and it’s not working am so scared what will my kids think of me please help I need someone I don’t want to lose my kids they all I have

  313. I was arrested for a crime that I didn’t commit on November 8, 2016. I was framed by an insurance adjuster employed by Go Auto, while I was in the gretna , louisiana area . The location is around the jefferson parish court house where they have street cameras and I need help obtaining access to this evidence to clear my name. I have no way of contacting the proper people and I need help .

  314. Better off working with a professional that is well-versed exactly how this
    online stuff works instead of throwing away invaluable time
    and getting nowhere with regards to online reputation management.

  315. I hope that you can help.
    Waste pro continues to miss picknow up all the time. Every other week and when I call they don’t answer and when they do you feel as if they are going to resolve the issue, and they don’t. I’ve recently experience the deliberate act of Waste Pro picking up everyone else’s garbage and not mine. I’ve been calling and placing complaints to no avail.
    Thursday was my pick up date and was coming home and the waste pro truck was in front of me and garbage was coming out from on top of the truck and falling everywhere. I thought to myself I should call to complain about this but felt that if I did they would not pick up my garbage. Well they picked up everybody else’s garbage but mine again.
    Therefore I’m contacting you because this company is not doing anything about my being victimized. I should not have to go into my garage and smell old garbage.
    Please help me I’ve been dealing with this for a while. To make matters worse this past year I paid much more for sewage.

  316. I just bought a use 2013 ford explorer xlt v6 front wheel drive from someone cant contact him dissapear it i take it to the dealer its gonna cause me wondering if u can help me make a new one ty and more power to all of u

  317. My son was arrested by Columbus police department over a week ago an not seen or heard from again, when asked they say they don’t have him, all hospital say do not have him… I need my son.

  318. Due to an error at the time of signing my paper work after purchasing my car, not once but twice, it was reported to my credit report that I was not making my monthly payments on time, Nevertheless another mishap on their behalf. My credit score was at 650 and now is at 585 due to this situation. I am very stressed, distraught and beside myself, I am a car salesmen myself and would never imagine that South Audi would ever treat a consumer this way.

  319. 愛車の買い取りしても

  320. I have a problem with direct general insureance they r trying to take my money and give it to some one to whom doesn’t be long to I would like some help I was also in a car accident recently and the insurance company say they can pay my passengers but not me there r 4 of them Justin cabaniss ,don Coleman,Jasmine HoBBS,Rachel not sure of the last name phone# 1800-403-1077 u can contact me at 863-812-3978 my name is Sonya jenkins

  321. to whom it may concern I’m not sure if you can help me 53 years old on disability and it’s turned my whole life around where are used to be a business owner and had wealth and all that good stuff now I don’t DCF will only give me $16 a month for food stamps and I’m eating one meal a day because I have no food also United Healthcare Medicare Part D as raise the rate to $76 on me plus Medicare is $109 its $185 I live by myself I pay all my bills and I don’t know what to do Medicare Part D somehow needs to waive their deductible or I need help getting a deductible waived that’s a lot of money $76 for prescription .I live in Saint Petersburg and a little tiny studio apartment and I would like to at least get a one-bedroom I’m accustomed to live in a 3-bedroom 2-bath nice new home over 20 years and it’s just so tinycoverageroach infestedI’ve spent $60 of my own money going to you do it yourself buying the chemicals buying the pump the bay and everything the only thing I think that’s going to work is the tube bait which is around $25 that I don’t have right now my license are suspended supposed to for a DUI because I refused to urine so I have $1,100 in fines to pay to get my license back I’m already approved for a new car

  322. I have a Jetta TDI, which has been recalled but don’t have the registration/tab for 2015–2016 as it is a lease car. I leased it in MD but moved to FL and I informed both King auto in MD about our move as well as Fields auto here in Daytona and both dealerships stated “Don’t worry.” So I didn’t and now having major problems trying to resolve the issue. Please help.

  323. name is Lisa and im trying to get my story out because i know we are not the only ones dealing with this situation! I have 3 boys oldest turning 21, 19, and 18….i have had them since day 1….the father owes me 44,000 in back suppirt..has a warrant a trailor in his girlfriends name car is in her name so child support cant get it. I have 2 girls turning 14 and 15 ..their dad owes over 22,000 and is in prison for next 8 yrs so i get 4.50 a month from him! My husband and i have custody of his boy turning 11..his mom is in his life and pays the majority of the time. We do not turn in receipts of stuff we buy its just the amount court ordered. Our 15 yr old is in cheer and its cost us almost 700 for her to do cheer during football and basketball season. She was pucked from over 400 girls for the All American Cheer….could of done half time show in Florida over Christmas but we could not afford for her to go.It bothered me that she deserved to go but no coaches were going which meant my husband and or i would of had to go and we really couldnt afford couple thousand.Our local high school did NOT even give these 4 girls credit! Why arent these deadbeats pushed..if we didnt pay or see our kids we would rack up charges but they walk free…i dont get it. My boys dad has had a warrant since April 2016 and is still walking..not working but my husband stepped up for my 5 kids and has been there for them.We struggle and live pay check to pay check….we want to buy a house so our kids always have somewhere to call home but its so hard paying bills keeping them active so they arent in the streets… please help me get the word out so that something can be done to help those who do take care of their kids when the other parent walked away! Try having kids and u do all u can but they dont have grandparents due to their race or a parent because they turned and walked away.I played mom dad grandma grandpa aunt uncle cousins for all 5 of my kids til i met my husband. His parents are witnesses so holidays bdays..its what we get them and thats big family get togethers..just us.Ive always gone out of my way to make it big 4 them but its not the same and hard to go big when u have 8 kids…2 parents doing it when there should be 5 parents but we just get looked down on. My husband just turned pro fighter so he could get us a house.If thats not true dedication to his wife and kids..i dont know what is!So with that asking for someone to get this story out to support my husband and let my kids know how much they mean to us and do something with these deadbeat parents!Thank you for taking time to read this!

  324. I’m living without heat have been since the beginning of fall or before & my landlord haven’t done anything! I’d talk with code appliance/ house inspector nothing still have been done. Who can help me?

  325. Yes I have a problem I’ve been working for alternative solutions for almost a year but which recently switched over to 360 Home Care on Mechanicville I’ve been having problems with getting paid I’ve been now been waiting on my check for 3 weeks and they keep giving excusing. They told me to come pick up my check twice now but on Saturday 1/28/17 I waited there for 2 hours and no one showed up or even bothered to call . This is rediculous and against the law. And this problem needs to be heard I have two little girls I need to take care of and I need my money.

  326. My boyfriend bought some soup from Kogers in Gallowa, I fixed a can of the soup and as he be gain to eat it, he was reading the ingredients on the can that is linked to an ingredient that can cause colon cancer, I called the store Manager Tim he said he would go and look at it, I went to return the soup and I noticed that the display was still there. As a customer I was a little upset to see it still on the floor.

  327. Hello my name is Joanne and I’m in a very bad situation I’m disabled and on a fixed income well back in September of 16 my lease was up so i decided to look for a house instead of an apartment i found one a starter packing my stuff moved in my new place and after a week of living in the new home someone knock on the door and was told that i wasn’t supposed to be there and i had 24 to 48 to be gone so i started packing with no where to. Tried it again and was scammed once again with a different property but wasn’t able to even move in.I have contacted the police and they say there’s nothing they can do

  328. Thank you for contacting me Jason Glickman I have a scenario I’m disabled and I get also ocular migraines that last for days I can’t walk I can’t see I’m incoherent I don’t know what’s going on around me so I’m stuck in the house for days The Specialist found in brain tumor and they referred me to dr. Cross he’s a neurosurgeon opthamologist over by Bayfront top and his field and I’m on probation for a DUI where I didn’t give a urine sample I did blow in the tube it was .0 but I had an ocular migraine and I was just added it and I miss understood what they were saying or I would have they don’t use any drugs but I do take a lot of medication I have a lot of Narcotics for all my symptoms I need three surgeries have been putting them off I don’t have any help so that’s why I can’t have these surgeries plus I have my dog and I’m concerned I have community service and judge asked me to try it in an hour once every two weeks I can’t do it they don’t want me to do it because I will be endangering myself and I don’t know how they can delete that money for community service I have my fines just about paid for and once it’s paid for I’m done with the probation thing I don’t do urine tests I don’t pay the $55 a month I just really need help with this I don’t have much money I don’t get but $16 a month for food and live by myself and I’m struggling every day I had to go to Amscot and borrow money and he spent a lot of money this month on all these doctors and then I have another doctor’s appointment in 2 days and I don’t know what to do I may not be able to drive again in my life

  329. My husband is being victimized please help!!

  330. Yes we called DirecTV AT&T for an issue that we were having with a area code 775 set up an appointment to have them come out today between noon and 4 they sent us to email confirmation saying then oh here’s an update 2 hours on the phone after 4 o’clock when they were supposed to be here no they don’t so a service ticket no there’s nobody coming out now they won’t come out past 6 o’clock but yet they made us stay home for 4 hours so you know

  331. Wells Fargo Bank not releasing available funds for no apparent reason it is hurting my business I’m getting bounced checks from them when the money’s there and it’s very frustrating as a business owner trying to pull out what says is available and not being able to get it I need help I feel like they are keeping and holding my money I want to know why.

  332. I brought a stackable washer and dryer from C & H Appliances at 1318 E Altamonte Dr in Altamonte Springs FL that cost me $300 on 2/23/2017 with a 30 day warranty I called this weekend because when it washes it makes so much noise and moves around. They never came out to see about it l called today and the lady hung up on me. I called again no answer i need your help i need a decent used washer and dryer from this place they say i can’t get my money back that’s crazy.

  333. I am a retired 20 Air Force Veteran with full medical benefits. I’m 80% disabled service connected. I have been refused Dermatology care. The wait time at my VA facility in Ann Arbor is 8 weeks. I received an authorization to get care at Midwest Center for Dermatology in Clinton Twonship 586-286-0112. The authorization had an expiration date of 23 December. Now I have been told by the VA ” The place I was being treated needs to send a letter to extend care.” Net Health (the civilian company hired by the VA to run the program) says I need to call the VA to get the authorization extended. So I called the VA back and they said I need to have the Dr. send a letter. I have skin cancer and the VA wont cover the procedure. Please contact me

  334. I have a samsung front loader washer machine that exploded samsung seems there not gonna do anything about it

  335. Yes l had a land don’t want to fix thing . But. How l can pay rent when my. Light bill can in
    $256 00..810.00. 798.00. Okay he is not going to help me pay anything.

  336. The yes I have a problem with this daycare not trying to pay me my money becouse I quite.

  337. My husband and I have been victimized by our prior landlords, Otis and Deborah Florence here in Tampa Florida

  338. To whom it may concern my name is Jason a Glickman.
    I have a question I have a rare disease called ocular migraines and mine are very rare they last for days where I’m blind I have no balance I can’t walk I’m stuck in the house for days I can’t begin to tell you how many stitches and broken bones that have occurred from this disease and I have to go to a DUI School but I see no sense in it I just met with a neurosurgeon opthamologist and I can never drive again there’s no cure for my ocular migraines so I don’t know how to go about it you would think the State of Florid .because it would be just like having a blind person behind the wheel and I’ve reached out to many people and I’m not getting any response and it’s very scary I was told I’m probably going to lose my left eye go blind definitely and I just don’t know where else it turned of network for specialist and nobody can help me. There’s very few people in the world that have the severe condition that I have and it’s not like a regular migraine because I get those so bad I’ll have to give myself a shot in the leg that’s prescribed by the doctor with ocular migraines no warning no pain. I really need help people do not know what ocular migraines are how dangerous these things are my girlfriend is coming back from New York to take care of me I’m only 53 years old

  339. When paid with a registered check by mail, and the check was for more than what I sold them over double the amount. I was told to pay the remainder of th check to the shippers when they pick up. What was purchased. If I pay cash to the shippers and sign a receipt of the sold item, will I be held responsible for anything?

  340. Hello my name is Evelyn Merriman my husband is Willie R Merriman Jr and we are seniors we have been victimized by Dominion Electrical Company / Michael & Son we had some electrical work done on our house was never fully completed by Michael & Son and Dominion Dominion came and took the meter off the house left my husband and I seniors homeless for 3 months in the cold can’t cook can’t wash clothes tried to get an agreement before they took the meter off and was denied all we want to do was getting agreement pay a bill stay in a house I’ve had pneumonia bronchitis back to back we just need somebody to listen to a story and get this matter finalized we could not come up with $1,700 we’re retired with seniors maybe you can help us 804 245 2304 thank you looking to hear from you soon

  341. I am a tenant of an apartment and my landlord so careless of all those problems that going on related to maintenance of the apartment so I would like to know if there is something that you guys could do about it we been since 2009 and we are tired of this issue

  342. So please let me know if there is any solution of this problem and thank you very much. I whach Tom Susi show and I see he solved those problems


  344. Help, my kids and I have been split up, the state stole my kids, im being wrongfully accused and now the state has given my kids away to someone that has abused on record, my baby girl, … please HELP

  345. İ got my tools stolen from my truck, ive got it on video.i showed pictures to my apartment manager of the truck and the person who stole them .she tells me no that truck or person do not live here. İ know all cars ,take it to the police.İ showed the pictures to the maintence man, he told he will ck.the later the maintence man brings the lady who owns the truck to my apartment. Then the next day or two the manager showed up at my door with police stating i went to the ladys door herassing her and now she is scared..
    …not true…my manager was trying to scare me so that i let my tools with the police go.
    İ got it on video the guys next door to me set it all up by useing cell phones. İ told my manager the guys next door are drinking ,smooking weed, and i saw a guy with a gun with a gun not a good combenation .then the manager comes to my apartment takes my patio next door and tells them in front of that they can drink, smoke weed, on the patio ,in the front or hall way in front of my manager let the other nighbors next to me that i was the one who told that i got video of the almost catching the patio on fire and once setting the patio on fire. Now we had two killings two car jackings .the police came over to see my video and aired it on tv local news .now my nighbors want my camera down and my life has been threaten to be shot and beaten up if i dont take down the cameras.
    Now ive been assaulted and my manager wrote me up for eviceion .
    Can you help please…

  346. I’m having trouble with a crocked mechanic. He has had it since November. It needed a rebuilt transmission. So, we were paying him 100.00 when we dropped it off. Then he needed a hundred dollars for parts around February. Then he brings in to us saying it’s fixed and we give him another two hundred. The car was doing the exact same thing as when we dropped it off. So, he takes it back saying o I know what the problem it won’t be much. So, I called him asking about car. He says it will be ready Friday. So, when I talk to him that day he said you have the balance and I said you told us when could pay balance in a few weeks. But he said no I need the balance of 460.00 before I could pick it up. I did,and he drove me around the block trying to show me it was shifting good. So, the idiot I was gave him the balance and left with car drove 6miles home and couldn’t get it in my driveway. That was the original problem, when transmission gets hot it doesn’t go. I called him like 15mins later to say I want my money back for to say sorry I don’t have your money, I just paid my rent. I could bring it back and he’d have it fixed. So, with no choice we took it back about three weeks ago so then I called him on Monday the 13th for him to say he would have it ready Thursday. We have yet to hear from him with our car. Please help us get our money back or our car fixed right!!

  347. Dcf pess program kicking daughter out of program with out due cause to leave her homeless

  348. I had a bunionectomy and now I will need plastic surgery, and a corn removed off my baby toe. And will have problems with shoes in the future. I’m totally dissatisfied and the doctor act like he does not notice. And I do not have money to fix this . HELP I feel as though I have been taken advantage of and don’t know what to do!

  349. I had a bunionectomy and now I will need plastic surgery, and a corn removed off my baby toe. And will have problems with shoes in the future. I’m totally dissatisfied and the doctor act like he does not notice. And I do not have money to fix this . HELP I feel as though I have been taken advantage of and don’t know what to do! He really did a bad job and need to stop ruining people’s feet!

  350. We have been waiting over 7years for our crib to be fixed, it was approved 5 years ago and it it still has not been fixed. A section of the street is also crumbling. We would not be able to sell our house even if we wanted too. I can’t back out f our driveway with the front scraping. Be cause it is the city that’s responsible for the repair no one will intercede. I was told by several city officials that we we’re not a priority.

  351. I am 65, disabled with spine injury & blindness. Planning to marry my partner of 18 years, 70 yr old veteran, we rented an apt on Miami Belach from Holly House Reealty pl President, Arthur Mondejar. Short time later, ceiling flooded & collapsed on top of us, caused head/knee traumas. Mondejar demanded/collected full rent when the ceiling was on the floor, abandoned us to clean all toxic continuing collapses for next 2-1/2 months. I contracted Pneumonia, retired to bedroom to recover, getting sicker; slept sitting up, drowning in pleural fluid. Owner Douglas B.Shapiro ignored EVERYTHING., refused our phone calls, returned our certified letter. Badgered & bullied, THREATENED with eviction, we paid full rent, sick, injured, unable to function; James ws bitten by something that crawled through opening in floor Mondejar’s crew refused to fix. Drywall turned black; what we thought was “dust” was VISIBLE MOLD that covered our furnishings, clothing, etc. Before we left, a Professional Mold Test PROVED presence of Aspergillus & other dangerous/FATAL strains of MOLD/BACTERIA. We suffered excruciating harassment from above neighbor, huge group of people, VIOLENT nosies (lift & drop bed, sofa, drag chairs, high heels on bare wood floors, fights, all-night traffic, etc.); Mondejar IGNORED 6 months of emails BEGGING HIM TO STOP THE DISTURBANCES, but he did NOT. Police officer investigated, offered to testify on our behalf in Court. 3 days later, we were terminated, while James was in the Hospital with broken arm, collapsed from extreme dizziness (mold poisoning) & severe distress from lengthy sleep deprivation, Falls, trip to hospital, broken arm requiring multiple surgeries. Mondejar & Shapiro filed the Eviction when James was unable to stand or walk due to surgeries for injuries from apt conditions, same as previous tenancies, targeting Elderly, operating with NO LICENSE, renting substandard, dangerous premises; our 51 yr old friend DIED in less than 1 year tenancy. Florida Statutes say Tenant is NOT liable for rent when LL does not make repairs, fails to maintain premises. We have multi-agency Inspections with multiple Violations; LL NEVER made repairs, REFUSED to make repairs for us, allowed us to become ill, instead; threatened us, forced us to drop Complaint with the Health Dept. Mondejar didn’t care about Statutes or our injuries, or how fragile we became – HE THREATENED US TO PAY FULL RENT WE WERE NOT LIABLE FOR. Mediator would not accept me to appear for James in Court; Judge gave ALL the monies guaranteed to the Tenant, to this Plaintiff, who LIED, fraudulently brought this lawsuit, defamed us, evil & cruelly evicted us, sick, injured, robbed of every dime, forced to the street; this LL INTENTIONALLY MADE US HOMELESS at 65, disabled & 70 yrs old veteran. They DESTROYED our Good Health, stable Finances, beautiful possessions, even ruined our Excellent Credit with this Fraudulent, Defamatory Eviction; they “got rid of us” after causing us permannt, crippling injuries; threatened & extorted us for undue rent, never gave us compensation for ANYTHING.

  352. My landlord sold the property i am living in. They gave me alittle over 30 days to move out. They have torn down balcony w/o notice. I come home home to plywood covering what used to be my balcony. They cut my kitchen outlets by mistake ( so they say). They are making it very hard to maintain calmness when I am looking at plywood so nobody falls out the window. They accepted my rent, but it wont be prorated! !! And I have less then 20 days to vacate!!! I am overwhelm with haste!!! I need some advise or help. Plaese. I will be homeless in less then 30 days. May 1st is my deadline. This just cant be right!!! Plz help me figure out my rights as a tentent!! I think I am being voilented. Sincerely, N need of help ASAP. Kimberly floyd-hale

  353. This is about John F Kennedy School and it’s sort of a long story I’m having a hard time getting my 14 year old son back into Kennedy that’s our homeschool we’ve gone through the Denver public school coordinator and also through Kate Diaz the Denver public school administrator For Denver and are still having a hard time getting my son in school he’s been out of school for 40 days had an appointment this morning at 7:30 the principal look at my son and said do you want to be here my son said I have to be here so the principal turn around and told him he doesn’t want to be here we’ll make this appointment for tomorrow at 11:30 and the school coordinator was there and I told the school coordinator my son is being targeted already he needs to be in school please help us problem solvers this has been going on since February 10th thank you my phone number is 720-297-9012

  354. Hi my name is Robert Abner I was baying a car from rigthway that told me that it would be 240 mo and they said it would be 388 a mo and I was with gateway that want to take my car away from me

  355. The apartment where we live is unfit. We have no air but we are charge for it. The electrical panel is shooting fire and the water in the shower does not come out. Another man didn’t have air for a year. The water pressure is no good. But rent is still on time. The apartment are Carson Crest on Carson road. The number is 8540411. Please help some off us have breathing problems.

  356. Ok husband and I decided to move in with nephew he’s wife wants to try call law enforcement who’s in trouble me or them and on top of it all we are staying in r.v outside there home with no running water no a,c or swamp cooler ,running lictricity threw stention cord out window

  357. 8 years ago I got in some legal trouble. It took me 3 to 4 yrs to pay everything and pay it all off and do everything I was told to do from City and county. when I was finished with all my requirements I went to go renew my license may of 2013 they would not let me do it they said Topeka had to send me a letter when I received my letter from Topeka it said I have 30 days to come up with $1,025 otherwise I would be suspended all that money that I spent and all that time and changing my life for the better was shattered because I’m low income poverty I could not pay that money in 30 days. So I’m suspended I have tried to do the Clean Slate I’ve tried to do the amnesty I tried to get a hardship. No luck. back in June 2016 I was pulled over and got a driving on suspended since then I have paid the $ the DMV I was charged on March of 17 for driving on suspended for what because I didn’t pay money in30 Days even my probation officer the judges didn’t do that to me it took me 3 to 4 years to get where I was at now I have to go to jail I didn’t turn myself in so now I have a warrant I have to do 30 days of house arrest I live off Social Security I can’t afford that and I have to be on probation for a whole year because I didn’t pay Topeka in 30 days $2,000 and I have paid that money I have paid lots of money and I am being bent over backwards a second Whammy this system is sad especially when someone has changed their ways in their life for the better I feel like I’m going backwards this is causing stress mental emotional abuse.

  358. I have a over whelming, stressed, and life changing problem. D.C.F.S Department of Children Family Services. I have a open case and my son was wrongfully detained. The d.c.f.s worker lied and manufactured her case report so bad that i have been fighting to get my son back for 6 months. My public defender agreed the case file was ridiculous but assured me if i was to take it to trail even though i have solid evidence of the false allegations i would lose. No addresses this issue at all the judge has no dismiss petitions at all not even one. Something has to be done about this situation. So if anyone knows of type of help with this matter please let me know.

  359. I have a story about identity theft and no one will help me to get my money back not even the bank this sent the money to them no one will help please call me back at 740-607-6974

  360. Hi. I have been being stalked for several years now.
    It is called gang stalking.
    It never stops. I have lost my home. My dignity. I am not allowed to have a good job, be happy,have any freedom of any kind. I cannot go anywhere without being watched by 1or more individual’s 24/7.
    The cops are of no help mostly because they either don’t understand it. Plus things are done in such a manner that if I do go to the cops. It looks and or sounds as if I am crazy.
    Things are constantly being stollen , or ruined.
    I need help. And so far no one seems to be able to help me.
    The object of the stalking is to wear you down till you commit sucide or just go plain crazy.
    There is much more information.
    But I will wait for your call. Before I explain the rest.
    I sincerely pray that there is someone there that can help me.

  361. Im in immediate assistance with finding an attorney in colorado that will fight a government funded urgent care. I have been trying since December. I visited uchealth for gout in my thumb and was given a steriod shot through my scrub pants. Which caused a blood infection 3 days later i was found unresponsive in bed and was taken to st anthonys north which they did the proper testing. I had emergency surgery and was in icu for 2 weeks. I had a wound vac attached to my leg for 2 months. I had to go into rehab to learn to walk again. I feel if the nurse at uchealth wouldve given me the shot correctly and if the doctor at north suburban wouldve done the proper care i wouldn’t have been found unresponsive or spend 2 weeks in icu or ventilated to keep me alive.

  362. On Oct. 11, 2011, my mother Patricia-Winans-Colsey drove herself to Botsford hospital for diabetic complications breathing…On Oct. 12, 2011 my mother’s primary physician entered alone finding my mother on the bathroom floor, & unresponsive, so she called CODE BLUE. After staff arrived & performed CPR my mom was pronounced brain-dead. Their records state that they was present, but to me if u performed CPR right away, why was my mother brain-dead?? I had an uncle & bestfriend to my mother tell me that the primary physician told them that she found my mom…I pursued a case Legally, was made a conservator, & fought to prove that my mom’s husband wasn’t entitled to anything GAINED from case, & I WON IT, bcuz he abandoned relationship 2yrs! I had one more court date upon the final judgement. My brother, whom was just released from prison, called lawyer about money in my mother’s TSP, which she didn’t have, he also mentioned me not being a beneficiary in will. LawyersFo ended up backing, & from what others explained to me: Not being in will COMPLICATED moving forward😣 I know in my heart my mom had A CASE, & PLEASE, HELP ME.

  363. How do I get may money back from paying the sewer board for over 18yrs.and I wasn’t tied into the county sewer? I’ve been trying. Please help me.

  364. I’m contacting you because I don’t know where else to turn to for help with an issue I’m having with 36th district friend of courts. My husband received another letter telling him they’re taking $584.50 a month out of his checks for child support to the mother not only for kids he has custody of but one of those kids is not his in fact was a ward of the state of Ohio placed in my husband’s custody to keep him out the system. We have gone to friends of the courts with the custody papers as these kids have been with us here in Michigan in my husband’s custody for over 5 yrs. Only to be told to bad suck it up and pay for your responsibilities. Meanwhile the mother who does not have custody or even sees the kids gets to sit back and collect money supposed to help support the kids which is being taking from the support of the kids. I don’t think it’s right we should be paying her for us to care and support her kids, shouldn’t it be the absent parent paying to support the kids.

    Charity is absent parent Brian is sole provider and not the father of one of the children he provides for in his custody but forced to pay for in order to continue caring for this child

  365. Need help from fox on your side I called to Ms Dorris but still got no revolves about my landlord evicted us cause we been trying get her repair my trailer we live renting from her ..
    Also the trailer park neighbors having. some issues her not fixing repairs ..
    Here is one neighbor. U can contact him
    Alex 205267-7153

  366. I recently wrote to you and since then my stockers have stopped my Gmail from downloading and so there’s no way for you to get back in contact with me I am feeling so frustrated I don’t know what to do my phone number is 303-727-0374 and hopefully they don’t block you from calling me and hopefully you got the message that I sent you I’m imagining by the reaction that happen in the day or so after that you did seriously I really really need help and I do not know how this is just going to go away and I really really need help

  367. This company grounds guy have taken a thousand dollars to do my yard and I got cancel checks and have not done anything in contract

  368. Hello.This past January 2017 my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer that started from Breast Cancer. It had already started to spread throughout her body. She went to her treatments as she wanted to fight. Anyone that knows here would say she is a fighter. I April 2017 she took a turn for the worse and was admitted to the hospital. After 3 weeks in the hospital, she wanted to come home and spend her time with her family and friends. On April 20 2017, she came home and April 22 2017 passed away in peace.

    My mothers had insurance and we proceeded with the funeral and her resting place. I find out a week later that her policy was accidental and not life. I have to come up with $7600 to pay the funeral home of. I do not have that kind of money. Is there any organization I could turn to for assistance.

    Thanks in advance!!

  369. I Emily Ruiz is writting to you guys at channel 7action news. Becuase i have a sister that is 51yrs of age with disabilities. And can’t work and has to under age chrildren still at home. She has tried to get her ex-husband to pay child support. But the goverment doesn’t knows where he is working. And he is past due over $10.000 dolars plus alimony. She doesn’t have an income. And she is awaiting on a decision on ssi. And her social worker has been giving her the run a round. To open her cash assistance. She is a wonderful mother always there for her children. And has worked all her life. Iam her baby sister. And was looking to help her. With out her knowing. In some way if you guys at channel 7 can help us. We would gladly appreciate it. She is going through hard times now. And there’s nothing that i can help her with. She lives in Lincoln Park michigan. Contact me Emily ruiz at 313-204-5792 or email me at thank you very much. I can tell you more about her life and all she has been through.

    • There is this kid really a baby getting ready to do life because of his dad and stepmom he is scared of them both and everything that could help this kid out the judge was throwing everything out so if you would please please look at. William Campbell there is so much to tell

  370. Yes. Please call me at 9189020124

  371. Im having trouble raising money to have a funeral service for De’onna Monae Goodson I am a single mother of 6 children De’onna Was Born With hydrocephalus and also had a twin sister who died months before birth in the womb we are asking for this story to be shared to help people understand this difficult life De’onna Monae Goodson Lived Now She Has Her Wings We Would Appreciate Any Donations or Anything To lay Our Angel To Rest we have a gofund me account but since my baby didn’t make the news or it was a extreme event or murder it seems like no one wants to help even though my baby had a disability she was just like any other child who was loved by all 5 of her siblings and family members and I know my baby deserves the proper burial but by me being a single stay at home mother money is pretty tight around here and I’m doing everything I can to raise the money so I can give my baby the loving burial she deserves so I coming to you as a mother who needs help

  372. Yes I want to know what can I do about dcfs they had took my kids right from under me I think I been trap. The social worker lied on me first of all and my children where there at the time, she told my children I see you have lots of food when I said she could look around, anyways and then try to get me under false algastatsion​ about me having a history of drugs and prussuite​ and I never been arrested or in jail sense I been born and then I asked them to put my kids together when they got tooken and them a hole year in a half they got put together for a minute​ now there separate again. There’s more to this but in the meantime I don’t know what to do. And when I go to court the judge never lets me talk, and my attorney,they never discussed​ anything to me we just in court room….. So can anybody tell me what’s going on.

  373. As a consumer I need help. My husband and I purchased carpet from Nebraska furniture Mart two years ago The carpet is wearing terribly. We have tried to resolve this with Nebraska furniture Mart. They have taken a carpet sample and sent it to the manufacturing company and surprising the carpet passed their test. I can not understand why Nebraska furniture is selling a product like this. They have also had 2 contracts people out to inspect it and both times the inspected agreed with us that it was a terrible product. I was hoping to have someone help me resolve the situation. I just think this is wrong that Nebraska furniture Mart continue to sell a product like this and then does not backing there on product. I have ran out of options. Please help us so nbf will discontinue selling this product.

  374. We need a sidewalk we stay near downtown at 1019 rogers 78202 and haven’t had a sidewalk in 50 years I just don’t want to miss out on getting this done

  375. Hi my name is Michele I have a problem with PJ Fitzpatrick,Inc in Bear De 18667534891 they replace my roof I spent almost $10,000 I had it done in February of this year and it started leaking again I have called them several times and it took them about two weeks to get back to me and then now they’re trying to say they want to charge me to fix the problem it is very unfair the gentleman the project manager hung up on me and I would like to either get my money back or replaced it all over again because I have to redo my drywall in my house once again can you help me out

  376.  Hello-My name is Tonya and I live in Petersburg.Just like many consumers in this area, I shop at Wal-Mart. On April 1st I purchased Allegra-D from the PHARMACY(I used a $4 coupon).
    When I used the product on April 17th later that night I became ill for 2 days. After leaving messages with my doctor , I called office on 4/21 and spoke to rep. I didn’t go to office because it had to “run”out.
    Wal-Mart has not had too much conversation with me…other than them wanting me to exchange the box why would I do that?
    I have received calls from Allegra’s Pharmaceutical co. (lady was very empathetic).
    Today I received a letter from Walmart’s Claim dept. stating that my incident that occured on 4/21…unsure what that would be??? Their letter goes on to say that no error occurred in the Pharmacy??!! Whaatt?? I have the expired box…lot#…
    Please help me.

  377. I buy my health insurance from my employer even tho I’m retired. I’ve been doing this for years. Are we included in this ins talk or is that just
    About Obamacare? Thank you

    Fran Pavick

  378. Wanna speak with someone regarding melb pd watching crime ( next door.meth house broke in to this house) no one will give answers there response is there hands are tied. Narcotics unit has been watching this house 3 yrs. We need more officers with answers. People are moving because melb pd wont do their job. They say they are short on officers. Since moving to melbourne i realized palm bay.pd did there job. The narcotics unit is a joke. 50 minute response time for an officer. Good luck getting a call back. They said get cameras so a neighbor did had a 1000 dollars.worth of stuff stolen with video and sayes they cant do anything. But saw them in video. No search warrenrt or anything. Something has to be done. People are moving off this street and who isnt are fed up. Please help us expose whatever is going on with melbourne pd. Something must be done we.all sleep with gun. Got criminals jumping fences and steal stealing cause the cops are a joke.


  380. My name mike reed
    Work for city of KCMO parks rec department
    I got hurt few years ago with hearing lose and back promblems , I took a less settle ment through the city , they argee to pay maintenance , up keep batteries supplies hearing check up and am having a promblem having the city hold there end of the deal , my ear doctor has gave me supplies and stuff for goodness of the heart as the city has not paid there bill making it hard for me to get my stuff plus the bills are coming to me now , I’ve been through the go around hr department my old attorney won’t help me iv got the paperwork showing that I have a open medical on hearing for life am stressed out about this the hearing aid warranty is up in July
    I am a city worker of almost 14 years and I don’t know who else to contact
    Mike reed
    816654- 3762

  381. I’m Eric Carruth and if you look me up on Facebook you will see what’s going on but I been calling y’all to show you what happened so now can we talk 5045157801

  382. I have problem with tex har block

  383. My son is 6 years old with chronic asthma my son doctor gave him a letter for the shelter I am in stating he needs an air conditioning nditioner due to the weather circumstances. I summits this letter last year and this year and last year we got no feed back and my son was hospitalized four times. My son had been in the hospital twice this past month an in and out of the doctor due to his asthma. My son receive ssi because he is a severe asthma child. Nothing has been done to help keep my son out of the hospital. My son at this moment can not sleep well in this heat up in this apartment. Please someone help

  384. I have a problem I live with my niece for4 years she’s kicking me out in the day for a patio door breaking she hasn’t give me a vixion no 30 day notice nothing but do I still have to pay the rent if he kicks me out in a day I need to know

  385. my name is Wendy Johnson and I am the mother of a 19 year old mentally challenged boy, down here in Athens county Ohio, the law enforcement nor the adult parole authority are doing anything nor care about the drug dealing and usage here in Athens county. they know mineral Ohio is crawling with drug addicts and dealers [most of which have been incarcerated in the past already] and these few homes are bouncing pills, meth and whatever else around the area and feeding these drugs to my son on the first of the month knowing full well that he receives an SSI check, which these dealers are getting all of every month. please help me shed light on this problem and God willing the police will get these creeps off the street.

  386. I have MS unable to walk in Power chair and have Medicaid which I had CareSource but had to change transportation because they do not do power chair transportation so I got connected to the transportation service called ‘You First’. I have been with them since January and since January they have made me miss at least 15 medical appointments. They say they caught in traffic or van broke down or they just don’t show up at all with no excuse and I make these appointments two days in advance. When I do make appointments they are on the phone texting while on freeway which scares me. I have to get infusions once a month to keep leasions off my brain and they have failed to take me after I made my appointments two day in advance. It is mandatory and life threatening missing these infusions,and this service has put my life in jeporady. They say they are a family owned business but are not reliable. I’ve tried to call half time they do not answer phone and they need to be looked into thank you.

  387. Hello my name is kashona derrow i live at 1613 Anderson st apt D i have no a/c that work since april i also have been feeling light headed i took my son to the doctor were meldew was closing his throat we are all disabled once bills are paid we have no extra money so i didnt pay last month in up for eviction court on yhe 12 the swimming pool here look like a swamp in children play in it who can help people like us with bad landlords its hard when u have major issues on no help cause u have no money i am 100%disabled in so are my children help me to stop bad renters in keep people from becoming homless its had paying ever month all u have in your home is a dump my number is 979)574-8159

  388. I call last week about my street light out and I call today and the person responded two to three weeks. We shouldn’t have to wait that long. The area is really dark without lights. I don’t like having to come home on the dark petersburg ,va forest hills rd 2729Please help

  389. I am writing because Fairfield county section 8 has been trying they hardest to take my voucher I have mold in my apartment and I have a 9 year old daughter who has asthma and been sick with pneumonia twice all the landlord do is spary sealing over for the mold to keep growing and getting worse I had 4 inspection but when they send out my notice I get it the day of and I had stated that I am only off on Wednesday and I be home my last inspection June 30 I requested off and nobody show up now they trying to take my section 8 I have called the health department I am waiting on a return phone call I am writing you because I am some feedback and help

  390. I live on larcomb and it’s drug home at 611 larcomb Ave and I have kids that can’t play out side I call the crime stopper the poilce and nothing happen and now some lady over dose in the home ladies coming in out I don’t want to do.can u help me thank you.

  391. I live on larcomb and it’s drug home at 611 larcomb Ave and I have kids that can’t play out side I call the crime stopper the poilce and nothing happen and now some lady over dose in the home ladies coming in out I don’t want to do.can u help me thank you. And my number is 614 3135132 call me thanks

  392. Dear Sirs , Orlando Sentinel keeps taking money out of my acct , without providing service .
    After thirty years of subscribing to the newspaper , they just stopped delivering my paper and they blocked my Digital access . , enoughthough they receive payment in advance .
    I attempted to to rectify the situation, calling and reporting that I didn’t receive my paper calling back and reporting that I didn’t have digital access calling back because I couldn’t understand their customer service representatives only to find that they’ve outsourced comment to the Philippines. Bye so basically I had A Filipino, asking me for your Sosa security number, which I never gave to the Orlando Sentinel to begin with , and I couldn’t understand the English , they’re speaking .
    I contact them through FB , they could not rectify the situation. They said I would need to email. You can email the Orlando Sentinel through Facebook and on my Kindle that’s the only email I have. in the email through Facebook messenger I made it perfectly clear that I’m not to take another penny out of my pocket and I made it perfectly clear I don’t want to deal with the company I can’t even make sure that their customers are taken care of, in the email through Facebook messenger I made it perfectly clear for them not to take another penny out of my pocket and I made it perfectly clear I don’t want to deal with the company they can’t even make sure that their customers are taken care of . Today they sent notice that they be taking out $124 out of my account. There’s no way of stopping them, I don’t have email and calling the customer service line is useless. I had can’t help from wondering on how many other senior citizens that they’re stealing from

  393. I have a problem I live in Weinstein property but I only signed a lease for my apartment one time I been there 8 month but every month my water bill goes up I was told it’s because dominion power reads everyone meter together and split the bill so I’m paying someone else water bill when I’m not home I’m a single mother with 2 children I can’t afford to be paying someone water bill I need help

    • I am truly sorry to hear that. If your neighbors feel the same way I would get a petition and get everyone singing to her and they will have to make some changes

  394. Gigantic cleaners on 64th & wadsworth, Arvada , CO. THE owner of gigantic cleaners, JOHN, made me pay in advance for my comforter set-$121-to b dry cleaned….john NEVER DRY CLEANED THE SET!!!! He claims he did & it’s just “old” it’s 20yrs old!! After speaking to several larger dry cleaners , who all agreed this is not old… he refused to give my & back or reclean it!!N

  395. I need your help to recover my cell phone. While in our nation’s Capitol in Washington, D. C. on Friday July 22, someone from senior Rob Portman’s office in Washington, D. C. told my church friend that he took it to the Senate Security Office. They turned in to the Senate Lost & Found Department who sent it to the Senate Property Division. The property division has the authority to place my phone in an public auction to raise funds for the United States Treasure unless I can prove my phone is mine by returning to the District to retrieve it.

  396. I have been living in a apartment complex since October23rd2006 no upgrade what so ever rent is 460.00 a month water heater went out flooded living room all that was done vacuumed up rain comes in through front window as well same thing vacuumed up possible mold & mildew making me feel ill roach infestation unreal have notified for all those years but to no avail now hit with a lease modification of increase 460.00 to 595.00 starting first day of August2017 got notice July 31st 2017 pay or move out better yet evicted cause come to find out the apartment complex got renewed for hud program he can charge 600.00 hud pays him ! I have photos of the living conditions I am under right now and been living in for the past10 years not even a thank you for your service to our country did I get.

  397. I have been living in a apartment complex since October23rd2006 no upgrade what so ever rent is 460.00 a month water heater went out flooded living room all that was done vacuumed up rain comes in through front window as well same thing vacuumed up possible mold & mildew making me feel ill roach infestation unreal have notified for all those years but to no avail now hit with a lease modification of increase 460.00 to 595.00 starting first day of August2017 got notice July 31st 2017 pay or move out better yet evicted cause come to find out the apartment complex got renewed for hud program he can charge 600.00 hud pays him ! I have photos of the living conditions I am under right now and been living in for the past10 years not even a thank you for your service to our country did I get please help don’t know what to do don’t have the money to relocate is there any legal help whatsoever?

  398. I got an eviction notice in the mail few days ago it was almost four months old me the property manager had a promissory note that he violated Plus when I was signing the promissory note he said we don’t have to go to court but I guess his lawyer was at court getting me evicted not even knowing it like I said he’d barely sent me the letter that I was eviction notice that’s deceptive

  399. On March 8 the wind storm blew the shingles off one side of my roof and my gutters off. And the April rain storm flooded my basement and destoryed my furnace. I need a new porch and windows. We been staying here for 49 years and I am legally blind now and don’t have the money to fix these problem and would Thank anyone that can help me restore our family home. My name is Gwen Stringer my email is and my phone no. is 313 736 6943. Thank you and have a Bless Day.

  400. Hi how are you? Thanks for giving me someone to reach out to. So I’ve been a medical mystery through the last whole year…. And I’m not any better and my wife and I have almost no support and even though predicted as blood bone marrow cancer I’m forcec to work cause cannot get Disability…. I’ve had both cars broken n even though we both work fill time. No case manager no support n almost no time to tell anyone

  401. I live in Lancaster Ohio I’m having some problems with my landlord and with Metro metro is like based on your income thing that they have around the world some people call it Section 8 my landlord is trying to trying to evict me because she thinks she heard a dog barking in my house she also comes in and out of my house whenever she pleases isn’t that against the law especially when she doesn’t give me a 24-hour notice what can I do I need some help I need some answers I don’t want to lose the only place I have for me and my son because I’m having problems with my landlord she won’t spray for the ants that are inside my house or any other problems that I have in my house I have to fix on my own she’ll tell you that she’s fixed it but she has it please contact me 740-263-9703 I have A2 year old son I cannot be living on the street with him please help

  402. I got a new phone. Quite a bit of money. I love face book. See pictures of my grandkids and others. Anyway ever since I’ve had phone I’ve been un _logged from f.b. keeps saying unusual activity three times. I donot know how to use phone im trying to learn. Why are they doing this to me. Im a 69 year old woman who has never had something like this.

  403. There’s a family that lives on my street an older gentleman with three boys I have lived on and off this street for six years there have been multiple DCF reports of abuse allegations I’ve had one of the children at my house for 2 weeks because the father had him sleeping with the dog outside he beats them he has hookers in his house he gives their medications away I have reported it to the police I’ve had DCF at my house there have been no charges filed on this man they are giving custody of the children back to him they turn allegations on everybody else in the neighborhood I don’t understand what type of pull this man has with the police in our County but I need somebody to look into this because the whole neighborhood is in turmoil and torture from the children and the father of his self two sexual abuse two hookers in and out of his house I just don’t understand can someone please help us with this situation and these children need help they cuss the police and everything if it was anybody else they would have already lost their children for the starvation for the posts when the nine year old boy was smoking crack they smoke pot they took him pot to Myla Elementary they abused the children of my elementary and still stay one just came back yesterday and put his hands on two little girls private parts including a teacher and is at the same school today

  404. Needed a place to stay wirh 2 grand sons i work full time so i just got off the i saw this house for rent i call if i knew i was walking so the want to show it i did not have òtime i arrange for next day can back the guy one i have seen around so.i fell a .llittle comfortable i told him i wad lookimg for something afforfable he claim he was fixing it up for sec8 after i told him i could not afford it he say .if itd ok je would likto come in and fix things he started coming in going thur 8my things i pay him 250 eber 2 wks i was month to month8201west so he drew a lease up put 8oo on. Lease he wanted cash he file eviction on me for may june july aug 3200 the judge order me to pay it not fair i aredy pay 500 a month thats 2000 the did not want to hear my side this man tried to getme to sleep with him so it was retailiation help

  405. I’m 63 years old and I have never taken street drugs, I have however been on pain medication for over 10 years prescribed for me. I recently have gone to a pain specialist to continue getting my pain meds. I’ve been going there about 6 months and they issue 3 months prescription per urine anyanalis and as of August 11 I came in for urine analyanalis and the doctor told me to leave and don’t come back. He then percided to call me a drug addict and said I tested positive for morphine and barbiturates and then he ridiculed me and made me leave I then went to Martha moor house and had a blood panel work up for drugs and I got the results back today and I am negitavie any of those drugs he accused me of so I called his office to see if they received the blood work and they did and now they say that the test was back in April which they have gave me my pain meds this whole time till this month August which they would never due if I had drugs in my system back in April…. This is not fair I have never done street drugs in my life and I am highly allergic to morphine and it is in my doctors reports so why would I take it and how would I get it unless from a doctor and would die if I took it…. I have not had any pain meds for over 15 days and I am going threw the worst withdraw’s ever and no we will give me anything cause I go to a pain specialist ..and if you ask me this is why people go to street drugs when you are treated like a addicted and are just cut off after 10 years for no reason I have all my doctors reports and blood work can you please help Me? Or at least give me advice I have a back surgery coming up and if I am laibelld as a drug addict I will never be allowed any pain meds and that is the whole reason for a pain specialist please help or give me advice On what to do thanks …..Margie Chapman

  406. I have been.called and text.sent to me saying I need to pay a.fee to receive.a so called fund that is to be.delivered by someone from the Benn republic they keep telling me I have to pay this and I have to.receive this fund they even.said.that I can be.fined if I do not pay this.Can anything be done about this.
    Terry clark
    Thank you

  407. I have been desperately trying to get a hold of anyone that will hear my story n for I Team to investigate or 6 on your side with no response. I’m a single mother who is facing being homeless on streets w my child because of child support enforcement n New Orleans is hiding or has stolen my offset refund status refund 2 years n a row. I can’t get anyone to tell me where this money is ive been dealing with this n have been evicted n pillow to post. I’m begging someone to contact me, this office needs to be investigated

  408. I want to know is there any help out there for me my home was burn Down in jan 2016 I had insurance on it and I been have al the problems with my insurance real i need help with the problems I got a law
    He dose call at all . there is a lot more to this case

  409. I drove for LYFT for a few months last year gave them my new bank account number told them I was closing my account with Chase bank, even though I gave them my new account number they went ahead deposit my money nonchalantly into my closed chase account .I spent days and night on the phone with Chase initially Chase claimed they saw the money’s then Denied they did not see .so i need your assistance in retrieving my mmoney

  410. My car got towed without any notice no signs posted no letters in the mail absolutely nothing I had to pay the recovery fees

  411. Yes I’m calling about a knight’s in that kicked the whole family out three rooms women and children because they did not clean the room out and my cousin went in complained about it the address is 7475 West 192 in Kissimmee Florida I need someone to reach me back and find out about this this is ridiculous we had three rooms

  412. Back in 2016 nov. I believe I was supposedly sent a red light camera ticket an never received info until licence was suspended an I found out by being pulled over .I went an did what was required to restore an paid to have info needed to contest it to my then kept calling to find out when court date would be .after calling every mo. Up to may 2017 they said don’t call anymore they would mail outo but it never came an they suspended it again without notice I need HELP with this issue please please ….desperately seeking justice. .

  413. Ok this is my issue. I used to be a prostitute until I met this nice old man that is 77 I’m 41. My daughter and I had an issue arise at our old residence where we had to leave immediately do to unhabinhabitale living. He offered us to stay there until it was fixed. Which I slept with my daughter every night. She is 12. We were sick from the placE. I was never sexually involved with this man although I believe he thought I was his gf that’s what he told all his neighbors. I then left that next day. We spoke again after that. He was getting drunk every night we were there 3 weeks. I couldn’t take it anymore and I tried to be as nice as I could. I’m having medical issues like I need my uterus removed and colon surgery. I’m also on mental disability from past trauma which I informed him about. Now my brother is living with him and he still kinda helps my daughter and I financially but not nearly as much as before. He’s a very wealthy man which really doesn’t matter except I make 3% of his earnings so I assumed which was dumb that he would help us out when we needed it.
    Well unfortunately that’s not the case he was very verbally and mentally a Abusive when we lived there now he is threatening my brother saying if you’re sister doesn’t start putting out or showing some kind of interest in me your out on the street. My brother pays his rent and email verything. Also now he has been coming back home really drunk slamming his hands around on tables slamming cubourds and saying that he will get his shotgun and shoot my brother cause my brother told him it wasn’t his business and then to leave him out of it. This old man has 41 guns. Also one night I remember I was there I was having trouble sleeping and made a remark saying I wish I could have a sleeping pill so I could sleep cause my night terrors came back. He offered me cloroforom. He said he had some. I searched & found it & stole it cuz idk what he would’ve done. What do we do. Can I sue him?

    • You cant sue someone that you voluntarily went to stay with, and I would never start a story with Im a prostitute, because then no one is even gonna listen to your story, or believe it, because of what your profession is!!!! Cut your losses, move out, tell your brother to too, and be done with that guy, you didnt lease from him, or pay him money, so what could you sue him for?!? Getting mad you didnt put out after he let yall live there? You can’t sue for that, who would take your case?

    • You say you “used” to be a prostitute until you met a nice old man…. But that you only stayed one night with him left the next day, but then you say he was abusive while you lived there, for one whole day, so you moved, but hes still threatening your brother….so can you sue him??? Girl….get real!!! Your story doesnt make sense, and anyone who reads this is gonna assume, like I am, that your just a hooker trying to take advantage of an old man, your gonna end up looking like not very honest like hookers usually arent, why do you hv custody of a 12yr old???? Thats what needs to be investigated!!!!

  414. My family and I rent from Florida Property Management and Investments LLC. In Mims, Fl. We have lived here 3 years, and the company refuses to fix anything, not to mention, you have to write a letter, then wait weeks for a response, to which you never really get a response, we just get a secretary that calls and asks if she can give our number to the “electrician” , who by the way when showed up, was a regular person they hired, no license, no permit, Zero knowledge about electrical!! Our roof has been raining inside our bedroom and in the kitchen for 3 years!!! Literally raining inside!!!! The entire wall in the kitchen is rotten from being rained on for years. We are under attack from a family of HUGE rats that hv moved under this mobile home, they are chewing through the floors, the walls, they will just pop out of a new hole in the wall they chewed in a bedroom!!!! We hv tried every poison, trap, home remedy, and nothing has worked, our rental company made sure in the fine print of the lease, that everything that goes wrong here, we are responsible for!!!! How is this legal?!?! How are we supp to put thousands of dollars into a home we are just renting? Not to mention, all these things, and they hv raised the rent every year!!!! No heat, no a/c, thats our responsibility too!!! We are afraid to turn them in, because they will condemn our house and we’ll be homeless, its so exspensive in Mims and even titusville, to find a house to rent for a large family of 6, and if we turn them in and they are made to fix it or whtever, then they wont renew our lease!!! How do scum bags like this get away with this???? While reg. Poor families are struggling to live and just provide a safe home for our family we can afford. We dont know what we should do!!! Obviously if we werent poor, we would sue them in court 😦 I really think this rental company should be looked into, there office is in Melbourne Fl off Croton Rd.

  415. My daught was at a bar an shes 21 the bartender over served her have a vidio from bar shpwing how drunk she was bartender was carring her out side an drop her on her head an then took her across the street where they have it on tape they found her in the parking lot i want to know how i can see why that they drop my daughter on her head she has stapels an dont remember please help me for this happing to some one elses kid thank you

  416. We just moved into our new home so the past month I have been noticing a lot of speeding on our street when there is a stop.light about 50 feet from my drive way so yesterday my dogs was out side when one of them seen there daddy pull up and went to greet him when a speeding car hit him and killed him on impact he had a broken hip and also a broken back he was our little baby I also have little kids and I don’t want any of them to be hit by a car what can I do to have the speeding car slow down please help I’m not from here I’m from hawaii

  417. Yes my name is Charmaine and I have a problem with my landlord he is not doing his job right I have been calling and calling him I need help

  418. I feel my rights had been violate. I lease a commercial property that later while i am doing. electric work we discover black mold in the property. Landlord violate the State of Florida law, she made an urgent eviction without serving and now owed all my possession, furnitures and equipments. I felt injustice and intimidation

  419. I feel my rights had been violate. I lease a commercial property that later while i am doing. electric work we discover black mold in the property. Landlord violate the State of Florida law, she made an urgent eviction without serving and now owed all my possession as she and her friends envied mu furnitures and equipments. I am leaving with a tremendoys depression, emotional distress and anxiety and mold cause me also memory loss and blurred vision constantly awake with headache. I felt injustice and intimidation.

  420. Hello Malaise my name is Aliesha I live in villas@17th in kissimmee Fl my complex want fix anything I tried getting help from code enforcement and they said they can’t do anything I have four babies that is on asthma machines my apartment has mild in it and I have no power due to the meter done blew out twice as we speak now I haven’t had power in my complex for a week and my aunt has had a diabetic attack they giving me a run around lying bout the called people they have other available apartments and want change me to one of them please help me

  421. Friend who is an airline pilot and flys out of Florida says he is making several trips a day to Puerto Rico. Generators/food/supplies are stock piled and not being delievered because of Puerto Rico’s government red tape concerning drivers needed to deliver . My son-in-law’s family is in Puerto Rico and this is very upsetting.

  422. I have been scammed beyond words. Me and my significant other decided to get a car from a lot called econo auto sales. Upon arrival there were few cars nd a tiny lot. We were shown only one car and was taken with it so we decided to lease the car for 8,000$. The day after we were informed we had to find full coverage on a fifteen year old car (2002) and only had 24 hours to do so. Finding coverage for a car that old was complicated and getting plates. A week to two weeks after buying the vehicle, the car is over heating. We take the car to their mechanic where we are told that we have to replace the radiator, we’ve done the spark plugs tune up oil change, and put in a radio and the brakes 3x. The messed up part about the brakes the mechanics tell us that on the passenger rear break there were no bearings to place the breaks on. The whole time we have been driving and his mechanic never pointed out during the inspection. We basically drove for months with only 3 breaks on our car. Six mechanics and a year later same problems are occurring and I still owe 5,000 on the car and may have to put in 2,000 in repairs the company is not helping. Even my significant others sister who had referred us to the dealership is also facing problems with their vehicle, only after a year. After purchasing the car, a customer had also came up to us and had told us “do not get a car from this lot their all a load of shit” and had told us he was facing problems with his car as well. These people manipulate customers into buying cars that don’t run very long and that have extensive damage without letting the customer know.
    Currently paying about 350$/Month for a car we have to fix something on every other week.

    • We need help to get out of this dilemma without it hurting our credit & no repo don’t know what to do.? Please stop them from doing this to anyone else

  423. I have this car that I don’t have a title for, but it has been sitting in my driveway for at least 8yrs. How can I get a title for it?

  424. Don’t know if anyone can help I live in a small town in Missouri and have never in my life been harassed by people who don’t even know me. First off my water was apparently disconnected without the water company sending me any type of disconnection notice, and how I found out my water was disconnected is odd on Monday October 30,2017 I had thought that our pipes had frozen because the water was working the night before but my landlord never attempted to put a heat source in this house even though she said she would so when there was no water I assumed the pipes froze then after getting kids off to school there is a knock at my door it’s a children’s service worker informing me that there was two complaints that because my water was shut off that my children were in danger. First off I didn’t even know my water was off so how did two complaints get called in to cps. How does anyone have prior knowledge of my bills when I don’t isn’t that a privacy law and why didn’t I get a notice from the water company that they were going to disconnect me. I have also been harassed called horrible names and by meaning of harassment is by using the power of 911 example the other night I was at the post office reading a paper the next thing I know is it gave two police officers asking for me to remove my jacket so they can search me. For reading a newspaper in the post office! The house I live in was sold I didn’t even know it was on the market and the new owner his family and friends all have countinually stopped me from looking, packing because I have to stop what I’m doing to listen to them verbally assaulting me. I’m trying the best of can but I feel completely scared to death I even sent my children to stay with a relative until I could get everything packed and moved into storage as I unable to work been trying to apply for my disability and constantly being stressed that it is affecting my health

  425. Hello my name is Michael Richardson. I supposedly purchased a truck on an eBay site over weekend. Fell victim to fraud

  426. I need help i am a single mother shrugging and i need help paying my bills i know for Christmas i do not have enough money i have a liver problem some day i cannot even do the thing i need to do because i get so sick and cannot attent to my self i need to make my son have a bless christmas please call me at 734 833 4920

  427. Good morning my name is Renita Thomas I’m a residence at 8875 Krewstown rd apartment C9 we have a big complaint no heat right along with not having hot water this has been going on for 2 weeks this is affecting C building D and also E building we really need your help can you help us we are not getting no results this is really affecting the elderlies who also live in these buildings these Builders are for low income people thank you very much

  428. Marcia is 68 years old just moved into this duplex she went without hot water for a week now over a week her toilet won’t fix and she’s called 17 times they won’t come out and fix it they’re really doing bad business here it’s called Rica Villas off of 30th Avenue Apartment B St Petersburg Florida 33704 these people are ruthless here the way they run this complex. Marshalls number is 719 964 2936 these people have been abusive to her

  429. Hello my name is William peak and I’m being totally screwed by the phone company industry I try to MI services with horizon and go to Sprint and they are trying now to charge me for 2 tablets that should have been canceled when I canceled the phone contracts which supposedly there were Sprint fast that Verizon has to cats so the the tablets but they didn’t tell me that when I 1st apply for the phones when I walked out the door they told me that everything was OK and that I had no longer have anything to do with Verizon Verizon sends me a bill telling me that I still have to active of accounts and now nobody nobody will help me get out of it and so now I have to pay sprint and Verizon and a bill and I can afford it please help

  430. My boyfriend and I rented a house back in July and the water was on when we moved in and the landlord said don’t worry about putting it in your name right now it’s ok well then a month later water company came and turned off the water and pulled the meter and refuses to turn it on and come to find out the house was sold on July 11 the mortgage company fanny may and also that the person we rented the house from had turned on the water illegally and even though it has nothing to do with us the water company here in tri City said that it’s The mortgage company problem and they need to pay off the balance of the water bill and until that is done no water will be turned on well it’s now December 1 and we still have no water we have to go daily to fill containers and we don’t have any money to move on cause we paid up front over 2000 dollars from taxes for 6 months of rent so we could get a head anyway we want to know if I there is anything we can do about this

  431. Asbestos in a home as a Vet I’ve been living in for months. PLEASE HELP!!!! Home provided thru V. O. A.

  432. I have a problem i have im you on messenger but now im coming here i have been in this house since August and my landlord has not fixed anything ive asked him for n new stove refrigerator. The bathroom to be fixed i have no light in my kitchen plus i dont have ac i had to buy ac units just to cool down there is paint coming off the ceiling the electric is all messed up and still nothing he has another property that has problems also and still nothing what should i do he wont fix anything and theres noone that wants to help me because hes a pastor what am i suppose to do

  433. I been living in this apartment for almost 3 years with no complaint rent on time an my old landlord is trying to put me out because I call code enforcement because I’m living in a unit not livible it’s has mold leaking for about a year and it’s still not fixed this low income apartment HUD apartment since all this now they trying to put it on my minor child cause he got in a fight with another child and got arrested and went to j.d.c. in disable with nowhere to go I need help…

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  435. im fucked my dealer sold me a van with 15 warranty an it broke down in 30 days i can not work to pay it an i have bills an rent with 3 babies an a girlfriend an nephew is there organization that can help me

  436. yes I’m being victimized by deland hospital m y girlfrie d of 5 yrs couldn’t go a day without her till that hospital had police tell me I can’t go i. building over nothing,I said sorryto h
    in building how .can they do that without at least warn. me, I really don’t know what t do

  437. Yes l have a daughter in Riverside Regional jail. It’s hole lot’s of shit going on in there. Please called me at this number804 299 6184. My name is patsy lee

  438. I have a situation that I need help with . I hope you can help me. This is my last hope.

  439. Children were abused the principal has no respect for special needs kids their building is really not all that handicap accessible the principal hates me for advocating for these kids he put a school lockdown because of me for no reason the police officer on duty knows me and said that if he wouldn’t have gotten there SWAT and SHERRIFFS would have shown up the principal called social services on me when I got sick the school gives little support for single parents I find myself paying for meals and I have a son in a wheelchair he gets no rides to school or gets to go on school field trips because they don’t wanna deal with just 1 kid on board help me! Small towns are corrupt abuse of athourity and they don’t care for special needs kids !

  440. I rented a duplex apt for 2 years. Approx.2 mo after moving in, i went to er via ems. Asthma attack. Next 2 years, 3, 1 week hosital stays, so many symptoms, illness, dx’s and finally “unknown” causes and noone would listen to me. I had found mold after return from 2nd stay and told landlord who told me to put bleach on it and it was not dangerous. Ended up back in the hospital. I was so sick. What didnt kill me i wanted to kill myself. I finally started diagnosing myself and treating myself. I began by moving. From day 1 i started getting better. Its been 4.5 months and over half of my sicknesses have subsided, i have not returned back to hospital, all 10 medications i was put on have been eliminated.i still have a couple issues that are now chronic, physical scars. I took my info to a lawyer but was just told they wont help me because landlord has no ins. They have 2 seperate rental properties, a very large h ome and a son who is a real estate attny. with a chemistry degree who patened “bleaching” and all their assets have been put in someone elses name. So its sorry for my sad luck, physical scars, emotional distress, debt from lack of work, mounds of dr bills, collections current living situation (but feel a lot better here) personal possessions lost while they slide through their loophole.This is as wrong as wrong can possibly be. Meanwhile, after fixing what code demanded, they are back to renting.

  441. Yeah how you doing I just want to start off by saying love the show you guys doing excellent job and that’s why I wanted to reach out to the professionals we have a serious problem going on here in Ypsilanti Michigan there is a small group of fake mechanics slash car salesman slash body people and they’re all in cahoots with each other but they swear they don’t know each other and half of the city has been bamboozled at least they opened up a giant new shop at 1503 e. Mich ave Ypsilanti 48198 under the name Malik’s Auto Care there are countless and countless bad reviews basically the ringleader goes by the name of Malik but nothing is in his name he’s a foreigner that came over here and he used a lot of people under false pretenses to get the building out from underneath these very sweet old people that was for the people of Ypsilanti at one point and if they knew how it was being ran that would just be heartbreaking but basically you would take your car in for saying oil change and they would just take it upon themselves to do any and everything without contacting you and when it’s time to get your vehicle to hand you a huge bill and they send this loudmouth Romanian lady like a pitbull in the front she’s a lot older and she threatens you with the law and what not and basically you can’t have your car until you pay this outstanding bill there’s a lot of things on tape there’s a lot of horrible reviews these people have been caught 3 * dumping oil down the sewers at the CVS next door the city has been there a few times but they always wiggle their way or throw money at the problem they also take Parts off of other customers cars and put them on other customers cars he has cases of chrome spray paint and I’m not the only one this is happened to there was three other people with the same issue of old Parts being spray painted to look brand-new with chrome spray paint he has unplug your AC unit when you ask to get a recharge for your Freon and tells you that you need a whole new unit which could be almost ranging to about a thousand and he keeps your car for a couple hours when you come back to get it fixed acts like he does something and he just plugs it right back in he knows electrical very well so he knows what wires to unplug for your transmission to slip he has also on countless occasions robbed the junkyards and also his own employees vehicles and blamed it on other employees he is fired that has tooken Revenge these people have to be stopped because we work hard for our money as Americans and when you try to confront them they just throw you to the side and avoid your calls and he hides in the back while the lady in the front covers for him he has also robbed the oreillys auto parts they will not do business with them, as well as small business owners and other dealers if you ask around he is the number one place to not take your vehicle he also will take belongings out of your car personal he has an office full of Jordans microphone equipment luggage the list goes on and on he will also change your rims in the middle of the night if he feels you won’t pay or you’re going to give him a problem and any kind of way and then calls the cops or threatens to and says these were the rims that were on it or if something happened it you park your car at your own risk so please we are asking for your help the whole city of Ypsilanti there is a list of them the so-called frontman his name is Malek hamami, the lady in the front I believe her name is Mary not sure if that is fraudulent but she is from Romania and the biggest crook of them all is the guy behind the curtains he goes by the name of Eddie but his real name is Imad.. thank you again and sorry for the long email again you guys do a great job with your show and if you could please help us we love Michigan like you do thanks again.

  442. There is a family in Bonney Lk, Wa who desperately needs help. The mother is diabetic, no electricity, no water, city is forcing her to leave due to her inability to take care of her home. I believe their property has been condemned, she has no transportation and her friends are unwilling to help. She’s been given a date to clean up the property but she has no way to dispose of anything. I’m afraid she may take her life. She cries all day everyday. Is there anything you know of to help her She is in her fifties and has three adult children who do nothing but use her. I feel so bad for her. Is there anything you know if to help this poor family out? My phone number is 253-653-8117. Thank you for anything that may help her with?
    Thank you, Patricia Niemeyer.

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  444. I am buying a house that the guy is asking $7,000 for it I have already paid 4000 towards this house they got gave me a message last night telling me to vacate the premises I was being evicted my 30-day notice and because he wants his money is still owed on it which I informed him was not inherited some money but it has not come through yet what can I do


  446. October 12th I paid $2400 Rent at ($750)at a professional looking leasing office in Harper Woods, I received my receipt and was told a lease still had to be made up, and I could come back tomorrow to sign it. the following day all the way until the next week I was giving the runaround between her and the landlord Mark. That Friday Mark met with me at the house and gave me the keys and a lease that he said was not the proper one but the management company owner lavanda would have the actual lease ready the day I move in. I spoke back and forth between him and her regarding the move in and Lease.. Monday morning October 16th, I went to the office and received my keys only, I was told by lavanda she would come to the property to do a walk-through and fill out paperwork again, I drove straight to the property to prepare to move in, 23205 S Riverdale St Detroit MI 48219 Upon arrival it was NOT ready!! There was still heavy machinery laying around, the floors were not done the house was still dirty as it sat for over a year, there was missing everything from electrical plates to light bulbs, the basement still was not painted, there was no water but there was lights and it was warm outside I never checked for the Heat, I was just told I had to get it on in my name. The workers were there sitting around, I immediately called the landlord MARK upset and told him, he told me that he was out of town ( something he regularly said )and it would be ready tomorrow, Tuesday and this was not the only house that they were working on, his workers were going to take care of everything, calm down, it should be ready by the morning. I called and rescheduled my reservation with U-Haul for the next day, I then called the water department who says he had to go down there as the owner and get the water on in his name and then I would be able to put it in my name. I called Mark, he says my water would be on by the end of the day. The next day on the 17th, I called DTE who says there’s no service at my address they’re not even reading a meter, they would be out the next day to turn on services, not knowing that it was on illegally. I text Mark and told him I would be at the house in the early afternoon I did not receive a response. I arrived to the home with A U-haul around 2 and it looked just like the house did when I was there Monday, and still no water. At this point I didn’t have any other option but for us to move in. 《2 trips $100》 He sent some people over that day to try to get the water on, but there was cement, preventing those people from getting the water on. He told me he would handle it asap. Talking to Mark and lavanda on the phone I got the runaround and was basically told the workers will work around us, and I need to be patient I was not there only tenant.( I continued to call and text and complain the rest of the week about The water) Later on Tuesday the 17th, Lavanda and Mark both came to my home, while I was moving and I had a couple friends there, helping me. I was emotional and they were upset for me causing them and Mark to argue. Mark left upset and lavanda was telling me to get my friends, it was making Mark mad and that was not a good move, so I told my friends to back off. Lavanda and I had a conversation where she finally put me at ease, reassuring me everything was going to get done quickly and she knows the house wasn’t ready but I needed to move now so they allowed me to come early. She made an appointment with me for 11 a.m. Wednesday to do a home inspection, and walk through but she never arrived. So now it’s Friday, my children and I have not showered or been able to flush our toilet for days (There also were no connections for my appliances and I had to wait till the following month to pay for someone to install them.$150) I decided to send my children over their father’s house (who I do not get along with) Monday morning Child Protective Services was at my door with a complaint we had no water lights or food!! Monday and Tuesday night my chidren and i stayed at a hotel, $180 It took until Wednesday of the following week for Mark to meet me down at the water company, costing me $150 for service. The rest of the month was beyond uncomfortable and fustrating with the same unprofessional workers coming and going from my house never arriving at the time scheduled, sometimes not even showing up causing me to miss a lot of school, and appointments. ( I FAILED ALL OF MY CLASSES) late picking my kids up from school. The people workimg in my home were instigating arguments between me and Mark, it was causing a very big inconvenience for my family including getting paint all over my leather furniture and Mark did nothing but shake his head when i showed him. Between him and Lavonda, they were going back and forth with me, she told me do not speak to mark, he is only the landlord, everything is supposed to go through her (even though he was the one contacting me and coming to the property). Starting in November the basement started to leak, Mark could not figure out where it was coming from and it only got worse, it was leaking where my daughter’s bedroom was, by the bathroom. The last straw, last time I allowed them in my house was on Thanksgiving, I came home and my whole basement was flooded and raw sewage backed, it busted through the walls and caused us to lose many things in my basement, all of my daughter’s toys clothes and bedding, all of my boxes and clothing stored. The next day, I continue to contact lavanda and Mark who both were telling me two different things lavanda said there was nobody available because of the holiday while Mark told me his people were a no-show by 7 pm A 66 yold man came over late at night to snake my basement complaining the landlord never paid him for all of the other times, nobody cleaned up the water. Close to $90.00 spent cleaning it up with products, mops, all our towls/ blankets. Mark and lavonda both stated to me it was a tenant’s problem he had already snaked the basement and I was going to have to pay half. Mark came to my house the next day to tell me he was selling the house and he could put me in another home or I could stay and be the tenant to the new owner, I agreed to stay for a new owner as long as he would fix the house, I was in absolutely no position to afford another Uhaul and move everything again, my children and I did this alone the first time. One day Mark text me somebody was going to come tomorrow to do an appraisal on my house, BE HOME once again I stayed home from school and nobody showed up. I finally contacted rental professionals (where I found this property) and explained to them what was happening and that I needed to reopen my file to search for housing, they needed to call Mark to verify that he was selling the home, rental professionals called me back to tell me he confirmed it. December 3rd came and I was questioned about rent, by him and lavanda separately and a now late fee, but I have a 5 day grace period on the lease. I had no plan to pay, I told him I was going to move. BUT Mark tells me he’ll sue me if I do, he also told me that he wasnt selling and Rental professionals never did ever contact him about it, accusing me of lying. December 26th he calls me to say i have 2 late fees, if he did not receive the money in a couple days he was going to contact his attorney, also tells me to not contact Lavonda, he fired the management company and to only go through him they are no longer a part of my business. I told him that I would pay him all of the back pay and rent that I calculated accurately, but he quoted me a different number.. I did not respond back, 2 days later he text me asking me for the same amount I had stated I owed and said it was due immediately or he would contact an attorney..I asked about my basement and everything I lost, his response, I should of had renters insurance. I told him to just take me to court, I am done. The middle of January I received a 7 Day vacate notice, I continued to live there waiting to go to court. Saving my money to move out of state, I just wanted to go to court and get this settled with and hopefully get back my security deposit. February 7th I scheduled a Detroit housing inspection which completely failed. That night Mark came by while I was not home and told my children I need to be there in the morning for a annual inspection, if I didn’t let him in he would bring the authorities, I changed my locks that same night. He arrived at 11 a.m on February 8th and was knocking at my front door. My oldest and I were both home and decided to not answer and let him bring the authorities. Mark went around to the back yard, I went to my bedroom in the back where I can see the yard, he was against the house but I didn’t know what he was doing and then my electricity went out. I ran around the house getting my son, ( he left during that time ) we didn’t know what happened, I called DTE immediately they arrived by 1pm to tell me the complete DTE electrical box was removed and all of my wires were cut. I called 911 made a police report. I didn’t realize I had no heat as well, this was the moment I realized my children and I could possibly be in danger and was definitely in an unlivable situation. I got my kids from school and we started to pack a FULL BIG house, finally getting a U-Haul and hoping to get help loading, but by 5 pm the house was pitch dark, we were freezing, and the only help I had was a female friend. Our phones were Dead and dying and we still hadn’t found a place to go, or where to put our stuff. So we waited both in the house with a lot of blankets and in our car, charging our phones and waiting for responses, we left to get warm leaving the uhaul behind, We spent hours trying to find somewhere to go locally, every shelter that I reached out to was completely full, with no family to stay with locally. We all went back to that house. Finally drove my beater vehicle to Brighton, in the storm. Friday the 9th everything was closed. I contacted the city inspector on his cell, he told me was Mark is the owner but the house was not a legal rental, after purchasing the house Mark did not do any of the steps necessary and that was the reason why he was not able to take me to court. So frustrated I decided to text Lavanda (after 3 months) to see what she would say about Mark. She responded that she DID work with him and why am I not contacting her and still contacting him.
    I told her what he told me and she responded “well what did I tell you first” We were back-and-forth text messaging, She was rude, aggressive, didn’t believe me or care, A unprofessional conversation leaving me more confused and realizing they both were in on the shady situation. Today Saturday, the 10th. My vehicle is now broke down here in Brighton, the drive was to much on my unstable Equinox and too expensive to fix.
    I got a ride to the city, and manpower hoping to get something else from U-Haul to put everything in storage BUT we got to the house on Riverdale to find the front door unlocked and the back window busted out and all 5 of MY Appliances gone!! My bedroom set, my son’s brand new twin mattress set ect. Thank God I took my kids PS4. Little money, No car, no house and nothing to sell or come back for. No way to get my kids to their new school in Redford. ( only one month) With my SSDI I have no taxes to claim and no money to expect back.
    This is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to me and my family.
    We need JUSTICE

    Lisa Sessions 248-812-6692

  447. There is a dot city truck doing work on. A house on Rosemont 11379 Det . they daid they would be there a couple of hours .Im a taxpayer and I know that they shouldn’t be there. Working on that house has nothing to do with public transportation the license plates on the van reads 083 x 0 1 6 the truck number is 275 help make Detroit a better place

  448. fresh water being wasted. pouring into street from water meter cover. up to 6 inches deep in front of 5 houses. reported to swbno several times. same leak was repaired last year by swbno.

  449. On November six 2008 my son deangelo Boyd was killed by Darius stover who slepted in my house in my front room in a chair by the window in my front room where my son deangelo was laying not to fare ware Darius was sitting while my son deangelo Boyd sleeps in front room by my front door with his eyes to door with his back towards wall for three days straight I didnt no Darius stover had a gun until two days Darius came and put gun to my head then my friend John Phillips came the same day Darius came put the gun to my head John Phillips and Darius stover uncle vincent came to my house and told that Darius stover is was the one the killed your son deangelo Boyd

  450. hello everyone, is there anyone out there looking for urgent loan ? if you need a loan contact us now for more info at standard finance company at low interest rate 2%. apply now

  451. Please please please help me they trying to take my daughter n put her with someone who abuse her please help me

  452. Hello. My name is Tonya Davenport and i. Lose my. Home. Fear of been homeless i lose my full time job because i fell off my porch breaking fibula bone in the right leg and now im. Back to work. But it.s oy part time. My rent and. Gas bill running. Into each. Other i can.t make ends meet. Please help me

  453. thank you so very much for being here. I’m a senior disabled Widow in my estranged stepchildren took my only residents through the courts through the courts lies and deceits and I am now homeless. it’s case 2015 CP 488, estate of Richard Galiano. the judge refuses to rehear my case he took my life estate away would not allow me to move back in gave everything to my deceased husband’s estranged daughter and son, the daughter ended up buying out the Son with no money transfer to me whatsoever.. i personally invested thousands of $$$.

  454. Why Lawyers rob client of Pain and suffering the laeyer get almost 20.000 and the injury recovery 3.000 ??? Should someone help stop this injustice

  455. My problem is with Nueces Electric Company do not answer any questions about their power outages in the month of April there has been several power outages in the earily mornings and the heat is getting hotter. The county of Duval, Live Oak, and other counties are faced with the same situation. I’m a veteran that has a c-pap and other medical equipment that need power to operate my equipment and the power outages last anywhere from 8 to12 hours a day this has been an ongoing situation and we have gotten no response of why it’s been happening can you please help a veteran and the community we live in thank you

  456. I’m a honorably discharged veteran, living on fixed income, and have no means of support, to fix a roof leak, it’s come to where I have to tape garbage bags to my ceiling to stop the leak, I’ve called several agencies for help & gotten the cold shoulder.

  457. I have a big problem with my retirement survivor and disability insurance. I gotten a statement from social security say that there taking 9609 out of my earnings from 2013, that’s 30% taking out of my check each month knowing I can’t survive off of..

    My check will only be 647.00 a month starting in June and that’s down to the poverty rate where nobody won’t be able to survive off of each month. I went to the office and ask for a waiver form but I’ve been denied because this will be my fifth time filling one of those forms out to get them to lower the over payment so I won’t have to struggle to get help..

    • I also have a special needs daughter who I care for daily and I have to spend money on supplies every month for my daughter. Buying supplies are very expenses including utilities I payed like rent, lights,spire, phone, water,sewer, dish Network.

  458. I have an issue with Essex High School in Tappahannock, Va picking on my child, who has an iep for emotional disability . I need help.

  459. I have problem with the Valero gas station at Oakland park and Karl rd for the last 2 years they have Valero gas station but they will not take the Valero gas card no one seams to do anything about that and I wonder why to use your card you have to drive to reynoldsburg to use your card that about 30 miles away this has been going on to long thanks for any help in this matter when I’m only 1 mile or less from that fax station

  460. I am not sure if anyone can help so I am writing you guys my son past away leaving two children behind ,my grandson lives with me he has four sisters 3 from his mother’s from a different man one that is my granddaughter my grandson doesn’t get to see his sister’s because they parents will not allow it.his mother is in prison .he lost his father and now he isn’t allowed to see his 4 sisters because of the adults ,he needs his sisters any way you can help him would be wonderful

  461. Yes I have a problem with a car dealership a foreign car dealership he took more money than he’s the coach of took off my credit card overnights my credit card out and then he gave me your truck their head engine lights on and I’m having problems you know because you took my van away for free he didn’t give me though cash back on my van and nothing

  462. Hello : my problem is small but it would be very nice if Zanesville could be included in ur grilling giveaway. U go just about everywhere almost but here , I looked last yr and that’s where I saw that, I couldn’t find it this yr but I’m sure we’re not this yr eather so would u please keep us in mind please ??

  463. Please call me 3218020313..its important..fpl is acusing me of tampering with my meter.charging me $500

  464. Tried calling it said call between 9 and 4 something Wednesday nobody answers the phone because it goes right to not connected or something I’ll see if this goes anywhere I have a problem I’ve been manipulated by insurance companies and my lawyers and I need help because they basically railroad me and the judge said that they couldn’t get away with it and now the attorney regulations committee says I don’t have proof which I do so I need you to get back to me cuz I need to fix this problem because they screwed my life up

  465. Hello I will not state my name but my email is I have a problem with the Kalamazoo Michigan police harrasing me I’d like to talk to you about it over the phone if possible I think they are harrasing me cus I’m gay and I’ll explain and state my name if you contact me through phone or via email thanks

  466. My name is lakita Bennett I work and have a son with me staying in a hotel and need some help paying it I use my whole pay check up trying not to be in the street we homeless because I left from dealing with domestic voilence for 10 years I’m in Baltimore county.I have nobody to help me.

  467. This is my Facebook ..I was injured at Valero in meraux after they exposed me to caustic acid….been barred from refinery now….page has pics and recorded audio…please take a look

  468. This is a problem. Sewage is coming up out of the ground and nothing is being done. How discussting who handles something like that? It’s unsanitary for the people who live around the nastiness?

  469. This is my mother’s garage she is 85 year’s old never late on her rent causes no problems and I feel she is being taken advantage of. This has been an issue for over 45 days. Why should my 85 year old mother pay rent in an unhabitable environment. She can’t use her toliet without adding water.

  470. I moved into this trailer in the country not knowing it was infested w/bedbugs the landlord knew & he admited it on the phone with my boyfriend. Ive had so much trouble finding a placevto live in this town there all sky high & i live on disability & social security…..thats $750. a month not much to live on is it??? Well this place was cheap,350.+ the bedbugs landlord said too bad,move i dont care!!! Thats another problem entirely!! How do u move & not take the bedbugs with you??? Leave everything!!!!! Omg!!!! I have been victimised not once but twice!!! Old pictures,memories how do u just walk off & leave ur belongings that uve had most of your life???? Please help!!!!!!

  471. Hello my name is Lisa Duncan and I recently had a chance to see my credit score and had a old credit card debt to be paid ,from tj max it was about 2 years old so I now owe a place called midland credit management (mcm) , I called them to take care of the bill using my bank account ,that had more then enough money to pay so they put in to take it out around may 20th in the mean time I kept checking with them and my bank and finally (mcm) told me it was declined. I went straight to the bank and they also said it should of worked, from there mcm told me I could send a certified check by mail so I went to my bank purchased a certified check and sent it by mail, then weeks went by mcm said they haven’t received it. Next week or 2 went by I went to the bank and I asked them to look into it ,and they told me that it was cashed a few days ago on June 20th I sent it June 4th… ok so no I’m starting to get frustrated next day I call mcm and I am told I still owe the balance of 658.09 when they cashed my check. And I forgot to mention during all this my case manager for this bill totally ignored my calls and never returned them for over a month … I finally talked with a manager and he told me I can fax my proof from the check and where they cashed is so I did they still to this day said they haven’t received it. So about 4 weeks ago I sent it by mail just like I did the check. And of course they say they haven’t received it. So 2 weeks ago I went to my post office and paid to send all my info certified mail so they have to sign for it , I recived it back not signed, I’m so frustrated and out of options. Was I scammed or are they just not doing their job? Please help ….thank you! Lisa Duncan from chillicothe ohio

  472. My 04 honda accord is great for the first 30 seconds after I start it, then the transmission stops working. I feel like it’s a sensor bc it works fine at first. The transmission never slips, I’ve never had an issue like this. I changed the tranny fluid and filter, still does the same thing. Someone help me!!

  473. Hello, my name is Brenda Todd. I have been diagnosed with a chronic spine disease, and would like to receive some help with a good doctor that doesn’t discriminate against you because of how you look, talk, etc…. As of the opiate problems is like getting blood out of a turnip. As I’ve jumped through hoops and have agreed to medication that has physically harmed me, and injections that have made my joints and tissues disintegrate faster than normal. And when i try to advocate for myself i either get deferred or forced to deal with it. 720- 448-9175.

  474. Hi my name is Everett Jones I live it 4800 US Highway 40 Lot 23 West Jefferson Ohio 43162 Picket Fences trailer park as of last month the tree behind my house was so rotten that the wind blow a little bit bloated big old chunk of the tree out and through my roof or at the time I did not have no insurance my landlord turned it into his insurance and his insurance called me today and let me know that they think it was an act of God and they’re not going to do nothing about it now I’ve got a big three foot long 2 foot wide hole in my roof from a rotten tree that the landlord had been told about many many many times from by yes I just don’t know what to do about this and someone returned my call and give me some advice 614-600-9722 like I said I’ve got a big hole in my roof my landlord is put it off on his insurance company just so they would say that it was an act of God but there is three big chunks of log laying in the backyard right behind my trailer is part of what fell through my roof this stuff is so rotten that it crumbles in your hand and the insurance company said it was an act of God that tree is rotten terribly rotting it’s about to fall on my house and my neighbors and he won’t do nothing about it so if you would return my call thank you

  475. I live in Tulsa in an all electric apartment. My PSI bill includes a “fuel charge”. Is this legal charge? I have the bill, and sure I’m not the only customer as such.

  476. Need help to find a lawyer that is willing to help me with a case that is pending and does not want me to sell my house to pay him
    Have talked to 16 lawyers so far and not a one is willing to do anything
    Are there no lawyers in the state that I’d not all about how much money they can bleed you for

  477. Hello.. if I were to tell you my story here regarding an apartment complex that I have resided in for about four years, yet am on a month to month and not on an actual lease anymore, and my rent does get paid just not on time… Would you still be able to help me?.

    • I am senior citizen Widow and I have several situations in my life that I need help with please the first and most important thing is my husband passed away and I didn’t have money for expensive attorneys but his children dead and I lost the house to them when I was supposed to own at least two thirds and or a life estate. The judge was very unfair and biased. Number 2 is I had acute renal failure heart attack and pneumonia and a girl that calls me Mom took me to Georgia after I got released from intensive hearing from the hospital and her boyfriend sexually harassed me and I told her and she kicked me out and she kept most of my belongings including sentimental things such as pictures from many years ago, my deceased husband’s tools , many plants, valuable as I sold them online via my little business. And flat broke I get $1,200 a month car payment and insurance is 400 a month…I’m disabled as well. Thank you ladies thank you everyone for taking the time to review this I really appreciate your time consideration and cooperation if you need to call please do 253-441-5339 thank you

      On Mon, Sep 3, 2018, 3:01 AM wrote:

      > Sherry Frazier commented: “Hello.. if I were to tell you my story here > regarding an apartment complex that I have resided in for about four years, > yet am on a month to month and not on an actual lease anymore, and my rent > does get paid just not on time… Would you still be able to” >

  478. What is the sewer smell on 156 in Prince George just passed Sandy ridge Rd

  479. Went to a car lot to think about getting a car.just gave them my basics while he gave me paper to write 8people down.another guy came back. argumentative.threw a paper at me and agri with me where I was in tears as they said I was charge with a Criminal Felony Proceedings.Not True .About threw me out .but I have that paper.Not Me!

  480. I live in a condo complex in Columbus Ohio the manager of the association call me up last summer when I was at the dealership getting a little change accuse me of sexual harassment and assault on a homeowner inside the clubhouse I asked the manager and I said how do you know it was me he said we got Sean video we got some video rubbing the shoulders of a woman and tell her you love her I said what they did is that like he said happened on June 16, 2017 I said well I was there I said I don’t think it was me Because that week and I had my daughter and if you saw me on video doing this as my daughter should’ve been the video do so I asked the manager to get all the facts straight and find out it wasn’t me he owes me a big fat apology turns out weeks later it wasn’t me he exaggerated the whole incident and he never wrote me that you never gave me that apology now can I sue him for defamation

  481. Hi this is Chad I live in a condominium complex in Columbus Ohio My question is the last two years and seven months I’ve had issues with my property I’m gone to the management company that takes care of the property and try and show them pictures and video what’s wrong with my property and in the two years and seven months I have lived here I have paid over $5000 in HOA fees i’ve even gone to several HOA board meeting’s the manager of the Hoa keeps telling me he’ll get to the situation next year wow it’s funny because this has been going on for two years and seven months just two weeks ago I talked to a board member and ask her when they’re going to take care of this matter on my property and she told me right to my face there’s hundreds of these issues just like yours I replied hundreds OK thank you The board member I spoke to she also said right now we don’t have enough money in our budget to take care of the matter so I ask her real nicely what do you mean she replied there were a lot of big projects going on in our community this summer and I told her that I’m retired military and I stay home all the time and make a long story short I get my daughter all summer I told the woman on the board that we write our bikes around the neighborhood every day so I asked a real nicely we didn’t see how big projects that went on this summer what are you talking about So obviously that was a blatant lie now just saw your readers run understand is they did seal the blacktop roads in the community this summer that was about it just for a little information there are 302 condominium complex in this community each unit pays $160 a month for Hoa and if you multiply that by 12 months that’s $480,000 so to say you’ve had a lot of projects going on this summer and you can’t afford to fix my roof and the gentleman who lives one street over is rough I’m not talking about a major construction project believe it or not the roofing company was here two years ago in seven months when they took the piece off the roof to replace the shingles they forgot to place back up there it’s funny instead of calling the roofing company back out to the community to fix mine and the owner one street over problem on the roof they get a huge attitude I didn’t think it’s their fault whatever you’re gonna like this one the piece that put back on top of the rough I don’t like cost $25 maybe 50 depends on where you go to buy that material so if you take my property and the property one street over that’s only 100 bucks at the Max that it would cost to take care of the situation and for them to sit there on the board and tell me they’re broke is ridiculous Just one more thing I’ve gone to thethe board meetings in the past and asked for a budget for each year their answer is we don’t we can’t afford the paperwork to print out a budget for you I said well that’s OK can you just email it to my email address if I give it to you and guess what each year they never do it which tells me one thing they’re hiding something well if you read this and you’re experiencing the same thing in your community can you give me some advice on what I should do I really appreciate it

  482. We need help on the homeless campus,/ Mather campus for the continue harassment that is also going on right now please come and visit this com pus and check out for yourself Mather community campus for homeless individuals are under continue harassment by the Administration and their support staff are treating the homeless people living here bad

  483. I have ten cases of adult diapers I want to give to anyone that needs them free can you help me find someone my name is Wayne Haire 313 401 4103

  484. Hello my name is Robert I tried calling the number above and is not in service. I have a problem locally, and have no clue where to begin, first off I have made mistakes when I was younger nothing major or violent or drug-related, simple childhood mistakes. I have lost everything due to the current laws and policies in effect in the county of Bartholomew and Brown County, I was currently working just returning home from work around 5 p.m. crossing the street to my house which is approximately a mile away when I was pulled over for a tail light, upon running my information they seen I missed a court date from 2015 which is for child support that I was currently paying, the car was impounded I was placed under arrest, causing me to spend $1,275 for the return of my vehicle which had all my work Tools in it being a mechanic it was needed, and a bond of $1,005 I had to get a loan, by the time I was released and able to get up the money for my tools so I can return to work it was too late, it was an embarrassment and completely unnecessary after I was home they sent my court date to another address even though the address on my license was current, which in turn made me miss the court date I bonded out for, yes I understand it is my responsibility ultimately to address my issues, but they came to my grandmother’s house at 12:30 a.m. parked down our long country driveway off in the woods without lights Sirens or any way to see who was knocking very hard at the being that late we live in the country and my grandmother is 82 years old, we have home defense, and when we went to the door there was no flashlights or lights, we looked out the door and ask them to identify themselves and there was no response, we cracked the door and before we could do anything the police officer demanded me to step out my grandmother repeatedly asked what this was about and they would not answer until I was in handcuffs in the cold completely exposed to the elements, it was embarrassing and completely over-the-top, being that I am a non-violent and non-drug-related offender and not any kind of threat to society in fact I work and have been staying on the right track for over two decades from my prior childhood mistake, that in itself living in the dark country without identification could have caused people to lose their lives whether it be them or us, then when informed about the issue was responded with and I quote will then you and your grandmother would be in a lot of trouble… Along with other comments, I was then transported to Brown County Jail yet again to find out it was over a $50 Bond yet again embarrassing me and taking what little money we had left, I received my court date and was accompanied by my grandmother and family in court only to be practically given no other option but to go along with the court even though they have their loopholes and their statement about acknowledging we understand the situation and accept the terms of a agreement, knowing that if we didn’t I would remain in jail and it would cause even more issues, not to stay off subject but then was embarrassed in court by the prosecutor when trying to tell her I was currently working and paying support, only for her to interrupt me and say I lost my license due to child support, with no compassion or care for the trouble it has caused our family I asked if there is any way to get my license reinstated so I could legally drive to work because I live in the country approximately 20 miles in each direction from City, even my lawyer asked and couldn’t believe the response, was then embarrassed and told she did not want to hear excuses and it was not her concern and she would not give my license back until I agreed with the terms of the court and make all payments for 6 months only to consider returning my license, when explained by me and my lawyer of the cost of bond and the impounding of my vehicle while losing my job due to being pulled over and that I understood and wanted to make payments but couldn’t legally drive there was basically brushed aside without compassion, we have lost everything because of the tremendous costs involved. I feel like it is almost black male or a form of intimidation, basically that they were not worried about our family in any way shape or form, that is just the legal side there is a story also about my child being taken out of state illegally kidnapped by the mothers grandparents and I have recording of the mother stating that they stole her and it is 46 minutes and 15 seconds long, so basically these counties are trying to put me in jail rather than help me when I love my children and want my children but I’m not allowed or have any way of the cost of retaining another lawyer to fight, the other case is a complete fabrication as well when I was in the Army away deployed and the mother had the children taking twice from custody because of neglect and her failure to clean once while I was away in the Army and another time I was away when I got back the child protective services gave emergency custody to me, because the children missed half the school year and their grades were horrible and there are many many other issues that I can prove with paperwork and evidence, when I had the children their grades went from s to B’s and A’s, they only missed one day of school, they had a schedule and a routine, the child protective services wanted me to have full they have had several meetings with me to sign the paperwork for full custody, but my heart told me to give the mother a chance because children need their mother and it was not right for me to take them solely away, DCS pretty much lost patience and without warning gave the children back under the impression the mother was better, only to have her state that I was trying to steal the children and not let her see them when I was the only one honestly fighting for her behind closed doors, but she did not see it that way so now I call and text and invite the children over and I’m not responded back and kind. I have no way to fight this Injustice as we have lost everything, we need help, there are some fathers and people out there that do want a better life, and do want to be a flourishing part of society, I have paperwork and recordings to prove everything that I say and Witnesses please, please help us, thank you 812_374_2555

  485. I don’t know where else to turn I rented this apartment back in February an the landlord made promises of fixing while I stayed in it so far she did nothin for real. The whole time I’ve been here there has been no smoke dectectors my oven doesn’t go off properly mold in bathroom bathroom wall coming apart no plates on outlets paint coming off the walls water damage an etc I got behind one rent due to my health an soon as that happen she evicted me an my three young daughters an my cat because she want to move back in I really need to talk to someone before the 30Th of these things she is a slum lord an this is cruelWe can’t open most windows an she refuse to Fix the furnace an it is cold Please help me

  486. How do i block or stop getting emails. Calls dirty pics from these filty nasty women .im 63 disabled and married for 43 yrs .im not that i reply back stop .help me

  487. Iam disaweek can you help we ar both disable and in det
    able the council took 300 in stead of 5 pound

  488. My heart is very saddened my grandson is being abused by staff worker at Hazelwood School District we contacted the School email administrators no response my grandson is 7 years old his first two years of school has been horrible he has been picked on Bully curse that yelled at by staff members and we are to the point me and my daughter we don’t know what else to do I feel so hurt because I can’t help my daughter the way I want to and she struggling they call the police on my grandson the other day I just want somebody to contact my daughter her name is Angela Purnell what number is 314-651-8067 I’m not going to give up

  489. I have been discriminated tooling advantage and rights violated by winter haven gardens inn & banquet center stayed there two months with my family. Where hard on our luck and homeless I go out get off jobs to provide for the women that means the most to me. Well I go to jail at this place after being harassed and discriminated and sexually hurrased and racial profile and taking advantage of a young family that has nothing to the next person but everything to my sweet there lovely ladies that sit at the top of my world well we one Tuesday moring we hear banging think nothing of it as we started our mourning girls gone off to school from this hotel or inn. But back to the matter at hand I hear other voice because where in a hotel so normal cause types of things can happens. But we hear a month in a half and been treated like a description not a person I told someone that work there that a guy that work for them was raising out his chair so inappropriate that I had to ask him was there a problem that’s my wife your grabbing yourself to and ever since then we been a target well back to that Tuesday morning on the 8 of January 2019 I hear a knock and it was the police and fire truck well they said someone was hurt and I open my room door just me and my wife and they talk to her seen her everything fine and they say had a call about someone in danger with cracked well clearly it was not our room but they wanted believe it was but sign showing there call would think we could close or door go on out about our business no they come back and said have to leave property for what they seemed aggravated so now I’m telling them it would be a while everything I my kids wife own that we where to keep was hear no vehicle really no family that was there for us but that our responsibility and they okay talk it over with the people that worked okay until one that after okay we start packing in disbelief and then the third yall have arrest warrant me child support that I couldn’t pay 458.00 dollars a month with two others under my so called roof that my girls loved and knew it was home where all together that’s all that matter. And know I’m looking at me and now my wife for pre trial release violation that was latter a mistake. But we call a few people and the school make sure our kids would be safe with family and they where off to jail we go but before leaving ask where our personal belongings was safe yes it will as long as your month is paid I get out for wife go see girls at aunts spend the little time I could now where off to bed I’m up early family going to get kids of to school I go and do and off job because everything my kids like cared and valued was in storage and my wife still in jail on a mistake. So get through that day was Thursday then Friday oh okay they release wife it was a mistake and now I got enough just for our two lab tops for kids there clothing Christmas gifts and all type of valuable things that where rightfully ours I go do like the employee did to keep a quite and respectful transactions when they said after release pay what I owe and your property all would be back in your care okay I payed the two hundred and seventh dollars to get discriminated on and belongings throwed and disrespected after an employee treated me over me saying could you not talk to me they have cameras he is very aggressive getting in my comfort area and he say to me that I’m not supposed to be hear and that he don’t care for me and would f me up. I talk to manager about but nothing he was allowed to stay on property but me and my family Where not over them getting the wrong room or whatever mistake was made but an employee not just one but two or three employee s where able to threat and keep there jobs while my personal things had cooking grease that was trash let in motel and packed in belongings and tools and things stolen music speakers for entertainment center me and my girls dance to gone on there camera u can see the whole show of them and head guy laughing because my phone died and not only after police comes and put handcuffs on me for asking do I have rights and I was so in fear of my life freedom and we’ll being and my wife getting out of jail hear I am going back in leaving them with no one my wife’s from California so I had to be treated like trash and excerpted discriminated against and by off duty employee the police officers and management all the proof is on there camera with intoxicated employees that you could smell it an especially this black mail older guy put his hands on me when winter haven pd said it was okay for to get my stuff after payment well not with cooking grease that’s old on everything we owned been in my work clothes since I’ve been release and I rather my wife kids stay with my aunt and I have no where so they could be comfortable with nothing and no justice my daughters had no Christmas stuff that was bought no customer service and treat like an animal after paying having a balance of zero I have receipt while the head manager sit and laughs at my pain and tears over what I worked for and gave it all up to save nothing of my two daughter as such and markaylee five and ten

  490. name is Rosalyn Bumpers and my daughter, Lillian Bumpers, is being evicted from her apartment as of tomorrow due to non-payment of rent..She has no income and nearly works 12 to 20 hrs a month due to scheduling and no transportation..Could u please step in and prevent this from happening.? Lillian resided at 203-1C Engleside drive Richmond ,VA

  491. Please help I have been a victim of a crime and nobody to help me please Iam desperate Iam deaf and handicap and my car was stolen the police took it now it don’t run the insurance company took it now it’s broken even worse then before windshield busted none of this was done to car pryer to police or insurance company please help the insurance company dropped my car off in street no plate and busted back window please help

  492. My cousin is being removed from her trailer because she decided to help me out. I’m in between having my own place and not being able to afford one on my own. And so the landlord, not the managers decided they didn’t like me because I forgot to fill out a questionnaire and then the managers told lies about me not being expedient enough with it and told the owner theyed come over for it several times and those things were not true.

  493. I think it so wrong how, you guys offer extra earnings, only to be robbed of them do to not completing 80% of delivery’s , in my case. February 22 2019 was sent a text saying my area was paying 10.50 extra on top of earnings to dash so started dashing at 6:50 to 10:00 pm was given task to do was completed in a hour of so they did have enough dashers so start send each dash to me which involved of me not accepting, because I was already on a dash! How does that?? How’s does that Involve I’m not accepting an order??? If I’am alre on a order??? I mean I was getting text after text within 2 to 3 minutes of each other, too take accept the order, and was on my to pick up order? That’s where you are pretty much robbing dashing of there earnings!!! So now I have been robbed and a unfair rating on my acceptance Rate? Is this to save you as a company money? I think everyone should know this part of dashing, is pretty much there in miles on there vehicle. Including wear and tear and being promised a earnings that they’ll never see. Because of the way you unfairly operate! I will be getting a hold of channel 9 news to see if they can do something about this and also let everyone know, What I have experience with being a new DoorDash.

  494. There is a court case in St. Charles Parish. It involves two little girls-sisters molested by their Grandmother boyfriend. The girls and older brother informed the Grandmother and Great-Grandmother, a former Justice of the Peace!! The Grandmother and Great-Grandmother told the children either they will take care of it or as the brother indicated, they did not believe me. The boyfriend failed the polygrapgh!! The lead Detective we were informed that she had transferred. On another account that the Detective was fired. Evidence such as video of children of the girls, Forensics, and video completed by the Detective can not be found!!! The perpetrator is out on bond and is living with the Grandmother in the Great-Grandmother home in Killona, LA. Children now reside in Texas but the next Court date is March 19th in the 29th Judicial Court. Contacting you because it is a cover up or poor excuse for two sisters molested by their “Grandpa Sy” as he is referred. How can a former Justice of the Peace and failure of polygraph test by the Predator and witnesses be ignored? The girls are being victimized by him, their grandmother’s and the judicial system!!

  495. My daughter is in tenth grade at Briggs high school. Which is a cold public high school. She has been a victim of bullying ALL year. And even though I have done ALL I can to work with the administration there they have done nothing to discipline the girls involved. They continue to threaten my daughter to the point where she NO longer feels safe to go to school. She has had to go to the emergency room over one of the girls. Yes they expled her. But that didn’t stop all of the other girls. They expect my daughter to turn a blind eye when over a dozen girls follow her to classes and taunt her and follow her out side of the building to the ride I have set u0 for her ( because I don’t drive) . Not to mention my daughter already suffers from anxiety. I’ve had her in counciling for 2 years now. Last year she was through children’s. Now she has one at school. But there’s only so much counciling can accomplish when your child is terrified to go to school. She’s even afraid to go to the restroom. Afraid their come at her while she’s in there alone. And what angers me the most is the administration thinks that talking to the other girls will make a difference. When we’ve been ” talking” to them all year and nothing has stopped their behavior and threats towards my daughter. They shove her, bump her and intimidate her on a regular basis. And the school does NOTHING. And what scares the life out of me is my daughter has had issues with self cutting before due to bullying before already. Now I have to worry about th8s yet AGAIN. I would love more attention on bullies in our schools

  496. I’m a problem with squatters on my property I cannot get out of my property Sheriff says it’s okay. At least which is bogus and I have to evict them Sheriff seems to be on their side because nobody wants to check the broad German paperwork that they have

  497. I have called my leasing office at Villages of Eden Crossing many times about the moisture in my ceiling above my bed last year. I’ve shown pictures to Josh in office. My ceiling fell in a week ago. There has been no attempt to correct this issue. My room smells bad, due to the water soaking carpet. The refused to tape the hole until they get roof repaired. I’ve killed bugs that have come in through the twin bed sized hole.

  498. Hi my name is jennifer booth I’m a single mom of 2 kids on a fix income my car broke down I had it towed to a shop called Reliable auto and tire they r locatedin taylor mi 48180 on 2/26/2019 i payed them upfront to replace my engine with a new one I payed 3,500 for it ok then after putting the engine in my car I was told they car still not working right u need a catlack converter I ask how much is that i was told 400 dollars I say i dont have that kind of money after i just gave you 3500 so then the shop saids ill see if i can salvage your old one and welded it I say ok how much they tell me 200 and then to proceed to tell me I have another issue my wheel sensor I say ok how much he saids all together 340 I say ok so now they haven gotten a grand total of 3840 dollars from me I pick up my 2009 Chevy traverse from them on 3 /18/2019 I drive off my check engine light is on I pull over to auto zone have them tested out it reads your catlack converter is bad I’m mad at this point cause thats what i payed for them to fix i take it back to the shop tell them and show them the paper the shop tells me that they can’t fix it right then and there could i bring it back the next day so I say fine 3/19/2019 I get ready to take the car back to them car wont move it will go into reverse and neutral but not drive so I’m externally upset call the shop and tell them whats going on basicly there saying it’s my fault but they will come and get it so I agree for them to pick it up this was 8am now it’s 6pm I call no answer so I text the guy moe and he answers and tells me that they dont have time to pick it up so i had to use my dad tripple A to tow my car the tow man ask me whats going on with the car i explain what it was doing showed my receipts of what i payed to have fix we popped the hood and my cover to the engine was not there the engine wasn’t bottled down properly transmission fluid and starring wheel fluid was everywhere it was a mess we found a rag left down in the engine the tow man said that it looks like they thu everything in the car and took advantage of me so the car is now back at the shop and its 3/28/2019 I still have no car I’ve called and text im not getting no respond and I’m paying a car knote on this car thu roadrunner which the shop and them r well connected is there anyway someone can help me get my car my daughter has misst alot of school due to this car issue cause I’ve payed lyft to take her but that is very costly like I stated in on a fix income which is my son disablity thats the only income cause I have medical issues of my own which. I’m fighting for my own disability please is there anyway someone can help me I just want my car fix properly and if they can’t do that then I want my money back in full so I can get another running veicle and the dealer and shop can keep that non running vecial so the breakdown is I put 1000 down for this car had it only 6 months nd I had to come out 3840 and I still out a car and money please help thank u

  499. Sir am From Ghaziabad
    Sir mera friends hai usne BSc 2 year ke exams diye M.R college of Kasganj U.P to use pta Chla Jha uska centre gya tha ki college fake h or university pr vo or baaki saare students fail the but college walo ne fake results banaye or un saare students ko pass dikhaya or ab jab ye sach aya hai to pta Chla ki un saare approx 50 students ke 2 year bekar ho gye un college walo ki vjh se
    Sir please I request you 🙏 to save their future of all students
    Sir saare students ke 2 saal bekaar ho jayege

  500. My name is Ella Elam I live in lenexa ks phone number is 913-957-3342 I have problem with kcpl I moved in London house apartments in November 2018 since I have been there I have been praying outta bills to kcpl I went on budget billing they got even higher I asked a supervisor Jennifer 5970 if I can get on different budget billing program she said I couldn’t I explained to her that I only receive social security $887 a month and after paying rent and Kcpl I don’t even have enough to buy food the budget amount is $354 a month and pshe said if she takes me off I would have to pay my whole amount of $1000 by the 25 the of the month she said to go to a agency for help I did they help me twice and each time it got bigger I’m at my end of my rope about to comit suside please if you can please help me thank you

  501. My name is Ella Elam I live in lenexa ks phone number is 913-957-3342 I have problem with kcpl I moved in London house apartments in November 2018 since I have been there I have been praying outta bills to kcpl I went on budget billing they got even higher I asked a supervisor Jennifer 5970 if I can get on different budget billing program she said I couldn’t I explained to her that I only receive social security $887 a month and after paying rent and Kcpl I don’t even have enough to buy food the budget amount is $354 a month and pshe said if she takes me off I would have to pay my whole amount of $1000 by the 25 the of the month she said to go to a agency for help I did they help me twice and each time it got bigger I’m at my end of my rope about to comit suside please if you can please help me thank you

  502. Newberry square apartments in Wayne the bottom floor stinks and they cut out drywall from over a month ago that has not been replaced from water damage please come out and look I have photos from March 1st when the water damage occurred.

  503. I’m calling on behalf of my neighbor she lives at 551 North karle in Westland Michigan she’s been trying to get these trees down beside her house for the last 7 years they keep saying they’re going to get them down but they don’t she’s an elderly woman on oxygenshe’s on oxygen she is 66 years old almost 67 been out there with oxygen trying to clean up branches and everything that’s falling on our house bust your windows they keep coming out taking pictures not doing anything about it now they want her to clean up all those he’s outside of her property on city property and they’re still when the wind blows there still branches are falling on her home they came out again took more pictures about 5 months ago said they would get back never got back with her this old lady cannot keep cleaning up this mess like that we need help to try to get these two trees down that’s what they need to be taken down one is even crawling through her fence is there any way we can get this woman some help her name is Marlene Holloway and she lives at that address she’s tried everything please can somebody contact her and get her some help please her phone number is 734-564-6795 she said she’s tried everything and they wont do anything please see if you can help her get these trees down there cutting trees down for other people but not for people that really need it it is since the second time branches didn’t hit her home please please see what you can do give her a call thank you have a wonderful day and God bless you hope to hear from you

  504. I was renting out a home that i haven’t moved in because i found out the home needs more work then i thought i contacted the people who supposedly own it but they was always giving me the run around to repair what needs to be repaired!! I asked for my 1200 back they ignored me! And was replying to the text they wanted to reply to! I need problem solvers on this situation! Now they’re saying they’re going to get the locks changed and move someone else in and they have my money i have the keys and lease! I don’t think the address is a known address

  505. I have a great story concerning the franklin county child support agency lost the money from the employer and I had not received a check since March 28th. I just got one today 4.30. They couldn’t locate the money within the agency. I’ve got all the information in emails.
    Email if interested.

  506. Order click belts on May 3 and don’t have yet I call serval times left message still nothing ph one n umber is 910 568 6816 As Seen on TV-Universe Order #27963. martinfolk726 phone # 740-438-2372

  507. need to talk someone about a problem about a lemon law on automobile

  508. Please I am really needing someone to assist me.

    I have tried numerous avenues seeking help with a homeowner that is not caring for her large dogs, their back yard or the home in general.

    The dogs are huge and she has no grass in the back yard, only mud for them when she lets them out (through a window). The yard has not been cleaned up of dog feces for nearly a year and the smell is noxious to the point that neighbors cannot use their decks/ yards.

    The house has rotten trim which now houses squirrels and numerous birds. We have contacted the Health Dept but she refuses them access and they will not act without her permission. The Code Enforcement will not call any of us back. The owner Assoc nor Case Bowen has had any results from this owner.

    I do not want another summer of flys and odor and no one seems to want to act on this.
    Her address is not on the house but it is directly across from 7681 Reedy Dr. We have all Columbus Services.

    I beg for your help as I am getting no where on my own.

  509. My father die and he left me a safe deposit box and they had money order and my father Sigh the money order to him self I need help finding out how I can get the money order cash can someone help me please thanks

  510. I moved into my new home on August 20, 2018. I was promised that sod would come with the purchase. I still do no have grass. The excuse I’ve gotten for all this time is that it’s raining slot. I understand that but I’m tired of the excuses. Please help me.

  511. My is Patricia Paschall, I live at Greens at the Shawnee apartments located in Shawnee Mission, KS. I am a disabled senior on a fixed income. I accepted in low income housing aut and I found an apartment that will accept my voucher, apparently after they contacted Greens at the Shawnee they pull up my handicap sign then they give me notice stating that my rent 30.00 and gave me less than a30 day notice that I will have to pay. I ask them why they pull up my handicap sign after 4 years they said it must have been the maintenance person or gofer. I have letter and pictures of where the handicap sign was . My email is what can I do?

  512. Are you deleting a finger print on public and government record pls . Thanks

  513. My name is Charles Lewis. I need assistance in regards to Solar Panels. My ac was damaged during the process of preparing my home, the solar company knows they broke the ac and has tried to repair the leak but it’s still leaking. Now they are Not answering my calls. Please help me. 504-473-2894.

  514. Ii bhad a please you can call me at 860 849 6072 I had a problem expressing my self tipping

  515. I ask for help with a problem we were having two years, you ask me to send my telephone number which I did, never heard another word from you. In May I received a text saying you were and want to touch base with me again, and to send you my telephone number, here it is July 10th and I haven’t heard a word again. We still have the same problem, it seems we are not a priority. We were approved for the repair over 9years ago, nothing has been done.

  516. I opened a case with marion county children’s services 6 yrs ago requesting help for my daughter because she was lashing out in very violent ways and no counselors or anyone would believe me that I needed more advanced counseling for her and they did not help me until 2 yrs ago and placed her in a behavioral unit now there is more in between that time frame that I would really like to talk to someone about?. . . And a year ago i fell into a very deep depression because of issues with my daughter and asked marion county children Services to help take my son temporarily into their custody so I could get the mental help I needed because I do not have any family support system. . .I did infact get better and was ready but unfortunately I fell again into depression because my case worker ignored on multiple occasions me and they have completely shut me out of the picture with my daughter I only see her once a month at marion county children services and her dad was not in her life until after a while she was in Knox County behavioral unit and when I was being shut out the case worker that was on the case was telling my daughter horrable lies and her dad as well and my mother as well who has never been there for my children my daughter grew to hate me so much and I do see my son once a week but I have asked repeatedly for home visits or for more visits and I will tell you I am not a drug addict nor have I ever been convicted of a felony and I have always took care of my children and they have turned my life completely upside down they have had me followed and tried to offer me drugs and tried to prostitute me out and I am not any of those things at all and nor will I ever be And i also am refused help with housing through federal state housing and Ohio department of job and family services, jobs and everything. . . Due to My daughter and my identity was stolen in the process. . . I really need help they are trying to take permanent custody of my son and I have everything i need in place to get him back and they are ignoring my calls and will not even come to the house I live at only one time my caseworker showed and she said she would come do home visits weekly and I agreed and I still have not heard from her since. . . I really need to talk to someone more about my story and i really need it to be heard because what is going on at marion county children services needs to be stopped they are supposed to help bring families back together not tear them apart! Especially bcuz I asked them for help in the first place. . .My phone number is 740-360-7025 And my address where I am currently staying is 362 Leader Street Marion ohio Please Help me ASAP!

  517. Yes my name is Dan Myers phone number is 804-448-4036. I live in a HOA or POA whatever you choose to call it been here for 18 years plus, the property next to mine the main water line feeding that house has been leaking six or seven times in less than three years and it’s totally ruined my asphalt driveway. I’ve gone to the POA and have gone to Aqua Water Company about it more than once and all the property owner keeps doing is putting Band-Aids on it and it just keep leaking leaking. I’m tired of it the POA that I Paid Dues to live in for to protect my property and the water company the amount of water this leaked across my property goes into under of gallons! they won’t do anything about it either so I’ve got plenty of pictures and would like to talk too somebody there that might could help me out a little bit and find out which direction I can go with this I’d appreciate a call back thank you bye

  518. I have been a victim of police brutality and rejection of medical while I was incarcerated in Warren police department !! I took them to a federal court and was rewarded the verdict!! I am in major mental distress for medical neglect they were hiding the whole fact about my medical needs !! I am in fear for my life and my family if this gets published , so in order for any action to be taken I would demand for a ppo with the city of Warren and any officials with that police department!! They beat me half to death and tried there best to hide the fact that my medical was neglected!! This will haunt me until the day I die!! I had a witness and also pics to prove that my medical needs were neglected and my rights were violated i feel more should of been done than what was done !!!

  519. Hi my name is Jacqueline Green and I’m texting you all because I had a problem Friday morning around about 12:30 am the operator has dis connect me on the phone because I told her that my stove had came on by itself it was popping and also smelling gas she told me the fire department do not come out for that but I told her that I smell gas in my house she kept repeating the same thing over I said do I have to get burnt up blow up in my house please call the fire department and I told her that I will be calling the channel 7 2 5 9 on her and she said she will be disconnected it me so I called back and I got another operator they came out respect my house they called People Gas Company and I had a gas leak in my house something needs to be done about that operator Anything Could Happen that is not good at all that we cannot count on anyone to do their job now it’s a shame could someone help me out thank you

  520. Hi my name is Jacqueline Green and I’m texting you all because I had a problem Friday morning around about 12:30 am the operator has dis connect me on the phone because I told her that my stove had came on by itself it was popping and also smelling gas she told me the fire department do not come out for that but I told her that I smell gas in my house she kept repeating the same thing over I said do I have to get burnt up blow up in my house please call the fire department and I told her that I will be calling the channel 7 2 5 9 on her and she said she will be disconnected it me so I called back and I got another operator they came out respect my house they called People Gas Company and I had a gas leak in my house something needs to be done about that operator Anything Could Happen that is not good at all that we cannot count on anyone to do their job now it’s a shame could someone help me out thank you

  521. Just wondering. I’m 63 and the only income since my son’s work closed down in March. I got tied up in 2 payday loans because I didn’t want my utilities shut off and I have a mortgage. I’ve tried to get a loan but my credit is bad. Can you help me find someone that would loan me 2000? I can pay it back with no problems just need to get the payday loans gone.
    Thank you

  522. Westland police are harassing people at michigan Avenue and Henry ruff. Twice in 8 weeks they have pulled me over stating that I was going 10 mph faster than I actually was going, then write me up for impeding traffic, which I wasnt doing either. I have a perfect driving record and no drug or alcohol offenses. They are burning up my wallet. How many of these tickets have they wrote at this location in the last 6 months. Impeding traffic is $180.00. They are making up the law to their liking.

  523. Westland police are harassing people at michigan Avenue and Henry ruff. Twice in 8 weeks they have pulled me over stating that I was going 10 mph faster than I actually was going, then write me up for impeding traffic, which I wasnt doing either. I have a perfect driving record and no drug or alcohol offenses. They are burning up my wallet. How many of these tickets have they wrote at this location in the last 6 months. Impeding traffic is $180.00. They are making up the law to their liking.

  524. My fiance is in Brevard County Jail but he has been in the hospital 3 times on a respirator and now its been almost a month since I’ve talked to him and the jail won’t tell me anything I am scared they won’t tell me if he’s alive or dead but he hasn’t tried to call me and that only happens when he has to go to hospital because he has myastynia gravis an auto immune disorder please help me to find out if he’s okay and what’s going on.

  525. I contracted with Rite Rug to replace carpet with a hard floor in my son’s basement. After installation of. The flooring they discovered that the baseboard was too high to install the shoe mold that they ordered. When I contacted them they told me that the baseboard would need to be lowered or replaced at my expense in order to put up the shoe mold they ordered but the installer told me that Menards has a larger size shoe mold that would fit. When I asked about the possibility of obtaining the correct shoe mold from Menards, they told me that “that is not one of our suppliers” and they would not do this. My position is that when I was given the original quote, Rite Rug should have made accurate measurements to address this problem before ordering the wrong materials and should do whatever is necessary to fix this problem or refund my money. Please help as I am getting no solution from Rite Rug. The project is for my son Chandler Herson at 3802 Quail Hollow Road Columbus Ohio 43228. Thank you

    Joseph Herson

  526. Need to talk to BJ.

  527. I can’t find another area to post this comment.

    I would like to get a motel room for
    Joseph Cantu with the 5 children who are homeless, for a week, maybe more.
    I don’t know what area he is in. There are a lot of motels on Woodward from Pontiac to Royal Oak and also some on Telegraph or wherever.
    My name is Joyce Woodgate
    My email is

  528. My Mom (Alzheimer patient) went to a local Nashua Dodge dealership for an inspection sticker.
    She was informed her Jeep failed with a long list with #1 being a rusted cross member. I told them to get the car out.
    My Mom was taken for 12k no Jeep and verbally threatened to sign the title to the Jeep. My father and I went in and was told by the same man Jim the GM “To Get the Fuck out of his shop” when I asked for the failed inspection.
    Nothing to this day is done because it’s a big dealership and “they” have money!!!
    Watch your elderly folks. Especially if they have dementia!!!!

  529. The Wedding Chapel owner James Anderson. 2010 S 10th Lincoln Ne 68512. Phone number 402-601-5434. Or 402-438-9061. This person Consigned 25 used wedding dresses and formal gowns. This was in November 2016. I have contacted him several times and he always states he was sick but now has closed his business but still sell on line. I have never received any money. He says he will get back to me about when I can pick up the items. I would like to have you investigate him.

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